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Forum: News 02:05 PM - 08/26/14
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Posted By BSmittyAu
I agree about this song, though the acoustic version is much more impressive. Brendon can do no wrong with an acoustic guitar imo. The acoustic vids floating around from when Vices and Virtues came...
Forum: News 03:33 PM - 08/25/14
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Posted By BSmittyAu
Sounds like you have pretty good taste lol.

Have you seen anywhere where he's actually verbally committed to doing more Bad Meets Evil stuff? I really liked that album too... Royce is one of the...
Forum: News 10:06 AM - 08/25/14
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Posted By BSmittyAu
Im a huge eminem fan (aside from most Relapse era stuff which I didnt enjoy much of), but sadly this disappoints me.

The beat sucks. Hook sucks. I prefer Em when he sings his own hooks but that...
Forum: News 07:50 AM - 08/20/14
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Posted By BSmittyAu
That sounds kinda naive... Generally the only way people are ever judged by other people is bc of the choices they make. Considering the choices you are talking about are "provocative", to say the...
Forum: News 05:08 PM - 08/18/14
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Posted By BSmittyAu
So Tater... Assuming this isn't the all out "rock" record we may or may not have been led to believe it is, what can you say about the violin? I think they said it would be pretty violin heavy which...
Forum: News 11:06 AM - 08/18/14
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Posted By BSmittyAu
They could've broken up after Americana and i doubt anyone would even notice the difference
Forum: News 05:41 PM - 08/08/14
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Posted By BSmittyAu
Hook sucks, beat was bleh...Auto tune on the Wayne verses was pointless... I've never been a Wayne fan but I'm trying to stay objective because I kinda liked the last track with Drake. Wayne...
Forum: News 10:35 AM - 08/04/14
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Posted By BSmittyAu
You sound like a bitter dinosaur.
Forum: News 04:03 PM - 08/02/14
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Posted By BSmittyAu
The argument could also be made that the people getting an extreme amount of visible tattoos are the ignorant ones for not considering the ramifications of getting said tattoos when looking for a...
Forum: News 10:41 AM - 08/01/14
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Posted By BSmittyAu
I actually disagree... I was a limp fan back in the day for a bit but this is complete trash. Vocally I can only relate it to Three Dolla Bill ya'll, but worse, and the lyrics are as awful as ever....
Forum: News 06:23 PM - 07/31/14
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Posted By BSmittyAu
Love this band. They have been consistently on my music rotation since my senior year of high school and im fking 30 now, lol, but aside from a weak track or two on L&S i really can't think of much...
Forum: News 02:37 PM - 07/23/14
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Posted By BSmittyAu
Kinda get an early "The Maine" vibe from them, but poppier. Between the two choices id say Good Charlotte cuz this stuff sounds more watered down, but I stopped listening to anything Simple Plan did...
Forum: News 02:39 PM - 07/21/14
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Posted By BSmittyAu
One of the most overlooked and underrated albums of all time.

I also don't get the one hit wonder talk. The self titled album alone had like 4 smash hit singles i think... I remember them being...
Forum: News 10:11 AM - 07/07/14
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Posted By BSmittyAu

I have had tons of friends tell me to get into their first album and I see people rave about it on AP constantly, but for the life of my I can't get past the fucking vocals. I don't...
Forum: News 11:55 AM - 07/03/14
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Posted By BSmittyAu
If a band is good i don't really care if there members are male, female, dogs, cats, spirits caught between this world and the next, etc. I really don't understand this issue purely from the...
Forum: News 07:01 AM - 06/19/14
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Posted By BSmittyAu
I must say im pretty particular about my vocals, and while his aren't my favorite i can't really find anything at all that would lead me to call them "awful". Too clean? Not pitchy enough? I mean...
Forum: News 06:47 AM - 06/18/14
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Posted By BSmittyAu
Timberlake. Sexy Back? Come on now :)
Forum: News 06:43 AM - 06/18/14
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Posted By BSmittyAu
I agree. I actually enjoyed the first two albums and parts of Hands All over, but thats when the downfall began.

Single is decent anyway.
Forum: News 06:33 AM - 06/18/14
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Posted By BSmittyAu
Hope this helps. I was able to stream it from a PC iTunes last night but it took a while to find. The iTunes Store had a broken link to the stream page. The only way i could find it was to open...
Forum: News 08:05 PM - 06/17/14
Replies: 24
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Posted By BSmittyAu
I was able to stream it on my phone. Open iTunes and search for vacationer, theres a little link that says first listen or something they takes you to iTunes Radio and plays it automatically
Forum: News 06:28 PM - 06/15/14
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Posted By BSmittyAu
For me it comes down to more than "rapping all fast"... Ye a lot of the time is only rhyming the last syllable of every line. To me thats not really that impressive... The majority of all songs...
Forum: News 06:18 PM - 06/15/14
Replies: 73
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Posted By BSmittyAu
Thats true i think for the general listener. Most people will look past stuff like im pointing out and I may very well be nitpicking.

To comment on the guy that posted right before you a bit... If...
Forum: News 03:20 PM - 06/15/14
Replies: 73
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Posted By BSmittyAu
I agree with most of what youre both saying. He evolves from album to album, etc. I just don't think he should be considered a top notch "rapper" because his lyrics and flow are kinda on the mediocre...
Forum: News 03:12 PM - 06/15/14
Replies: 73
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Posted By BSmittyAu
His production is far and away top notch, but i dont think his flow is going to even break the top 10 or 15 all time. Imo he's going to make good tracks, but the vocals/lyrics/etc aren't anything...
Forum: News 03:10 PM - 06/15/14
Replies: 73
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Posted By BSmittyAu
Lol... Funniest part of that chapelle interview. I could listen to him just tell stories all day. Hilarious.

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