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Alex DiVincenzo 01/14/13 06:50 AM

ABSOLUTExclusive: Vinnie Caruana
As frontman of The Movielife and I Am the Avalanche, Vinnie Caruana has been involved in the music scene for more than 15 years now. After all that time, he will release his debut solo EP, City by the Sea, on February 5th via I Surrender/Run For Cover Records. You can stream a new track from the effort, "Boy, You're In Heaven," on his AP.net profile. It's an acoustic number that incorporates hand claps, violin and keyboard. Pre-order the EP on CD or vinyl.

Alex DiVincenzo 01/14/13 06:51 AM

Europe readers can pre-order the CD here.

Geology Rocks! 01/14/13 06:57 AM

And now everything else I listen to sounds like crap. XD

Fourchordwonder 01/14/13 07:49 AM

I just love this guy's voice. Going to listen to Avalanche United now.

dominycking 01/14/13 07:56 AM

can't wait for "To Be Dead and In Love" comes out. man, i love vinnie.

airik625 01/14/13 08:15 AM

Stoked for the solo EP.

xHoodieWeather 01/14/13 09:55 AM

5 comments on a vinnie song is heartbreaking. Man is a great songwriter and has been around for a while. Hope to hear To Be Dead and In Love soon.

spiffa0 01/14/13 10:06 AM

Can't wait for the whole thing to come out and can't wait for the vinyl to come. And can't wait to see him on the Acoustic Basement Tour.

briantalife 01/14/13 10:43 AM

these songs are great! excited to hear the rest

Jason Tate 01/14/13 11:08 AM

This is great.

kidinthebushes 01/14/13 11:13 AM


Originally Posted by briantalife (Post 117677252)
these songs are great! excited to hear the rest

Any idea of how many songs he will do from TM, IATA and his solo EP?

richrad 01/14/13 11:15 AM

Let's not forgot that completely badass Peace'd Out EP.

Keagan Ilvonen 01/14/13 11:17 AM

Vinnie is the man.

MattyD 01/14/13 11:42 AM

Musically Vinny can do no wrong for me. Been my favorite front man since the Movielife days.

irthesteve 01/14/13 12:31 PM

This song is great, I can't wait for this EP. Pre-ordered today