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Brandon Allin 04/20/05 06:49 PM

I Voted For Kodos - 04.20.05
First off, thanks a ton for doing this interview. Why don't you begin by telling the readers who you are and what you do in I Voted For Kodos ?

Hi I'm Rick, I sing and play trombone and moog. I also jump off of walls a lot and I’ve been known to knock over Tyler’s amp.

It's nice to have you here. Tell us, how did the band form and how did all the members meet ?

The band has sort of had two different incarnations. The original band was something we all just did for fun while we were still in school. We'd just play weekend shows around our hometown. We all sort of met through friends of friends.

After that we broke up for almost two years. Then about a year and a half ago a few of us decided that we wanted to get the band back together and start touring full time. Not all of the guys were down with quitting their jobs or dropping out of college to live in a van and play shows every night, so we had to find other members to replace them. We found our drummer Troy by hanging up flyers around town, and he brought Tyler (guitar) into the band. Troy and Tyler had played in bands together back in their hometown of Kenosha, WI.

Coming back from the dead like that was really a different experience. We brought in these guys who weren’t really familiar with our old sound, and they helped us move our sound in a whole new direction.

How long has the band been playing together for ?

The original line up was together for about two years before we broke up. We’ve been touring full time for about a year and a half.

Rxbandit22 from the AbsolutePunk.net wants to know what's going on with the new material ? Do you guys have any plans of a new cd dropping in the near future ?

We actually just recorded a new full-length album in Chicago at Gravity Studios. We recorded eleven songs for the album, and a twelfth track to be used as a b-side sometime in the future. I think it was one of the best experiences we’ve had as a band so far. We spent almost the entire month of January locked in our practice space practicing for about eight to ten hours a day. We started pretty much from scratch. Nine of the eleven songs that we recorded were written during that practice session in January. Then we moved down to Chicago to record for the last week of January and the first two weeks of February.

Recording the album was an amazing experience. We had the chance to work with some really talented producers. The album was mixed by Sean O’Keefe, who has produced a ton of great albums, including Fall Out Boy’s “Take This To Your Grave” and Punchline’s “Action”. We also got to work with Manny Sanchez who has engineered albums for Smashing Pumpkins and Incubus. All of the producers really brought their own feel to the songs, and it helped us to make a better album over all.

Right now we don’t know when the album will be released. We actually just finished post-production on the album last week. Right now we’re working on shopping the record around to record labels and trying to get a sense of who would be the best fit for us.

Congratulations on making it this far in the Purevolume.com Bamboozle contest. It would be quite the experience to hit the stage there in Asbury Park this year. Have you guys participated in any other big festivals before, and if so which ones ?

Before I get to answering this question, I’d just like to throw out a quick plug and say that if it’s still before April 22nd, everyone should go to http://www.purevolume.com/bamboozle and vote for us.

Now that I’ve gotten the shameless self promotion out of the way, yeah, we’ve played some pretty cool festivals. We played last year’s Ska Weekend in Knoxville, TN. We’re actually playing it again this year on April 30th. So if anyone lives near TN and wants to hear some awesome ska, you should come check it out. We’ve played on the Skappleton Festival in Appleton, WI a few times. We’ve also played on Warped Tour, which is kind of like a festival that moves.

This one comes from a guy names hobotodd311 from the forums as well. He wants to know what "the bucket of truth" is, and why do you have one in your van ?

The Bucket of Truth is just an ordinary plastic bucket that someone bought at Home Depot. The only difference is that anyone who looks into the bucket shall know unmitigated, unadulterated truth. It was in the van when we bought it. We were going to have it taken out, but it would have cost us like five hundred dollars, so we just decided to leave it in.

I've always been curious as to where you came up with the title "Not Penis Cream". Care to share that with us ?

Both the song and the album title came from a Saturday Night Live skit with Steve Martin. He had an infomercial for “Steve Martin’s Penis Beauty Cream” and at the end of the skit, he said that the penis beauty cream would come to your house in a plain brown package clearly labeled “Not Penis Cream” in big red letters. We thought it would be a funny idea for a song.

