12:39 PM on 09/19/12 
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Male - 28 Years Old
heyy! This is oddly reminiscent of what happened to me a couple years ago. My old job at a firm required me to use my vacation days. Literally, they said I MUST use them. So I planned a trip to spain. I didn't stay in hostels right of the bat. I landed in Madrid but made my way to Valencia, my favorite place so far. I stayed at the Hotel Palau de la Mar. Once I got to my room I passed out for seriously 24 hours. I had to kill two days just to get my strength back up. I had 14 days so I wasn't wary of wasting my days, but the trip seriously drained me. When I finally walked out of my hotel I went to a coffee shop. At the time my spanish was decent, so i tried it out. Most of the time people knew English. I met the girl at the coffee shop and she said she would show me around after I told her that I came from Hogwarts, jk Canada. She was literally the prettiest girl I had seen. I have a pic but don't want to be creepy.

Anyway at night we went to a bar near the beach and it was just amazing. Nobody was asking me any questions, they weren't that interested. They were just all trying to have fun and show me a good time. I told everyone that I didn't drink so they poured me drinks. The girl I was with was hammered but she still held her liquor. At about 5 am I started back to my hotel. I blinked and found myself in my hotel tub. The girl was on the bed. I got out and slept on the floor next to the bed and woke up to her next to me on the floor.

We chilled for the next day and then I said my good-byes. I left the hotel and made my way to madrid. I stayed at Hotel Puerto America when I got there, and i could tell the city was now totally different. This time I wasn't worn from the trip and walked around the town. I ended up losing my Iphone 3GS at the time ahah. I didn't like Madrid as much, it was like a tamer Valencia. I was all for tame but that wasn't right so I headed to Barcelona.

By now my spanish was getting better and I stayed in something like a hostel. But it was more like a bed and breakfast. Barcelona felt like a French vineyard. I literally just chilled there for a 4 or 5 days. It was one of the most relaxing places. I kinda wanted to go back to Valencia but I was running low on cash, and I hadn't really purchased anything even though I had planned to. I went to a Mom and Pop tailor and oddly enough it looked like they were really a mom and pop. They told me that I shouldn't waste anymore time in Barcelona or Valencia. They said that I should make my way to Ibiza.
I said I probably couldn't in this trip. They literally asked me how much money I had left and I told them that I'm good with credit cards, but my budget was almost there when it came to cash. They said just go to Ibiza and have fun. They told me that their son flies there back and fourth so I was able to pay him to take me. Um, he had a small no frills plane which I think I had to stop to refuel. I had never been in such a small plane, it was like crazy awesome. I felt like I was on TaleSpin. I had to take crazy pics and videos. Oddly that was my new favorite time. When he landed he hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.
I only had a few more days but when i got to ibiza I found out that my coworker was there. I met up with her and then it felt like I wasn't on vacation anymore. I had way more of an adventure by myself than when I was with someone from back home. Now I felt like a tourist. Ibiza wasn't fun at all.

Oh yeah, I traveled light. 3 jeans, 3 shirts, 14 boxerbriefs, my shoes on my feet, 6 pairs of socks, aspirin(just in case I got a headache for some reason) and 2 jackets just in case it was cold or rainy. My DSLR was big and bulky and I wish I carried something smaller. Either way everything fit inside my traveling backpack. I had three passports just in case I lost one.

Tips. It's easier to travel europe with A European passport, or you have to deal with customs.
I have a Canadian one because that's where I was born. A British one because that's where my Mum is born. And A French one cause that's where my Dad is from.
When I got to spain I accidentally showed my Canadian Passport and they wanted to put me through customs procedure. So I reneged and busted out my British Passport Then they thought I was some sort of spy I think and searched my bag and found my French Passport. Then they started calling me James Bond and people started crowding me. But they were such nice people that they just joked and let me on through, a spy. It all took about 3 minutes.
01:31 PM on 09/19/12 
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Deborah Remus
Deborah Remus's Avatar
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Female - 25 Years Old
Staff Member
CouchSurfing is another option solo travelers might want to consider. I haven't tried it, but I know a girl who has done some pretty extensive traveling through the site and has nothing but good things to say. I'm seriously considering it when I save up enough money for my next trip.
12:30 PM on 09/20/12 
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PepsiOne's Avatar
Los Angeles, CA
CouchSurfing is another option solo travelers might want to consider. I haven't tried it, but I know a girl who has done some pretty extensive traveling through the site and has nothing but good things to say. I'm seriously considering it when I save up enough money for my next trip.

Have used it plenty of times, not out of the country, though. It really is great.
12:48 PM on 09/20/12 
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in the empire business
Kassie09's Avatar
Pittsburgh, PA
Female - 24 Years Old
This sounds like so much fun.
07:47 PM on 09/20/12 
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do you want your shit pushed in?
g319's Avatar
I have gone to Europe the past 2 summers solo. The first year I went I stayed in Germany for 2 weeks just traveling to Berlin, Munich and Frankfort. At first my anxiety was super high and I won't lie I had thoughts of coming back early, but I settled my ass down and stuck it out. So thankful I didn't puss out and come home. This past summer I went solo again and went to Poland, Czech Republic, back to Germany and then camped in Iceland for 10 days. Iceland Iceland Iceland!!! The country is amazing, the people are amazing. Not a big country at all, but so much to see. I managed to make friends with a local girl who knew the lead singer from Of Monsters & Men and she hooked me up with vip pass to their homecoming show. I cannot say enough good things about Iceland. O also went to a cd release party for a band called Tilbury. Very cool dudes. Check em out
09:15 PM on 09/20/12 
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Holly HoX!
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Is Harry Potter on meth?
08:19 AM on 09/21/12 
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Pensacola, FL
Male - 27 Years Old
Is Harry Potter on meth?

That is a sentence I never thought I'd read.
08:23 AM on 09/21/12 
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Holly HoX!
Holly HoX!'s Avatar
That is a sentence I never thought I'd read.

04:55 PM on 09/21/12 
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Male - 26 Years Old
Have used it plenty of times, not out of the country, though. It really is great.

It can be very useful for multiple stops. If your going short stay though, mid-as-well spring for a hotel with a pool :P
07:55 PM on 09/23/12 
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Less Than Mike
Happiness is just a moment.
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Sydney, Australia
Male - 23 Years Old
I'm planning to do some solo travelling after I graduate next year. Saved up a hefty some of money so hopefully I can go for about 6 months. I've got a few people who would be eager to come with me but I think I'd rather do it alone. Need to learn some languages though, broken german is all I can speak aside from English.

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