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Farewell Dreamer - Adapt & Overcome

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Farewell Dreamer - Adapt & Overcome
Record Label: Unsigned
Release Date: June 10th, 2013
Farewell Dreamerís Adapt & Overcome is an example of the authenticity and creativity that can still be found within the current plethora of metalcore and post hardcore music. While only being 5 songs, Adapt & Overcome is a chugging, ball-dropping powerhouse of an EP, featuring masculine screams, melodic choruses, and heavy, multilayered instrumentation. Each song on the album is great in many different ways.

Album opener Misled begins with faint, staccato vocal synthesizer effects, but quickly evolves into a bludgeoning blast beat of a track, with melodic lead guitars and heavy, satisfyingly complex drumming. Vocalist Derek Bunker takes the limelight with his astonishingly powerful screams, ďYouíll never forgive me,Ē only to begin passionately, almost effortlessly crooning ďAll thatís left is the bitter taste of shame and disgrace, from all the mistakes Iíve made along the way. The one thing I can say is Iím sorry for misleading you and destroying your faith.Ē The song continues on in a core shattering, up-tempo pace, featuring sludgy chugs alongside dramatic, wailing guitar leads.

The second song, Buried, is perhaps my favorite on the record, though itís hard to say since I enjoy all of the songs on Adapt & Overcome. Buried begins with a unique, perfectly compressed kick-snare combination by Chris Donis, followed by rhythmic chugging, intricate guitar picking, and Derek Bunkerís clear voice and powerful voice, ďIíll see the light tonight. Do you miss me by your side?Ē On this song a truly dark progression is shown. Bunkerís lyrical message becomes pained, ďIíll lose my way without you to guide me.Ē Delicate piano chords place a backdrop to the adrenaline fueled metalcore piece, only to be replaced with a soaring chorus highlighting the bandís ability to seamlessly transition into new territory. The most powerful line of the song arrives when Bunker confides to the listener, ďMy bones have found their resting place. Iíll forever remain in my grave, waiting for your words to be etched by my name. And thatís what it means to be forever.Ē The track ends with reverbed, programmed drum patterns alongside Bunkerís increasingly distant singing and soft piano melodies.

The third track, Adapt, blasts the listener with loud, bouncy chugging guitars as Bunker uses his characteristically powerful screams, ďI canít be saved until Iíve found a way to be forgiven for my sins. I know it wonít make a difference, until the price has been paid.Ē The song seems to perfectly progress into an amped up chorus as Bunker narrates in clean singing, ďIím gonna change my life and stop living so fast, make amends with my past.Ē Adapt is easily a standout track, as the band displays their prowess for heart stopping blast beats and melodic, driven choruses. The song progresses into a dramatic verse as Bunker seems to give it his everything, screaming as if the end of the world is truly upon him, ďIíll make this right before I die, how could I have been so blind?Ē The song features a cinematic, moving guitar solo as well, and it doesnít even feel out of place.

Track four, Hope is the least heavy of all the tracks, though the production on the album is generally very compressed so even their lighter moments seem to be heavy, just in a brighter way. Hope is Farewell Dreamerís most emotionally moving track, beginning with clean guitar melodies as Derek Bunker softly sings. The song progresses into a driving beat alongside Bunkerís anguished screams, ďAnd I knew that eventually you would run...Ē The song is dramatic and extremely personal, featuring many powerful lyrical lines and moving guitar melodies. The heavy drumming even seems to be perfectly in place, adding a sense of urgency to the song. Bunker dramatically screams alongside dissonant, shrieking guitars ďDreaming always makes a man wish he had something more.Ē But perhaps the best lyric on the entire album comes when the music transcends into a grand, blood pumping chorus and guest vocalist Matt Wentworth from Our Last Night belts out, ďAnd take my picture, to always keep me with you. Just hold the memories close and Iíll guide you home, to where we belong.Ē True passion is shown on this track, and this is part of the reason I feel that Farewell Dreamer has put out a very authentic album.

Fifth and final track Overcome is angrier than the other tracks, as Bunker starts ďYou left me broken and bruised, bleeding out in front of the world.Ē The song features shrill lead guitar work and grooved-out metalcore rhythms. Bunker ends the record with powerful screams, ďYou thought you could hold me back, but Iím free at last,Ē giving the listener a distinct sense of satisfaction as gentle programming leads to the end of the album.

Adapt & Overcome is a simultaneously ball-dropping and uplifting release that firmly asserts itself as a piece of authentic, uniquely driven metalcore. The fundamental strength of this album is that Farewell Dreamer so seamlessly merges familiar heavy music with more intricate, moving guitar and vocal melodies without sacrificing any sense of continuity. The band grooves from chugs to soaring, heartfelt choruses without either seeming out of place. After listening to this album repeatedly, I can say that Farewell Dreamer is a band that writes with passion, and is aware of the need for quality music in this scene.

Recommended If You LikeMetalcore, Post Hardcore, Brutal Screams, Heavy Music, Authentic Music

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10:55 AM on 03/05/14
Registered User
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whoelsebutchris's Avatar
Great review! Awesome to see these dudes get recognition on here, they're really awesome talented guys. Just a couple of corrections, Open Your Eyes EP came out in 2010 then they came out with another ep without Derek in 2011. Also in "Hope" Matt Wentworth from Our Last Night is the one who sings "And take my picture, to always keep me with you. Just hold the memories close and I’ll guide you home, to where we belong.”
06:51 PM on 03/13/14
Let's pretend..
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Gooddayz's Avatar
Just listened to the whole EP and it is awesome! I hope they release a LP soon

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