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Brandon Herbel 12/02/04 09:31 AM

Scatter The Ashes - 12.01.04
First off, everyone introduce themselves, and tell us what you do.

Dillon of the drums, Matt of the bassness, Daryl of the throat, Bob of the memory man.

I see that Brett Gurewitz had heard of Scatter The Ashes from Absolutepunk.net, do you guys feel that ezines and other similar sites help unknown bands get signed and better known?

Anything that's spreading information on the underground happenings is necessary to keep everybody's eyes open. It of course got us signed, and we've always been down for talking to anyone, doing interviews or trying to get reviewed by anything or anyone, you never know who's picking up those DIY zines out of gutterpunk record stores to check out what the word is.

Where does the name Scatter The Ashes come from?

A Lex Luther quotes from Superman 3. We're real down with that movie.

So, I read somewhere that you guys were from Nashville, what is the music scene like there for bands like yourselves?

There are not many bands like us there, but there are a few bands that are becoming successful. My Epiphany, The Pink Spiders, Feable Weiner, all bands that are working hard bringing attention to their hometown. The scene's pretty divided, its pretty much like "this crowd likes these kind of bands, but they don't want to be anywhere they can't drink", and there's "this crowd that is only at the shows they know they will be SCENE at", and "these kids have to be home before 10 and hang out at Christian coffee shops".

What was it like recording with John Naclerio?

It was fun. Dude was down with letting us do whatever we wanted to do, and whenever he liked something he'd scream "THAT'S HOT". All around good guy, he sure did listen to a lot of Black Sabbath, which was awesome.

What are some of your musical influences?

Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, Story of the Year, Letter Kills, My Chemical Romance, etc.

How’s the tour with Salem and Classic Case been so far?

Pretty okay. Some nights are good, some nights are bad. Some chicks we stayed with last night carved our band name into their backs, that was pretty strange. We got it on video, afterwards we had pie. All will be viewable with our new DVD/remix CD "Medieval Crimes: A New Evolution Has Cometh, Volume 1"

How long has everyone known each other in the band?

When the band started is pretty much when we all got to know one another, so around 3 1/2 years now. What a ridiculously strange journey it's been, my friends.

What are the plans for Scatter the Ashes in 2005

Doing a tour with The AKA's and The Kinison in January and February, doing the Epitaph tour in March, writing lots of new material, hopefully we'll score that GWAR tour we've all been hoping for.

Any last thing you would like to say?

Thanks for the interview, come check out a show to see these pretty boys in cowboy boots bring the noise!

projectmayhem16 12/02/04 09:59 AM

tell me the part about their influences is a joke?

T/I/M/E/B/O/M/B 12/02/04 12:06 PM

^^^ of course it is brotha thick
this band is the fucking best. GWAR AND SCATTER THE ASHES TOUR 2005!!!!!!!

projectmayhem16 12/02/04 12:16 PM

well I've never listened to them so I wouldn't know but the day I hear a band say that those are their influences will be a premonition of the rapture :)

ahnmin 12/02/04 08:33 PM

what? no comment on the singer's flamboyantly frenetic stage presence?