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Seahaven - Reverie Lagoon: Music For Escapism Only
Release Date: March 25, 2014
Record Label: Run For Cover
This review was written by an AP.net staff member.
“If you don’t like what’s being said, change the conversation.” - Don Draper

Stuck in a genre growing staler by the day, Seahaven was on the verge of being lost in the shuffle of lesser (but maybe more marketable) bands peddling the same tired chords. The band didn't want to be remembered as "the guys with some good songs from Winter Forever that kind of sound like Brand New?", so they changed the conversation. So, Seahaven lost themselves at sea (figuratively) and emerged with the most surprising and refreshing album of 2014.

Naturally with a title like Reverie Lagoon: Music For Escapism Only, you can expect melancholy throughout. It's actually quite amazing how well everything "fits" together - the title, art, and music all feel unified and that should be thrilling to music nerds everywhere. Reverie Lagoon is an immersive experience that will satiate your senses tenfold. The eerie hum of intro "Fifty-Four" sets the tone before drifting into the deceptively upbeat "Andreas," its plea for understanding underneath its pop sensibilities. On first listen, "Silhouette (Latin Skin)" may not feel like much, but the more listens you give it, the more layers you'll peel and discover. Following that is the spectacular "Wild West Selfishness," a moody number that builds and builds until it crashes into something resembling early-aughts Death Cab. Both of these Side A tracks are absolute stunners, undoubtedly instant career highlights for Seahaven.

Lyrically, we're transported to Kyle Soto's overflowing stream of consciousness. The music evolves and revolves around Soto coming to terms with his sorrow, guilt, regret, and fears. There's a feeling of acceptance throughout the album's fourteen tracks and you feel each and every one of Soto's words. "On The Floor" is one of the most emotionally overwhelming songs you'll hear, while luscious "Love To Burn" has Soto declaring, You don't need me/but we'll make believe like you do/Well, you don't, sandwiching a tidal wave of gorgeous chords and swelling strings. "Solar Eclipse" strips everything down to just Soto and a piano, his usually-sedated vocals coming to life. Whether he's painfully pleading his apologies or quietly accepting his fate, "Solar Eclipse" is five and a half minutes of pure devastation.

Soto's vocals stretch and flex to fit the vibe of each track - one moment his voice lingers on each word throughout the warm "Highway Blues," the next he's frantically keeping pace with "Flesh." And really, the general direction of Reverie Lagoon is fascinating - being so caught up in its atmospheric journey, it'll be a surprise once listeners realize it's 52 minutes long,. Produced by Soto and engineered by Ben Brodin (Bright Eyes, Pete Yorn), it's not shocking to hear how washed out some tracks are, anchored by clean guitars and smooth harmonies. The two "Paseo De Las Estrellas" interludes are straight out of an Oasis playbook, while the hypnotizing "Karma Consequential" builds and scatters like the ocean hitting the sand.

Reverie Lagoon: Music For Escapism Only obviously begins a new chapter for the Torrance, CA, quartet. This record is an open book; an exploration of what this band can truly be. By changing the conversation, Seahaven have not only shed themselves of that post-hardcore skin, but they've raised expectations - not just for them, but for the rest of their peers. Reverie Lagoon will be heralded as one of the most thrilling albums of 2014 - get lost in it.

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07:35 AM on 03/31/14
Aspiring Punk Celebrity
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ALT/MSC/FAN's Avatar
Great review. I'm so happy this record's getting so much positive feedback - I love the direction they decided to take, and it deserves every bit of attention it gets.
07:36 AM on 03/31/14
No Closer To Heaven
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Jaytothesyg's Avatar
Good review, definitely agree with everything said. When I'm listening to this album I feel like I'm immediately in a scenario like the artwork.
07:51 AM on 03/31/14
Registered Member
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InaGreendase's Avatar
Yeah, fantastic.
08:02 AM on 03/31/14
Aaron Mook
i will rank anything
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Aaron Mook's Avatar
Such a pleasant surprise. I was not a huge fan of Ghost or Winter Forever, and I'm not even entirely sure why I checked this record out, but I'm so happy I did. Modest Mouse/Bon Iver/Death Cab for Cutie vibes abound- even his vocals sound better in this context. Perfect record to get lost in. Love what you said about the artwork/title/music all matching.

Nice job, Drew.
08:02 AM on 03/31/14
Step back. Evaluate. Recognize.
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absintheparty9's Avatar
Nice review man. Really enjoyed Silhouette, can't wait to hear the rest.
08:23 AM on 03/31/14
I am your big brother.
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AFSjulian's Avatar
Great review. I seem to be one of the many that didn't really like them until this release, but what a release it is. I haven't taken it off my turntable since it arrived!
08:29 AM on 03/31/14
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ThisIsNotDan's Avatar
This album is waaaaaaaay better than Winter Forever. Spot-on review, "Wild West Selfishness" is my favorite track
08:33 AM on 03/31/14
I Just Want To Sell Out My Funeral
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xHoodieWeather's Avatar
one-two punch of Andreas and Wild West Selfishness is great, and so is this album. Only problem I have with the release is that it feels a bit one dimensional at times so it can be a bit of a drag to make it through the whole entire thing, but I love that they decided to reinvent their sound instead of rehashing winter forever.
08:36 AM on 03/31/14
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jordalsh's Avatar
love this record
08:36 AM on 03/31/14
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superBMRuth's Avatar
I'll check it out because of this review, but the two times ive seen the band were incredibly boring. The people watching them were 10x more interested in seeing the band than the band seemed to be interested in playing.
08:50 AM on 03/31/14
Lets get hexed
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jakeisthebest's Avatar
Am I the only one that likes Winter Forever more? My I need to give this a few more listens..
09:26 AM on 03/31/14
The Protagonist of Loneliness
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billyboatkid's Avatar
Definitely want to listen to ths.
09:30 AM on 03/31/14
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No Avatar Selected
one-two punch of Andreas and Wild West Selfishness is great, and so is this album. Only problem I have with the release is that it feels a bit one dimensional at times so it can be a bit of a drag to make it through the whole entire thing, but I love that they decided to reinvent their sound instead of rehashing winter forever.
Ive been playing this record over and over. but i definitely agree that it can drag on towards the end. I find my self starting it over after solar eclipse more often than not.
09:54 AM on 03/31/14
Registered Member
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Born_For_This's Avatar
Love everything this band has done. Shame that Sleep Alone isn't on here, that track is great.

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