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The Countdown: Top 5 Silverstein Albums

Posted by - 05:36 AM on 02/04/13
Silverstein has always been one of the more underrated "post-hardcore" bands in our scene. Despite moderate success over the years and some truly fantastic albums, the Ontario quintet has never seemed to garner as much respect or appreciation as their material deserves. With the band releasing its seventh studio album This Is How The Wind Shifts tomorrow (as well as chatting with us later tonight at 5 PM PST / 8 PM EST), I wanted to show some love to the band on this week's "Countdown." The band has evolved and refined its post-hardcore sound over the course of its 13 year career - the band sounds unrecognizable on its debut When Broken Is Easily Fixed. The growth and progress in Silverstein's songwriting is one of the main reasons why the band hasn't faded away like many of its contemporaries. So, please check out my five favorite albums from the band while you count the hours down to the chat tonight. And feel free to comment on whether you agree or disagree with me while giving us your favorite Silverstein albums as well.

5) Arrivals & Departures
NoteThe band's third studio album was critically acclaimed but not fully accepted by fans at the time. Produced by Mark Trombino, Arrivals & Departures was more of a rock record compared to its lauded predecessor Discovering The Waterfront. Regardless of fan perception, the album features some of the band's most intense songs like "Vanity and Greed" and "Still Dreaming." Overall, this album was the beginning of the shift Silverstein would take in its songwriting.

4) Short Songs
NoteYou could say that this is Silverstein's attempt at a hardcore record and you wouldn't be wrong. Featuring 22 songs (11 of them originals) and clocking in at just under 20 minutes, Short Songs is no doubt the band's most frantic, heavy, and fun album in its discography. Shane Told basically shreds his vocal chords throughout - "SOS" showcases how perfectly the band can balance chaos with melody.

3) A Shipwreck In the Sand
NoteThe upcoming This Is How The Wind Shifts wasn't the band's first foray into concept records. That honor would go to A Shipwreck In The Sand, the band's final studio release under Victory Records. Shipwreck offers up a very compelling story about revolt and betrayal while featuring some of Neil Boshart and Josh Bradford's best guitar work. A top 5 Silverstein track appears on this album in "American Dream," an anthemic song that sums up the album as a whole - incredibly catchy music that packs a wallop.

2) Discovering The Waterfront
NoteNo doubt the band's breakout album, Discovering The Waterfront is the album that made fans fall in love with the band and remains the preferred album for many to this day. The album displayed remarkable improvements on all fronts from the band's debut album, as Shane Told's vocals and lyrics improved drastically while the band's musicianship started to become more interesting and complex. Live staples such as "My Heroine" and the powerful title track anchor the album - the first instances that showcased the band's thematic styles that would populate all future albums. Talk to any Silverstein fan and they'll mention this album as either their first or second favorite release.

