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Forum: News 10:25 PM - 08/26/15
Replies: 132
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Posted By Scrawns
gotta find a way to label me as a one sided person in every thread, yeah? talk about being dense.
Forum: News 10:18 PM - 08/25/15
Replies: 132
Views: 13,404
Posted By Scrawns
I like what this article has to say for the most part, but there was no need to drag Man Overboard's slogan through the mud in the title.
Forum: News 12:24 PM - 08/23/15
Replies: 222
Views: 33,203
Posted By Scrawns
And just as I predicted, the band takes action right away and its still not good enough for the AbsoluteSJW's.

I commend the victim for coming forward and the band for taking action. Although the...
Forum: News 03:12 PM - 08/22/15
Replies: 339
Views: 51,428
Posted By Scrawns
And here we have a classic example of guilty until proven innocent. But it's cool guys, the rest of us are not "socially enlightened".

Pure Noise Records is literally Hitler
Forum: News 05:17 PM - 08/21/15
Replies: 102
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Posted By Scrawns
This dude is literally a billionaire, and in some way, shape or form decided to still acknowledge that this is even coming up in the news. Whether he wrote it or not he made the call and had it...
Forum: News 11:00 AM - 08/20/15
Replies: 29
Views: 4,363
Posted By Scrawns
That comparison is awful. The second kick drum can still be used, the carbon fiber stickers on a car actually serve the opposite of their purpose
Forum: News 10:11 AM - 08/15/15
Replies: 189
Views: 13,936
Posted By Scrawns
Lol, this article is trash and full of hyperbole. Then I come to the comments and see they are also trash and littered with hyperbole.
Forum: Reviews 07:58 AM - 08/04/15
Replies: 157
Views: 14,729
Posted By Scrawns
You are naive as fuck if you think NFG were not aware of Steve Klien's "interests". It is definitely disgusting what both Steve Klein and John James Ryan were up to, but its also disgusting how...
Forum: Reviews 10:33 PM - 08/02/15
Replies: 157
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Posted By Scrawns
The irony of this post being that you have a profile pic from NFG, a band which had a member be charged with multiple counts of exposing themselves to a minor and child pornography.

Although I...
Forum: News 11:30 AM - 07/22/15
Replies: 42
Views: 9,282
Posted By Scrawns
That is tragic
Forum: News 04:50 PM - 07/21/15
Replies: 82
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Posted By Scrawns
I didn't even know not releasing things on 9/11 was a thing. I am glad they are breaking that cycle then.
Forum: News 01:29 PM - 06/25/15
Replies: 24
Views: 4,466
Posted By Scrawns
Mod Life most certainly did not get a head start on the service by having the world's largest music store for 10+ years. This article is much less "what apple music could become" and more "what...
Forum: News 07:35 PM - 06/24/15
Replies: 24
Views: 4,466
Posted By Scrawns
Almost-quite-literally Mod Life
Forum: News 10:38 PM - 06/21/15
Replies: 62
Views: 5,013
Posted By Scrawns
It is pretty easy to tell what will happen here. She is playing this game to try and look like she is "taking on the big man", but will eventually have her music on this service because she has...
Forum: News 01:57 PM - 06/13/15
Replies: 24
Views: 4,469
Posted By Scrawns
Hey, it's no problem at all. I understand there are people that poison the well on these discussions, and I appreciate your follow up comment. I have no doubt this kind of article can evoke a lot of...
Forum: News 08:35 PM - 06/12/15
Replies: 24
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Posted By Scrawns
This is impossible because as soon as they do Trans people and SJWs jump all over them about how they could "never understand as a non Trans person". It's straight up hypocrisy
Forum: News 01:38 PM - 06/05/15
Replies: 10
Views: 3,070
Posted By Scrawns
The album was very well done and is a ton of fun. Hopefully he continues it. The MMF parody was on point and frankly kicked ass too
Forum: News 08:41 PM - 06/01/15
Replies: 97
Views: 10,074
Posted By Scrawns
Hooooolllllyyy fucking shit. My two favorite bands are acceptance and as cities burn, both are about to bounce back. I literally am can't evening
Forum: News 10:13 PM - 05/25/15
Replies: 30
Views: 4,546
Posted By Scrawns
ah the old 5 shows in CA but not one in the north bit. Hopefully they do more shows with the same theme in the future
Forum: Music 05:07 PM - 05/15/15
Replies: 15
Views: 3,785
Posted By Scrawns
Forum: News 04:40 PM - 05/13/15
Replies: 305
Views: 25,652
Posted By Scrawns
It blows my mind that you want people to remove user's from this site that you have differing opinions from. You imply not only that I am trolling or offending people on purpose but also that there...
Forum: News 12:56 PM - 05/12/15
Replies: 305
Views: 25,652
Posted By Scrawns
All of these SJWS are going to end up just hurting the other artists on the label. If you kill the label you will kill artists careers too. Not all but many. Fite me IRL
Forum: News 08:45 PM - 04/15/15
Replies: 107
Views: 8,039
Posted By Scrawns
Quick question for the SJWs in here, what magic number of artists have to contain women before you are satisfied? Because a lot of you are circlejerking over someone's post that implied 1 artist with...
Forum: News 05:11 PM - 04/07/15
Replies: 90
Views: 18,725
Posted By Scrawns
Alex Lyman is a piece of trash holy shit. Actually so is that Tai dude. "We are an EB band", no you fucken clown you are whatever band you want to play. This whole band is in it for the wrong reasons...
Forum: News 04:40 PM - 03/07/15
Replies: 83
Views: 11,195
Posted By Scrawns
So many people in here forgetting that the Zombie EP was a masterpiece

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