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Brandon Herbel 08/30/05 11:49 PM

30 Seconds To Mars - 08.30.05
[justify]So, I guess first off.. How did the band 30 seconds to mars come about?

My brother and I started it when we were young. At first it was just kind of a art rock band that changed their name every show. We would play little shows here and there and maybe play 1 or 2 songs. Then we decided to take it to the next level and share it with a bigger audience and get to share the music. We are just about to put out the second album.

Also, is there any significance behind the name?

Mostly the sound is atmospheric and melodic. Makes you ask questions. It also has to do with the advancements of technology and the art side of it. Its also to a reference in the book ďArgus ApacaseĒ.

The new album ďA beautiful lieĒ is just about to come out on the 30th. What was the recording process like for this album.

It had become a new set of challenges. We started completely new and different from the first album. I wanted to make a very personal record that would wrap around your heart.

Attack is the first single off the new album. Can we hope to see any video for it?

It actually should be done in a matter of days, its for attack and we filmed it in an abandoned hotel in California.

Who did you guys get to produce the ďA Beautiful LieĒ?

Josh Abraham, he had worked on an album Iím A Robot and other stuff like Velvet Revolver and some other big names.

Was there anything that was a big inspiration on the writing of this album?

It was just getting over a big challenge personally. I had been going to war with myself in a way and I just wanted to make an album that would help others relate,

You guys are actually on tour right now. How has it been going so far?

The response is great actually, its been so nice to see all the fans still coming out to the shows and showing so much love for the music. We are on tour with The Used and H20 right now and we are just so amazed by the crowds reaction.

What is your favorite part about going out on the road and being able to play for all your fan?

I guess just being able to make a personal connection with the crowd and see how they react to it. Being able to take them away from their normal life and whatever they are going through and having them feel as if they are in a different place or state of mind.

Are there any other tours set up after this one to promote the album?

Yeah, we are going to be playing shows all over. We have a few headlining shows and plan to be out for the rest of the year.

Who or what do you think played the biggest part of being in a band or wanting to play music?

I get inspired by books a lot. There is a lot of books that push you down the right path to creativity. I barely even listen to music anymore. I mean ofcourse I do listen to music I just donít really get into anything new too much.

The band has a really unique sound, I was just wondering if there was a certain band or anything that really influenced your writing when writing stuff for the band.

Pink Floyd, Zepplin, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Bjork, Radiohead, Sigur Ros, NIN, Joy Division.

What would we find if we went into the tour bus and looked in your cd player/ipod. What would be find?

NIN, Dredg, our new album, The Cure, Sigur Ros.

Since acting and music Is both a for of art, would you be able to choose between the two?

I couldnít really do it, I have worked to hard at both of them and I donít think that it would be possible. I rather not have to choose.

Well, thatís about all the questions I have for you. Is there anything that you would like to say to all the fans and readers out there?

Thank you to believe then rather not. And I just want to thank everyone that has come out to the tour. Its great to see all of you fans out there come out and still stay strong with us even though its been a few years since we have been out.

robdobi 08/30/05 11:57 PM

"mmmm.... jordan catalano"

ceelove 08/31/05 02:01 AM


Originally Posted by robdobi
"mmmm.... jordan catalano"


Lueda Alia 08/31/05 06:20 AM

oh damn... he likes good music. and he's hot + he has an awesome voice = must marry him. :bigsmile:

Mercy Medical 08/31/05 06:25 AM

I'm sorry Brandon, but did you type this out when you were drunk? There are a lot of typos.

But nonetheless, good review.

Brandon Herbel 08/31/05 11:06 AM


Originally Posted by PunK_WalKeR
I'm sorry Brandon, but did you type this out when you were drunk? There are a lot of typos.

But nonetheless, good review.

Hmm.. I edit and write all my interviews in microsoft word. I figured when i did the spell check and everything that it caught all the errors.


JohnnyQuest 08/31/05 01:22 PM


Originally Posted by Brandon Herbel
Hmm.. I edit and write all my interviews in microsoft word. I figured when i did the spell check and everything that it caught all the errors.


spell-check only catches misspelled words, not instances when you write "for" insteads of "forms".

It's no biggy, tho

Jessethat1guy 08/31/05 10:19 PM

Funk yeah. DREDG. Can't wait to see them with Coheed.

TJ Wells 01/14/06 07:23 AM

he's a prick

MLLMillenium 01/15/06 05:54 PM

Haha you're a prick.

NoirAmour0428 02/05/06 02:49 PM

"a beautiful lie" is ok, all the songs are ok, theres nothing i really like though. everything sounds the same
typos suck

RightToPassage 08/15/06 01:06 PM

yeah the only typo that bothers me is 'zepplin'

Garrett Miller 04/23/07 08:29 AM

He has some pretty boring answers

Depressive Emo 04/28/07 09:09 PM


saywesty 01/03/08 09:26 PM