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Mallory Knox - Signals

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Mallory Knox - Signals
Release Date: January 21, 2013
Record Label: A Wolf At Your Door
This review was written by an AP.net staff member.

Young, British bands often promise so much but falter when it matters most - that first full-length. Get it right and you’ve made a couple of steady paces towards superstardom, get it wrong and it could spell the end of the band altogether.

No bother here, though. In Signals Mallory Knox have produced the album that all the singles, EPs and handfuls and handfuls of hype promised, plus that little bit more.

The tone is set from the first note; terse opener "Beggars" segues into stratospheric stormer "Lighthouse," the chorus to which takes off and sounds like it lands somewhere on the other side of the world. Uplifting? Just a little bit. Give this album even the tiniest bit of love and it’ll reel you in, one skyscraping riff at a time.

Luscious singles “Wake Up” and “Hello” are imperious to boot, with the former a galloping call to arms and the latter showcasing frontman Mikey Chapman’s impressive chops.

The heavy stuff is neatly taken care of, too. The tumultuous “Death Rattle” pounds with clinical aplomb – riffs aplenty and sharp, precise riffs are the order of the day here; appropriate enough for a band named after a character from ‘Natural Born Killers’.

The anaemic "Bury Your Head" jars a little with all that rages around it, but the break in pace only serves to make following track "Signals" sound even more brash before album closer “Creeper” razes everything to the ground in one last apocalyptic flurry.

Hear that? It's the sound of yet another phenomenal British band coming of age. And what a sound.

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03:48 AM on 01/21/13
The Things We Think We're Missing
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GetUpAndrew's Avatar
Short but cool review, I like it. Also, this record is sensational.
09:29 AM on 01/21/13
Regular Member
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Fowdall's Avatar
Need to listen to this, every single is brilliant.

Uk scene is excellent right now.
01:09 PM on 01/21/13
Kaneki-kun, BON APPÉTIT
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PetitnaindesÎles's Avatar
they somewhat remind me of Deaf Havana's earlier sound, it's in a way what i wanted Deaf Havana's debut full lenght to sound like
03:45 PM on 01/21/13
Just drive me into you and wreck me
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Slangster's Avatar
Never listened to these guys before, but I figured I'd give 'em a shot. Color me impressed. Really liking their sound.
04:51 PM on 01/21/13
Regular Member
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VeryWittyName's Avatar
they somewhat remind me of Deaf Havana's earlier sound, it's in a way what i wanted Deaf Havana's debut full lenght to sound like
Can definitely see where you're coming from, but I still LOVE Fools and Worthless Liars.
11:14 PM on 08/09/15
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