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Garett Press 03/09/09 09:06 AM

Promo Photo: MxPx
MxPx have posted their cover of the The Blue Hearts’ “Linda Linda” from their new record, On The Cover II, on myspace. As a compliment we've posted two more exclusive promo photos of the band impersonating The Blue Hearts (here) and Belinda Carlisle (here). Check back next Monday - as MxPx posts a new cover song, we'll post new impersonation pictures.

Jason Tate 03/09/09 09:09 AM


TSTLSOOM 03/09/09 09:19 AM

haha loving the album. will it be on vinyl?

tacosforcharles 03/09/09 09:25 AM

Haha that's beautiful.

Slovo 03/09/09 10:02 AM

Lol haha oh Tom

golferpunk1 03/09/09 10:07 AM


thecobrakais 03/09/09 10:55 AM

kick ass. another reason why these guys will always be my favorite.

trappedintime 03/09/09 01:14 PM

they're so cool.

Alex DiVincenzo 03/09/09 01:38 PM


AlexanderIII 03/09/09 02:02 PM


zubinmoosa 03/09/09 03:08 PM

These pics are awesome.

emokid333 03/09/09 06:56 PM

O the good old days when MXPX rulled my life

ericrules123 03/10/09 01:17 PM

yea the song kicks major ass

slickwataris 03/10/09 08:06 PM

Looks nothing like The Blue Hearts