How would you describe your sound to people out there who haven't had the opportunity to listen to you yet ?

Most of our music is up-beat and energetic. We want people to be able to dance, or mosh, or freak out, or what ever it is that people do to our music. So we try to keep it fast paced. A lot of our newer songs feature moog lines and other analog synth sounds. We also have a lot of horn heavy tunes, and our older material has a lot of ska influence.

DJscratchNsniff, another user from the AP.net forums, says he heard a story once and he's curious to find out something. Does the band still measure their dicks in ounces ?

That was a story that our old drummer liked to tell that wasn’t actually true. He claimed that the only real way for men to compare penis size wasn’t length or width, but total volume displacement.

Does the band have any big plans for the remainder of 2005 ?

We’ve got a lot of plans for 2005. We’re heading out on a five week tour of the South/Mid-West/North East on April 29th. Most of the dates are posted on our web site at www.iv4k.com. Then this summer we’re playing a few dates on the warped tour followed by another East Coast tour, except we’ll also be hitting the South East on that tour. Then we’ll be heading out to the West Coast sometime around August.

We’re also working on getting our new recordings out to as many record label A&R people as possible.

If you could tour with any three bands out there today, who would they be and why ?

That’s a good question. I’d really like to tour with Fall Out Boy, I think they put on an amazing live show and they really have a way of connecting with the audience. I’d also love to tour with New Found Glory. I’ve been into them since ’98 and it’s been cool to see them get bigger and bigger. I think they’re one of those bands that has really worked their way up and deserves the success they’re getting.

Finally, I think I’d want to tour with Less Than Jake, just because it would mean that I’d get to see Less Than Jake play every night. I don’t think I’d ever get bored of seeing them live.

What are your favourite IV4K songs ?

It seems like this is always the point in every band interview where the guy from the band lists a couple of songs off of the brand new yet to be released album that none of the fans have heard yet, so hear it goes: my two favorite iv4k songs are “Perfecting the Art of Persuasion” and “These Scars Won’t Heal Themselves.” They’re both off of the new album. As far as our older songs, I’d say my favorite is “On The Phone.” We’ve probably played that song live about 400 times by this point, but I still have the urge to start rocking out every time we play it.

Alright, one last question. Your name is I Voted For Kodos, which is without a doubt a Simpsons reference. Why/how did you guys decide on that name ? Are you all huge fans of the show or what ?

All I can say is that when you’re a teenager and you’re a musician, you find yourself starting a new band pretty much every other week. Which means that every time you start a new band, you have to come up with a new name for the new band. You never really think that it’s something you’re going to have to live with for the next five years. I just randomly came up with the name one day because I was watching that episode of the Simpsons and I thought it would be funny. We weren’t really thinking about how it was going to look on an album cover or on the marquee over a venue.

Okay, thanks alot for doing this interview. Are there any last words you'd like to leave our readers with ?

Thanks for interviewing me. We appreciate the attention.

As for last words, I just want to say that we love getting e-mails and we love making new myspace friends. So everyone out there should send us an e-mail just to say hi. Our address is info@iv4k.com. Our myspace is http://www.myspace.com/iv4k. Everyone should stop by and be our friend and post a comment. Oh yeah, and you should check the tour dates on our web site because chances are we’ll be coming to a town near you sometime in 2005.



ClassActionRecs 04/20/05 07:52 PM

I guess my question was not asked. Too bad.

kwiktripsigns 04/20/05 10:51 PM

just one kiss is my request
send it off to you with a request
long distance dedication
my heart to yours, straight to number one....

*snickers* :dweeba48:

Masskiller 04/21/05 01:26 PM

I got to hang out with these guys when my friend's band played with them in ohio. They're great guys, and their music is loads of fun.

Rxbandit22 04/21/05 06:14 PM


i was mentioned oh snap!

I can't wait, has to be one of the most anticipated albums of 2005 for me!

SoDakValerie 12/20/06 11:07 PM

Haha. These fools stayed with me for a couple of days. They were alright. Even though Rick kicked my ass in Super Monkey Ball 2. It's funny seeing an interview with them.