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Lueda Alia 01/16/13 11:33 AM

Video Premiere: Matt Pond -- "Love To Get Used"
Matt Pond will release The Lives Inside The Lines In Your Hand on February 5th, which is easily his best effort to date. Can't wait until then? You're in luck, because today, we're premiering the live video for his song "Love To Get Used," which you can watch in the replies. If you like what you hear, then make sure to support him by pre-ordering this wonderful album here. Enjoy.

Lueda Alia 01/16/13 11:33 AM

Jason Tate 01/16/13 11:33 AM


Keagan Ilvonen 01/16/13 11:50 AM

So good!

irthesteve 01/16/13 11:56 AM

is he droppin the PA

Anthony Sorendino 01/16/13 12:09 PM

I enjoyed this.

centennial. 01/16/13 12:11 PM

without "PA" ?

irthesteve 01/16/13 12:25 PM

This song is excellent

Upstart 01/16/13 12:57 PM


RTD2 01/16/13 01:52 PM


singregardless 01/16/13 03:33 PM

awfully lofty praise - dude's put out like 15 releases. emblems being one of the better accomplishments of the last decade.

three piece in the video.. hmm.

Geology Rocks! 01/16/13 05:12 PM

This album has just become my most anticipated.

edit: Is he dropping the PA?

neversometime 01/16/13 05:22 PM

there are 5 songs including this one available for free on noisetrade. made my day

imagination 01/16/13 06:41 PM

So good.

SteveLikesMusic 01/16/13 09:57 PM

He confirmed to me on twitter that he dropped the PA.

irthesteve 01/16/13 10:16 PM


Originally Posted by SteveLikesMusic (Post 117812732)
He confirmed to me on twitter that he dropped the PA.


SingleDoubt 01/16/13 11:39 PM

what did the PA stand for?