1) This Is How The Wind Shifts
NoteSure, you could accuse me of using the Barney Stinson theory that "newer is always better," but trust me, this is more than that. The band's seventh album (and third full length under Hopeless Records) has the band channeling everything they've learned over the past 13 years into a diverse, emotional 14 track album. As mentioned earlier, this is the band's second trip down the concept album path, which is executed flawlessly. Each of the 14 tracks here has a parallel song; each moment described from a different vantage point or circumstance, thus showcasing how everything can changed with just one simple event or shift. LP7 has Silverstein firing on all cylinders - it's catchy ("Massachusetts"), heavy ("In A Place of Solace"), and dark "To Live and To Lose"). This Is How The Wind Shifts utilizes the best of past Silverstein albums and builds upon them - making this the most complete Silverstein album to date.
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05:53 AM on 02/04/13
you are the sheep; i am the wolf
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cantbesaved's Avatar
can't argue with the list, was listening to the new record this morning and it really hit me how fucking good it is
06:19 AM on 02/04/13
Eight miles high and falling fast
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Memphis's Avatar
Great list. I started to love them thanks to the music video of Smashed Into Pieces, which I saw on a local TV. It was literally the song that got me into post-hardcore. I loved Waterfront and Shipwreck when they came out, and spinned them endlessly. However, my music tastes shifted since then and I don't listen to them nearly as much anymore. I don't know if I even checked their last album out, I will be checking "Wind" for sure, though...
06:30 AM on 02/04/13
The Things We Think We're Missing
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GetUpAndrew's Avatar
This Is How The Wind Shifts and Rescue are their best matieral to date. I've always been a fan of this band and I've loved every single release that they've ever put out, but not as much as the aforementioned records. It's just like they have found their definitive sound: a perfect cross of furious, fast paced hardcore and soaring melodies. They've really stepped up their game, not many bands who were relevant in the emo/post hardcore scene of the mid-'00s have been able to improve just like Silverstein, maybe only Senses Fail and a few other acts.
06:39 AM on 02/04/13
Isaiah 43:2
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AquaMan's Avatar
AbsolutePunk has always been my favorite music site, and Drew, I have always enjoyed your reviews the most, but DANG, I don't think my respect for you guys could be any higher right now!! Silverstein has been my favorite band ever since I randomly found Still Dreaming on iTunes. Sure, I haven't been a fan since Broken but, I know their discography like the back my hand, I went to the Decade show in Canada, and refrained myself from even listening to This Is How The Wind Shifts until its proper release tomorrow. For me, this list is great, but mine would be a little different:

5) Arrivals and Departures 4) Rescue, 3) Short Songs, 2)Discovering The Waterfront, 1) Shipwreck In The Sand.

But, of course, I haven't listened to This Is How yet, so according to many many sources that will probably fill my number one spot and push Arrivals off the list! I can't wait till tonight, and, if I could, I would hold my breath until tomorrow to keep from screaming with anticipation. CAN'T WAIT!!!
06:45 AM on 02/04/13
Registered Member
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Born_For_This's Avatar
For me:
1) Shipwreck In The Sand
2) Rescue
3) Short Songs
4) Discovering The Waterfront
5) Arrivals and Departures

I haven't heard the new record yet though, so I'm imagining this will change.
06:56 AM on 02/04/13
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rollerman4221's Avatar
Their best record IMO was Shipwreck in the Sand, definitely felt like the best complete album front to back
07:14 AM on 02/04/13
I Just Want To Sell Out My Funeral
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xHoodieWeather's Avatar
Short songs takes the cake for me.
07:40 AM on 02/04/13
Jared Luttrell
VA punk pop.
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No Avatar Selected
Man I love Silverstein. I think shipwreck might be my number 1 but I haven't listened to the old albums in forever
07:41 AM on 02/04/13
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Tomfiend's Avatar
When broken is easily fixed will always be my favorite.
07:44 AM on 02/04/13
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drummer13's Avatar
Somehow the new record opened up the door for me on Silverstein. I'd never really given them a good listen before, but now - well damn, I've fallen in love with all of the above records. And they're not wrong about the newest being the best, This is How the Wind Shifts is already one of my favourite albums ever.
07:50 AM on 02/04/13
And This is How
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i_was_a_lid's Avatar
1. Discovering the Waterfront
2. This is How the Wind Shifts
3. A Shipwreck in the Sand
4. Rescue
5. Arrivals and Departures
07:53 AM on 02/04/13
Je suis l'Alpha et l'Oméga
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WeltallAY's Avatar
When broken is easily fixed will always be my favorite.

This. Can't believe no one else on this thread has even mentioned the album. I've always liked Silverstein but admittedly all their following albums haven't been too different than their debut LP.
07:54 AM on 02/04/13
Jake Denning
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Jake Denning's Avatar
I've been listening to Silverstein for awhile, and have been lucky enough to see the band on a handful of occasions. Personally, I'd rank the albums as such:

1) Arrivals & Departures
2) Discovering The Waterfront
3) A Shipwreck In The Sand
4) This Is How The Wind Shifts
5) Rescue
07:54 AM on 02/04/13
Spencer Control
i am orange and i can grow wings
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Spencer Control's Avatar
I think I'll always like Shipwreck the best, but I have to spin the new album a bit more.

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