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Various Artists - HOLY F***. Live Comedy. Album Cover
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Vocals 10
Musicianship 10
Lyrics 10
Production 10
Creativity 10
Lasting Value 10
Reviewer Tilt 10
Final Verdict: 100%
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Various Artists - HOLY F***. Live Comedy.

Reviewed by: Cody Nelson (08/30/13)
Various Artists - HOLY FUCK. Live Comedy.
Release Date: May 29th, 2013
Record Label: Rooftop Comedy Records

This is a tough review to write, so Iím just going to open with the sentence that I want everyone to most notice: This is the comedy record. Whether youíre a long-time fan, casual listener, or looking for an introduction to the craft, you need to be aware of this compilation. I could really stop there (and I will actually stop fairly soon), but I just felt it appropriate to open with the most important line. HOLY FUCK. Live Comedy. is the CD version of a now-defunct popular weekly live showcase held at the Downtown Independent Theater in Los Angeles. Over the course of four years, everybody who was anybody performed here; careers were built here, legends (Patton, Aziz, CK, Maron) dropped by here, many laughs were had here. While I never had the luxury of being able to see the live show myself, I can only imagine it was an even better experience than listening to the CD was; with any number of comics performing on any given night, the show was essentially a glorified open mic with inevitably positive results.

And you get that vibe from the album. Dave Ross, who co-ran the entirety of the live show, is your MC throughout the gargantuan showcase that is HFLC. Ross does his time right at the beginning, and then blows open the revolving door of comics that consists of just about every comedian you should know right now and then a handful you almost certainly will if you give them a year or two. Featuring the likes of Rory Scovel, Natasha Leggero, Eric Andre, and Kyle Kinane, this two-disc collection does not skimp on powerhouses. With names like Hampton Yount, Eric Dadourian, Jarrod Harris and Sean Patton, the Ďup and comersí category is also well fulfilled. Hell, Jackie Kashian even gets a set here, and she has a 20+ year career in the industry. Just about 50 comics are involved in this smorgasbord of humor, and with the sets averaging in at about 3 minutes, it's easy to pick, choose, and skip through what you like versus what you don't.

And thatís why Iím tossing out a perfect score. Regardless of the quality of any of the sets found here, this is still the most comprehensive answer to the question ĎWhatís stand-up comedy like right now?í and for that reason alone, itís an incredibly important, 'can't miss' release. We might not have the chance to see its live iteration anymore, and all of these comics can probably be found at a myriad of other showcases on either coast this week alone, but they managed to all drop by here at the same place and time for our listening pleasure. Itís a nearly overwhelming amount of live comedy; ĎHOLY FUCKí is an apt descriptor.
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05:44 PM on 08/30/13
Uwe Blab
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I need to listen to this. Anything with Rory Scovel and Kyle Kinane will get my attention.
08:36 AM on 08/31/13
Registered User
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