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more heart 12/23/08 09:09 PM

Take Notice - The Get-Go EP
Take Notice - The Get-Go EP
Record Label: None
Release Date: July 3, 2008


An up and coming pop-punk/hardcore act from Ann Arbor, Michigan with their debut three song EP, The Get-Go EP. The band has shared the stage with acts like A Day To Remember, The Wonder Years, The Swellers, Driver Side Impact, and For The Fallen Dreams, just to name a few.

How is it?

It's an extremely impressive EP considering the band formed just this year. The EP showcases a pop-punk band with clear hardcore roots that don't over do it with excessive breakdowns. The band also accomplishes in delivering a release that can appeal to fans of both genres. What really catches the listener off-guard is the surprisingly strong vocals from their singer, Mike Duggan. The rest of the band is stellar too with melodic guitar work and ridiculously fast drumming. One of the better songs off The Get-Go EP, as well as a personal favorite of mine, is "Scratched CDs Are Nothing Compared To Missed Opportunities," though "No Flood Gates Can Hold Back This Disaster" is an excellent song too (bonus points for name dropping New Found Glory in the song). The EP is available for free at their Myspace and Purevolume pages, so if you like what you hear, I'd recommend downloading the EP.

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altemose09 01/12/09 01:36 PM

i think this is way to short of an ep for me to make judgments off of. its a fun ep but a bit generic. looking forward to hearing something more complete.

The Summer Ends 01/21/09 10:55 PM

Definitely hooked on this band after getting a random myspace FR. They're pretty solid.

brandon_260 05/10/10 08:08 AM

I've really been digging "No Flood" lately