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Tony Pascarella 04/23/08 09:36 PM

Goldfinger - Hello Destiny
Goldfinger Hello Destiny
Release Date: April 22, 2007
Record Label: SideOneDummy

Age before beauty is becoming quite the mantra among music veterans lately. In fact, the last two years have brought bands who released great records for years back to relevance after a flop or two threatened to damage their legacies. The old dudes are showing those swoop-haired young whippersnappers a few things about how it's really done. Goldfinger is one of those bands bringing back a new punk revival along with all its diverse subcategories. Hello Destiny is the band's sixth studio album, and it battles to return to form as well as draw in fans of the burgeoning 2000's pop-punk sound (Author Matt Diehl referred to it as "neo-punk") with crisp production, sugary choruses, guest appearances, and just a dash of protest to avoid complacence.

Goldfinger have mastered the art of the sing-along, which gets an additional boost from the tight production of lead singer/producer John Feldmann and the return of original guitarist Charlie Paulson to the band. Even with the violently chugging guitar riffs on "One More Time," the laid-back horn accents of "Get Up" and the pop-punk economics of "How Do You Do It?," Goldfinger manage to incorporate almost-saccharine hooks that will keep these songs bouncing around in your head for days. That's not to say they've become a pop band. The dark bass line on "Not Amused" recalls Pennywise while the split personality of "Handjobs for Jesus" offers a dynamic song structure and two guests (The Used's Bert McCracken and Monique Powell of Save Ferris) on this seemingly anti-religion song. "Free Kevin Kjonaas" (pronounced "Jonas") protests the animal rights leader's imprisonment, a cause that Feldmann has ardently supported over the years. The album closes with "Julian," a 90-second ode to the singer's son, which ends up feeling out of place on this inordinately up-tempo album.

Hello Destiny isn't quite album of the year material, but Goldfinger manage to erase the trainwreck of 2005's Disconnection Notice with an admirable release. More horns to revisit the band's ska-punk sound would probably have enhanced the album a bit overall. However, Goldfinger still know both how to have fun and make a statement without just going through the motions. Hello Destiny is a worthy purchase for longtime fans and casual or curious newcomers alike.
Track List01. One More Time
02. Get Up
03. Goodbye
04. Without Me
05. If I'm Not Right
06. War
07. How Do You Do It?
08. Bury Me
09. Not Amused
10. Handjobs for Jesus
11. Free Kevin Kjonaas
12. Julian
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Heart-A-Tact 04/23/08 10:04 PM

This review relieved me, for some reason. Probably because Disconnection Notice really was terrible.

Tony Pascarella 04/23/08 10:16 PM

As usual, I forgot to mention this after I posted the review. If you'd like a notification in your User Control Panel the next time I write a review, click here.

smoke4thecaper 04/24/08 02:22 AM

Nice review, Tony. Higher than I expected. The album hasn't really sparked anything with me yet. I like it better than Disconnection Notice but it's still lacking something to me.

noozi 04/24/08 06:20 AM

great cd, great review. even the youngins should give this cd a listen

DejaMe 04/24/08 06:31 AM

Good review, short and to the point...the album on the other hand could of used a bit more lenght to it since the songs are all fairly short but at least there isn't much filler. I do agree that it isn't AOTY material but it's still quite enjoyable for what it is so 77 % (or 3.5/5) seems like a fair rating.

ddb43 04/24/08 07:32 AM

Not as good as the first few, but better than their last. Good return to form. Good summer tunes.

guiguedz 04/24/08 07:32 AM

I listened to this album for the first time last saturday, while getting my leg tattooed. Pretty good, IMO. I'll give it a better listen some other time.

FRoGGyFo0 04/24/08 07:40 AM

Amazing live band.... The album seems to contradict back and forth with feldman loving/hating his I assume wife? But the horns and single bring back good feelings of the old goldfinger days...

mrzippo3 04/24/08 08:20 AM

Good album. I agree that Julian is totally out of place.

Poochemist 04/24/08 08:24 AM

Thanks for the review. For some reason I hadn't heard about their last album. Must have been pretty bad.

whyte39 04/24/08 08:38 AM

handjobs for jesus is such an awesome tune

wybigsteve 04/24/08 09:30 AM

I need to pick up this album. I was going to see them on saturday, but it'd be a three hour drive and my friend can't go anymore. I actually really enjoyed Disconnection Notice-- namely the track "Iron Fist" really spoke to me because I know its truth first hand. Listen to that song if you haven't. Probably seven years ago, John Feldmann told me and my friend in an interview about his house being raided and it was such a flashback to hear this song and know how much it affected him. Diggin the new album from what I've heard though.

Kyle Thrash 04/24/08 10:11 AM

"Do you expect me to talk Goldfinger?"

"No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!"

This band has been around forever

UPandB 04/24/08 11:16 AM

Ian Watkins (lostprophets) guests on War.