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Forum: News 12:01 PM - 02/07/16
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Posted By SafetyofRoutine
Haha well honestly I'm not sure if I'd enjoy the lyrics. Haven't gotten that far in the 3-4 times I've tried to get into the album.
Forum: General 11:01 AM - 02/07/16
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Posted By SafetyofRoutine
Say Anything is my favorite band. IARB is my fav. album. I love IDOTG. I love the before IARB songs. The demos are great. Some good songs on Anarchy. I enjoy Self-Titled. Being a self hating Jew, I...
Forum: News 07:45 AM - 02/07/16
Replies: 574
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Posted By SafetyofRoutine
I really tried, for like 2 minutes or so I enjoyed it then my ears just hurt. I want to appreciate it. I wish the sound was cleaner, I wish Max tried to sound pleasant on his vocals more often. It's...
Forum: News 04:30 PM - 02/04/16
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Posted By SafetyofRoutine
Say Anything is my favorite band. I love when Max mixes angst with melodic sweetness. I related to his narcissism and perspectives. IARB is the only cd I own. I enjoyed Hebrews.

This is just angst...
Forum: Personal Life 09:01 PM - 01/27/16
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Posted By SafetyofRoutine
She should do the good boyfriend a favor and allow him to find a girl who appreciates a good boyfriend. She should go back with her ex and get screwed over again.
Forum: News 08:14 AM - 01/26/16
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Posted By SafetyofRoutine
I like them.

Literally all of theirs songs, "I'm reflecting on life. Living is hard. My friends are struggling. Sing about past girl." They're a less creative Wonder Years repeating the same message...
Forum: News 05:30 PM - 01/24/16
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Posted By SafetyofRoutine
It's a great fun pop rock album and the right direction for them.
Forum: News 12:20 AM - 01/23/16
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Posted By SafetyofRoutine
I've seen them live a bunch of times and they kill it.

WTF was this sound!?! It was worse than a high school gymnasium. Ugh.
Forum: General 07:34 PM - 01/05/16
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Posted By SafetyofRoutine

Love this version even more of Old Friends. Your welcome!
Forum: News 07:40 PM - 12/30/15
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Posted By SafetyofRoutine
So like people have different opinions on things like holy cow. It's allowed guys, chill.

I think it's cool that it's done. I'm probably not going to listen to it more than once and think the mixes...
Forum: News 10:06 PM - 12/16/15
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Posted By SafetyofRoutine
Shin Akuma, she is clearly in a recording studio and the sound is completely met with most likely autotune. I'm not knockin it, she sounds great. Also, how is this relevant to Coheed's version?
Forum: News 08:46 PM - 12/13/15
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Posted By SafetyofRoutine
The Travis Barker being the greatest ever thing I guess he's just kind of the most well known. I'm sure he's not literally the greatest. I know very little about drumming, but I know the guy's good...
Forum: News 06:43 AM - 12/13/15
Replies: 36
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Posted By SafetyofRoutine
People act like Tom should be some artistical genius. Guy got famous playing simple pop punk songs and talking about farting with the most talented drummer in the world and mark always seems level...
Forum: News 02:06 PM - 12/10/15
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Posted By SafetyofRoutine
His voice sounded like it lacked a lot of power, I don't think I'd be happy to be at that show and I love those songs and still spin them.
Forum: News 04:46 PM - 12/08/15
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Posted By SafetyofRoutine
Alone in the dark, it took a long time for people to accept it and like it. People kept complaining that they changed their style and weren't the same band...etc. Least that's how I remember it.
Forum: News 09:23 PM - 12/07/15
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Posted By SafetyofRoutine
Just want someone to read this and experience the boys night out album Trainwreck.

Boys Night Out - Trainwreck

People panned it because it was a lighter touch for them, it's one of my favorite...
Forum: News 07:05 PM - 11/26/15
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Posted By SafetyofRoutine
I don't understand whining about this. If you think it's a bad idea, don't buy a song.

Personally, some of Max Bemis Painful Splits stuff that he does actually is pretty questionable, so thinking...
Forum: News 10:55 PM - 11/03/15
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Posted By SafetyofRoutine
He was tired of the relentless work. Not tired of the actual comedy. He kind of gets exactly what he wants with this, hopefully his bits are meaningful so I can watch them on youtube.
Forum: News 07:46 PM - 10/24/15
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Posted By SafetyofRoutine
How is a band remixing music a bad thing? Don't like remixes? COOL don't listen.

I understand if they did this INSTEAD of an album but it literally does not effect new music at all. If you're...
Forum: News 08:10 PM - 10/13/15
Replies: 58
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Posted By SafetyofRoutine
This is pretty terrible and one of my favorite songs.
Forum: News 06:34 AM - 10/12/15
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Posted By SafetyofRoutine
Hey guys like opinions are different for different people like what one person likes is different from what another person likes like that doesn't make one person wrong and one person right.

Forum: News 08:43 PM - 10/07/15
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Posted By SafetyofRoutine
It's almost like this is Kenny's Vacation from The Starting Line so that's why they call themselves Vacationer.
Forum: News 12:55 PM - 07/19/15
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Posted By SafetyofRoutine
Probably just trying to please the audience by saying this:
"Also super weird.... Max made a comment about there not being any good bands to tour with for the past 10 years until bands like Modern...
Forum: News 12:52 PM - 07/19/15
Replies: 23
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Posted By SafetyofRoutine
I think people are not realizing they just did an Is A Real Boy tour so it is understandable why they'd break from some of those songs.
Forum: Personal Life 10:52 AM - 07/12/15
Replies: 7
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Posted By SafetyofRoutine
She likes having you where she wants you and she knows that if she wanted you she could have you. It's a power game and some women (men too) like having it. You seem like a genuinely good guy. It's...

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