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AP.net Contest: Anthony Green/Geoff Rickly Ticket Giveaway

Posted by - 12:45 PM on 11/15/12
Told you I'd have more tickets to giveaway this week. I have two pairs of tickets to give away for the December 5th, 2012 Anthony Green and Geoff Rickly show at Irving Plaza in New York City. Just post why you must see Anthony Green solo this winter and I'll pick my favorite answer. Again, this is just the first of many ticket giveaways in the coming days on AP.net, so stay tuned to the front page.
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12:45 PM on 11/15/12
Drew Beringer
Senior Editor - @drewberinger - Locked Groove
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12:57 PM on 11/15/12
Class-A Misfit
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First and foremost, I'm homeschooled. I can travel anywhere if I'm physically capable. I just got withdrawn from my high school and enrolled in a private long-distance learning academy. And I know plenty of music lovers. Coheed and Cambria are one of my all time favorite bands, besides Mayday Parade, Relient K, and Switchfoot. It would be amazing to see Green live, since I've read his article in Alt. Press. Consider the following. I just moved to Texas a little over two months ago, and I feel like moving back to Chicago since it's clear that they can't handle adversity. I'm only a freshman, but I talk like a college kid. And I'd rather forget and not slow down.
12:59 PM on 11/15/12
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despairfactor's Avatar
Its been since NYE 07 since Ive seen Anthony and Geoff share the stage together, really trying to change that. And every time Im supposed to go see Anthony Green, something happens where I cant go or my car breaks down. Also trying to change that...
01:09 PM on 11/15/12
Regular Member
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not just simply for Anthony Green but Geoff too! what a perfect combo! haha. I've never been to a solo show D:
01:21 PM on 11/15/12
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davefalcone777's Avatar
I bought Anthony a drink at a show 2 years ago. He owes me a drink.
01:25 PM on 11/15/12
Registered User
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sirata107's Avatar
I must see him because Geoff Rickly is opening. And because Anthony is the tits.
01:25 PM on 11/15/12
Regular Member
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My girlfriend has a thing for him, and I would maybe possibly pay to watch
01:26 PM on 11/15/12
Registered User
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I'm not really a fan of Anthony Green, but I've been dying to see Geoff's solo set. If I won the tickets, I would stay for Anthony's set and give him another chance. Just hearing Geoff play his new songs and old Thursday stuff would put me on such a high that I would listen to Anthony Green
01:29 PM on 11/15/12
What!? A new avatar?
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Web250's Avatar
First off, living in the NYC area, I can easily attend.

Second, as a singer myself, I have always valued Anthony Green as a spectacularly talented musician.

Third, after seeing the last 3 Thursday holiday shows, it would feel weird not seeing Geoff sing during the month of December.
01:35 PM on 11/15/12
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Dr.Spaceman said I don't have much time left. Probably be the last show I can attend
02:10 PM on 11/15/12
It won't snow where she is going.
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SteveD's Avatar
Because I'll get there and be like

and people will be like "not yet" and I will be like...

you know, to get people in the mood. But then everyone would be too chicken to dance...

And I would be all like

and people start dancin and then Geoff Rickly would be in the pit and I would instantly say

Then we would become best friends and watch Anthony Green together!
04:05 PM on 11/15/12
jessica likes sounds
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AidenAirwaves's Avatar
I want to see Anthony Green because the one time I got the privilege of seeing his solo live show, I had a fantastic time. You'd think if I wanted to see someone so much, I would purchase a ticket, right? Well money has been a huge issue for myself and my family for the a long time now and I've missed tons of shows because of it. My best friend (whose favourite band is Circa) is planning on going and she usually gets anything Circa / Anthony related ASAP. I mean, she goes for presages and all that good stuff. But shes been spending her check on gas for work and food and barely makes it. I feel bad because I know what it's like to miss my favourite band / musician when they come around, it's a bummer. I never like taking the chance of thinking, "Oh, they'll just come back in a few months." because I've experienced bands breaking up and or not coming back for over a year. I want to be there with her jamming out. So it would be really dope if I won, I'd get the chance to have a great time getting weird at an AG show with my friend and maybe get the chance to meet him and tell him how much I appreciate the person that he is.
05:36 PM on 11/15/12
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Nowisnotthetime's Avatar
I'm 28. I'm old as shit and I still love this music while others my age have flocked to lo-fi indie pastures. I've loved Anthony Green since I saw him play with Saosin while in college at USC at the small coffee venue.

Every one of these shows require that tall older guy creepily singing along among a mass of young girls. I would like to be that creepy old guy. Thank you.
09:53 PM on 11/15/12
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I need to see this show cause the world is supposed to end like a week later and then I would die without having seen an Anthony Green solo show and it would be all your fault.

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