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Drew Beringer 01/15/13 03:40 AM

ABSOLUTExclusive: Fur of Heaven EP Stream
Today we are bringing you an exclusive stream of Fur Of Heaven's new EP A Year Without Teeth. The 4-track EP features guest vocals from Ed Tullett and if you're a fan of chaotic post-hardcore, then you'll be a big fan of this. You can stream A Year Without Teeth over at the band's AP.net profile and you can pre-order it on cassette through Antique Records here.

James Shotwell 01/15/13 08:26 AM

Love this band.

CraigNB 01/15/13 08:28 AM

Thanks for posting this!

Sawhney[rusted] 01/15/13 11:39 AM

Ed Tullet? What is he doing with this?! Haha. Didn't sound too shabby. I'll listen to the rest when I got some time.

TRUDYNEWMAN 01/15/13 02:14 PM

uhh... fur of heaven is pretty fxckin good. and that's my hometown.

spitmyrage 02/06/13 12:26 PM

So glad you posted this, I've been dying to hear new stuff since September!