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Deborah Remus 09/18/08 02:47 PM

My Best Habit - First Kiss of the Muse
My Best Habit - First Kiss of the Muse
Record Label: None
Release Date: October 7, 2007

When you think of Hungary, you probably think of Renaissance-style architecture, not catchy pop punk about girls. Situated in eastern Europe, it's quite a ways away from North America, but as My Best Habit prove, pop punk culture has certainly diffused well over the Atlantic and into the mainland.

This five piece hails from the country's capital, Budapest, and with First Kiss of the Muse, they have crafted four catchy pop punk tunes. Unlike a lot of pop punk bands today, the band don't rely on glossy studio production and Autotune; the songs sound very raw and that's a welcome change. Too many bands overproduce their songs and it's cool to see a band that truly doesn't. The songs are also longer: the first track, "I Can't Say," clocks in at nearly five minutes, about double the time of an average song in this genre.

That's about the only thing that sets My Best Habit apart from the pop punk pack though. The drums stab out over the crunchy, distorted powerchords. The vocal harmonies can get a little grating after awhile too - their vocalist sounds whiny at times. The lyrics are typical, mostly about girls, and can get pretty cheesy. A standout track would probably be "The One", even though it sounds eerily like a Story of the Year song. Either way, despite the geographical gap, this band don't sound any more different or original, so if you're looking for something new, better to steer clear.

Recommended if You LikeNot By Choice; Story of the Year