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Jack Appleby 01/23/13 05:17 PM

I The Mighty / Hands Like Houses Mini-Tour
I The Mighty and Hands Like Houses are headed on a mini-tour out to SXSW - dates in the replies.

Jack Appleby 01/23/13 05:18 PM

Andy43110 01/23/13 05:47 PM

Love that artwork. Wish this tour was nationwide. Or at least hit GA, but great for both bands.

Niklas 01/23/13 06:15 PM

I wish this tour came to south Florida. I missed Hands Like Houses when they came here on the Pierce The Veil tour.

WeltallAY 01/23/13 06:43 PM

Good combo, interesting that Texas is big enough to warrant a (besides 2 dates) tour wihin itself.

JuneJuly 01/23/13 07:17 PM

how about a national tour? Hah

bobsheiskawy 01/23/13 07:21 PM

just keep coming east and north to virginia.

Ohaidere 01/23/13 07:31 PM

I forgot all about Hands Like Houses lol.

Beatzero 01/23/13 09:42 PM

Amazing band, wish they were touring places other than Texas though. I'll have to catch them at Warped!

theintention 01/23/13 10:09 PM

I'll go see them if I can in Tempe at the first stop.

rob_mylo 01/23/13 11:33 PM

slowly tons of great bands are being announced for sxsw.

best time of the year

icynova 01/24/13 09:54 PM

Wish they were stopping in NM :(