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John is a cult 04/02/09 03:37 PM

this band will probably play for no one at bamboozle.
so I hope they enjoy that.
and the list of other things i want to say:
they look like they're 14
their music is generic and boring
if they have 13 k to just throw around, they should spend it on better recordings.

bandboy01 04/02/09 04:24 PM

what the hell
this band is fucking horrible. the boys all look like such ass holes. they dont deserve this shit. the music fucking sucks. looks like they are buying their success. they arent even getting the spot because they are good it because someone paid.

bandboy01 04/02/09 04:29 PM


Originally Posted by wit3525 (Post 39976472)
i think its ridiculous that people care so much about the money and not the fact that this band is helping another band. its called being an actual good human being maybe a lot of you should try it sometime. its a revolutionary idea

sounds like your in the band. fucking dumbass.

spriltsc 04/03/09 02:00 AM

success is earned, not bought.

Roadie 04/03/09 03:38 AM


Originally Posted by cokemaster2003 (Post 39973381)
Why do you guys have to bag on a band that actually helped out another human being? At least give them credit for that

that is not the reason they payed that much

Roadie 04/03/09 03:41 AM

bad management. waste of money. they will probably get stuff thrown at them and cry off stage.