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Mixtapes - Ordinary Silence Album Cover
Author's Rating
Vocals 8
Musicianship 8
Lyrics 8
Production 8
Creativity 8
Lasting Value 8
Reviewer Tilt 8
Final Verdict: 80%
Member Ratings
Vocals 6.25
Musicianship 6.5
Lyrics 6.17
Production 7.25
Creativity 5.71
Lasting Value 6.33
Reviewer Tilt 6.17
Average: 63%
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Mixtapes - Ordinary Silence

Reviewed by: Zac Djamoos (07/12/13)
Mixtapes - Ordinary Silence
Record Label: No Sleep
Release Date: June 25, 2013

For whatever reason, Mixtapes isn’t one of the bigger pop-punk bands on this site. They’ve been around since before 2010 and Ordinary Silence is their third full-length. So why is the Ohio group so forgotten by the same website that touts such bands as Fireworks, Transit, and the Wonder Years? I don’t know, but I’m sure their newest album should change that, considering it’s their best release so far.

The most immediate difference between this album and its predecessor Even on the Worst Nights is how much of a vocal presence Maura Weaver is. Hers is the first voice heard on the record, and she is given more time to lead the band on this album. Ryan Rockwell is still given enough time to be considered a lead singer, however he takes the backseat more here. When he does sing, though, it is readily apparent how much his voice has improved in the year since their last offering (to the benefit of those who didn’t like his voice prior). Another notable difference is the growth of the band as musicians. Many in the past have raised complaints about the simplicity of the band’s music. While they have not become Dragonforce, the quality of their music has certainly improved, as the first fifteen seconds of the record alone prove.

The first fifteen seconds of the album come in the form of the instrumental intro to lead single “Bad Parts,” after which Weaver comes in and sings, “I don’t know what we’re doing this for/ say we’re getting better while we’re passed out on the floor.” The song is one of the catchiest on the album, making for a good introduction to Ordinary Silence, as well as an obvious single choice. The following song is the much faster “Ross (Dirty Water).” This song displays both vocalists, as Rockwell leads the verses and Weaver sings the choruses. “Elevator Days” includes anthemic shouting from Rockwell; “Like Glass” features Weaver’s best vocal performance on the album during its chorus; “I Think I Broke It” begins sounding oddly like MxPx’s “Do Your Feet Hurt,” but the album’s two best songs are the consecutive “Everything’s Eventual” and “A List of Things I Can’t Handle.” The former is a twinkly pop punk jam that wouldn’t necessarily sound out of place on Drive-Thru Record’s old greatest hits compilation; the latter starts with acoustic guitar strums and Rockwell singing softly until he shouts, “and everyone turned into someone else,” and the rest of the band jumps to life. On the other hand, “Gravel,” a fifty-second interlude serves no real purpose, other than to break up the album. It is an acoustic ballad, and while it does provide a change from the other thirteen fast-paced pop-punk songs, it doesn’t really make sense. “Happy and Poor” is, lyrically, the lowest point on the album: I’m poor and I’m happy/ I’m tired and I’m cranky reads the song’s bass-driven bridge. Thankfully, these mistakes are few and far between, and the album closes strong. “Be the Speak that You Change About,” aside from a welcome (but not necessary) variation in lyrical content- Most of these bands would sell their souls/ for a four star review and a sold out show- it is one of the faster tracks and ends the album with a harmony between the vocalists.

Hopefully with Ordinary Silence, Mixtapes will finally be recognized for what they are: one of the better bands in the pop-punk wave. It’s summer, roll down your windows and put Ordinary Silence in your car stereo. Here it is, Mixtapes, your four star review.


Additional InformationTrack Listing:
1. Bad Parts
2. Ross (Dirty Water)
3. Elevator Days
4. CCS
5. Like Glass
6. Gravel
7. Happy and Poor
8. I Think I Broke It
9. You Look Like Springtime
10. Cheapness
11. Everything’s Eventual
12. A List of Things I Can’t Handle
13. Swirling
14. Be the Speak that You Change About

Band is
Maura Weaver – Guitar/ vocals
Ryan Rockwell – Guitar/ vocals
Boone Haley – Drums
Michael Remley – Bass

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01:33 PM on 07/12/13
Regular Member
User Info.
CrewysLane's Avatar
This is my album of the year. Its tied with Citizen's Youth though.
02:30 PM on 07/12/13
The Greatest Generation
User Info.
Jaytothesyg's Avatar
Agree with this review. Definitely their best stuff yet
02:37 PM on 07/12/13
User Info.
xapplexpiex's Avatar
This was a huge surprise and totally blew me away. After thinking their previous material was just okay, I thought I'd give this a try. I can't stop listening. The dual vocals, the personal lyrics, and the great guitars make this a really special album to me. Hopefully this review gets the album out there.

Edit: also, track two is my name. I got a kick outta that.
02:40 PM on 07/12/13
Previously PengusNiugnep
User Info.
Penguin's Avatar
Wait, it's not Dragonforce? I refuse to listen!
03:25 PM on 07/12/13
Zac Djamoos
fantasizing the sight of manhattan
User Info.
Zac Djamoos's Avatar
This was a huge surprise and totally blew me away. After thinking their previous material was just okay, I thought I'd give this a try. I can't stop listening. The dual vocals, the personal lyrics, and the great guitars make this a really special album to me. Hopefully this review gets the album out there.

Edit: also, track two is my name. I got a kick outta that.
I agree with you on all counts pretty much 100%.
04:05 PM on 07/12/13
Jake Jenkins
User Info.
Jake Jenkins's Avatar
Wait, it's not Dragonforce? I refuse to listen!
04:40 PM on 07/12/13
The Starship Renegade
User Info.
guitarguy211's Avatar
Had a friend show me this recently...kinda reminds me of a more upbeat version of The Forecast. Enjoyable release, gonna check out the album more soon and may try their older material.
05:15 PM on 07/12/13
Registered User
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pepster50's Avatar
not a bad album.. jsut not .. great..
05:44 PM on 07/12/13
User Info.
deadkidsean's Avatar
wow14 yos can write..? lol~
06:39 PM on 07/12/13
User Info.
bobsheiskawy's Avatar
still haven't taken the time to listen to this. the last album was just not good.
09:20 PM on 07/12/13
I have a crippling fear of heights
User Info.
BigG1392's Avatar
Both of their albums have been great, but this one by far exceeds EOTWN.
12:05 AM on 07/13/13
has feelings
User Info.
heyzombiehitler's Avatar
Don't get the hate for this band. All their stuff is great.
01:04 AM on 07/13/13
I'm just a fucked up kid
User Info.
jakeisthebest's Avatar
I love this album, it's definitely my favourite release from them so far.
06:27 AM on 07/13/13
Lindsay let me kiss your forehead!
User Info.
suicidalmoose's Avatar
haven't explored the album in its entirety but I'm enjoying it so far. It seems like they maintained the style from their previous record but just got better as musicians and each song was more carefully written and better sung. And I do like the cranky part because it reminds me of my girlfriend.
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