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Forum: Music 12:02 PM - 05/18/14
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Posted By themadsilentist
Yeah. I actually didn't get any tickets myself, and I had the exact same thing happen with the dinner ticket menu - thankfully my parents are also fans, and my dad graciously offered up his tickets...
Forum: Sports 11:56 AM - 05/18/14
Replies: 34,129
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Posted By themadsilentist
Haven't been on AP since I caught the wrestling bug. Nice to see there's a decent following here...I've mostly been lurking Wreddit.

Forum: Music 11:31 AM - 05/18/14
Replies: 323
Views: 13,715
Posted By themadsilentist
Barely managed to snag 2 dinner tickets to Slim's, but it looks like they might be considering another show - for those of you that didn't manage to make it through. I'd keep an eye on their facebook.
Forum: News 10:41 PM - 03/22/13
Replies: 674
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Posted By themadsilentist
Ugh, this week sucks for music. First the news about Tony leaving MCS, now this...hadn't listened to these guys much in the past few years, but they were huge for me back in the day and Danger Days...
Forum: News 10:43 AM - 03/20/13
Replies: 121
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Posted By themadsilentist
Can't even express how much of a bummer this is. Claudio is a great guy, I'm sure the band will adapt, and I get it. But....Tony... :(
Forum: Politics 10:21 AM - 10/16/12
Replies: 9,877
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Posted By themadsilentist
Duly noted.

Yeah, I've had it for a couple of years. Keep meaning to go through the recent strips and find a new one, but at this point I think I'm much too attached.
Forum: Politics 09:07 AM - 10/16/12
Replies: 9,877
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Posted By themadsilentist
*pokes head out of the lurker corner*

That would be Ocean Beach in San Francisco.

Forum: Politics 04:00 PM - 08/21/12
Replies: 9,987
Views: 331,051
Posted By themadsilentist
I haven't really been active on the forums since I came back from a pseudo-hiatus, but this is always the first (and often only) thread I check these days. Most of you are highly entertaining and...
Forum: Politics 09:15 AM - 08/21/12
Replies: 9,987
Views: 331,051
Posted By themadsilentist

*goes back to lurking*
Forum: News 10:06 AM - 06/20/12
Replies: 102
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Posted By themadsilentist
Ronnie Radke is still around? Fuck that noise.
Forum: News 11:28 AM - 06/15/12
Replies: 296
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Posted By themadsilentist
Ah yes, of course. And you can tell all of this purely from the fact that she didn't want complete strangers who couldn't possibly care less about her at one of the most important events of her life,...
Forum: Entertainment 11:17 AM - 06/06/12
Replies: 384
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Posted By themadsilentist
Late pass, but I had a pretty good wizard build for most of Nightmare. Probably going to have to go way more defensive/mobile now that I'm in Hell.

- Storm Armor with Power of the Storm rune
Forum: General 04:33 PM - 05/30/12
Replies: 1,224
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Posted By themadsilentist
Honestly was feeling fairly "meh" towards about half the album when I first listened, but the songs I wasn't too keen on have been growing on me quite a bit. Definitely digging the darker feel.
Forum: General 11:36 AM - 05/30/12
Replies: 66
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Posted By themadsilentist
Classic or that Sharp Cheddar/Parmesan mix.

My BF swears by White Cheddar though.
Forum: News 11:35 AM - 05/30/12
Replies: 26
Views: 6,580
Posted By themadsilentist
The lawsuit sounds a bit silly, but seriously, screw Activision. So hard.
Forum: News 11:32 AM - 05/28/12
Replies: 64
Views: 47,747
Posted By themadsilentist
Ah, but I'm not actually making an argument. All I'm doing is pointing out that you don't have one - and clearly know you don't have one - so you're dancing around making cute little stabs about...
Forum: News 11:16 AM - 05/28/12
Replies: 64
Views: 47,747
Posted By themadsilentist
Translation: I can't actually back my opinion up with any statistics, so I'm going to demand that the other side does so while I mock their grammar and pretend I'm not a troll.
Forum: Entertainment 12:06 PM - 05/24/12
Replies: 384
Views: 17,943
Posted By themadsilentist
Been playing a bunch...really, really enjoying my wizard. Lots of fun nukes and fairly decent survivability. Also got a demon hunter to Act III, but honestly it feels way clunkier than the wizard, so...
Forum: General 01:35 AM - 05/17/12
Replies: 94
Views: 3,694
Posted By themadsilentist
Just finished Act 1 on my wizard. Having never played any of the Diablo games before - probably wouldn't have bought it, but I got it free due to WoW - gotta say it's pretty fun. I know I'm missing a...
Forum: Personal Life 04:22 PM - 05/10/12
Replies: 13,786
Views: 1,201,175
Posted By themadsilentist
I'm honestly terrified that I will never find something that I can do as a career, and you deserve so much better than my unemployed, crazy, broke ass.

By the way, I got laid off today.
Forum: Personal Life 04:18 PM - 05/10/12
Replies: 64
Views: 6,479
Posted By themadsilentist
When I was a senior in high school, I was absolutely head over heels in love with this guy in my social circle. We'd hit it off when he handed me one of his business cards and I recognized the emblem...
Forum: Personal Life 04:04 PM - 05/10/12
Replies: 7,450
Views: 491,216
Posted By themadsilentist
People with no situational awareness in public. I live in a smallish tourist town, and cannot count the number of times I've been downtown with friends and had to walk into the street because there's...
Forum: Entertainment 10:46 AM - 05/06/12
Replies: 1,941
Views: 144,019
Posted By themadsilentist
Our running theory was that when he changes unwillingly (ie the first time it happens) he can't control himself, but when he does it intentionally (end of the movie), he can.

It's not a great...
Forum: News 01:07 AM - 04/20/12
Replies: 212
Views: 32,797
Posted By themadsilentist
I was a freshman in high school in 2004, and had lost most of my good friends in the transition from junior high - they just weren't the kind of people I found myself getting along with, and I was a...
Forum: News 04:18 PM - 04/06/12
Replies: 251
Views: 38,555
Posted By themadsilentist
I tried to pinpoint my favorite MCS lyric and was completely unable to do so. Hold Me Down, Indoor Living, Invisible Monsters...no way I could pick just one. Same goes for most of my favorite...

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