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Tony Pascarella 04/25/08 12:28 AM


Originally Posted by lava890 (Post 9261232)
This review was just quoted on goldfinger's myspace page.

Where? I might just be dumb, but I don't see it. Or did they send it out as a bulletin?

Shin Akuma 04/25/08 12:37 AM


Originally Posted by nottarockstar (Post 9260481)
Okay, as someone who has followed Goldfinger from the start, been to over 20 of their shows and stayed a fan even through less than stellar albums, I must say that this is the end for me. I wanted a good album from them so badly, and hell, I'm not that hard to impress when it comes to Goldfinger - I even liked DN for what it was when it came out. But I'm tired of half assed songs that are over produced. The cd starts off pretty strong but then goes downhill pretty quickly.
And as a huge fan of GF for so many years, I am pissed off at John for "Handjobs for Jesus". I know he has never been a fan of religion, I hear him at his shows make comments, but serisouly, isn't this the same guy that preaches about anti-bigotry and anti-hate.. what the hell is this song about? I have sat there and taken all of your animal preaching, I've even looked up some of your sites and read the literature.. however, don't you dare tell me that you know better than me when it comes to religion.
What happened to the fun band that put on one of the best live shows around? Oh yeah, their lead singer became a douche and became more concerned with producing Ashley Simpson and Hillary Duff..

GF, I'm out as a fan. It's been a good 12 or so years.

You know whats funny ... everyone has the balls to say about Christianity ... i never saw anyone to say anything about Islam and their prophet Muhammad. It's "cool" to bash Christianity cz no one will do something bad to you .. not like Islam .. !!!! i dont know if you ever heard this one .. i saw this on news .. a singer said something in his song about Muhammad and people took it in a wrong way and the next day he was found DEAD! come on John dont sing only about Bible, if you have the balls say something about their Koran ...

smelltheglove 04/25/08 10:35 AM


Originally Posted by Tony Pascarella (Post 9259396)
Geez, you'd think John Feldmann ran over your dog or something.

haha, I guess I'm overreacting, its just disapointing for a band to disappoint you 3 albums in a row. Maybe I'm the sucker for giving them 3 chances, but its just annoying that their first 3 albums kicked ass and then as soon as fedlman started collecting those USed royalty checks, his songwriting ability went from "here in your bedroom" and "superman" to "I want to marry my stalker" and "handjobs for jesus"

lava890 04/25/08 09:25 PM


Originally Posted by Tony Pascarella (Post 9263787)
Where? I might just be dumb, but I don't see it. Or did they send it out as a bulletin?

Not on the front page, but click on their most recent blog entry titled "Tour - and New CD."

guywithstik 04/27/08 04:11 PM

If you liked Stomping Ground, I don't know why you wouldn't like this one.

zooyorker182 04/28/08 04:31 PM

i was looking foward to this album, glad it got a good review too

Skate punker 04/28/08 09:37 PM

You people are all crazy

I like everything goldfinger has put out, although i admit disconnection notice wasnt great. But i dont see how people cant like this cd, 'get up' is catchy as all fuck and sounds great. Handjobs and Julian are a fucking disgrace, but other than that, i dont see any other problems with the cd

rudey 07/29/08 10:55 AM

Hang Ups & Stomping Ground are my GF favs albums, but Hello Destiny isn't bad at all..
thnx for the review... I really enjoy the horn section in the album.

WorldStrike 06/21/12 10:55 AM

I miss the Hangups and Stomping Grounds days lol. Still considerably better than Disconnection Notice, at least!