DJ Scout (Issues) - 06/24/14

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DJ Scout (Issues) - 06/24/14
Best known for his work with Issues, Tyler "Scout" Acord also relentlessly works hard on his own solo material as a DJ when he's not rocking crowds with his band. While there is plenty of things to like about his contributions to the band, there's definitely a few reasons why you'll enjoy his solo work as well. I caught up with Scout on a sunny afternoon in Pomona, CA after he finished playing over at the Beatport stage.

[Photo Credit: @Photo_Sami]

First off, how long have you been DJ'ing?

Well, I'm 23 now, so about 11 years off and on. But I've been serious about it for around 6.

What first made you want to become a DJ?

It's funny, but I saw it on TV and I thought it was cool. I had someone who was an actual DJ take me under their wing and I became really obsessed with it.

Who was that DJ?

He doesn't actually even DJ anymore. He was one of my mom's friends, I don't even remember his name actually...I was so young. But he let me borrow a bunch of DVD's and took me to some battles, it was dope.

One of the unique things about you as a DJ is that you draw influence from a lot of other rock/metal/hardcore bands in the scene, where most DJ's don't. Can you talk about that?

I've also been drumming in hardcore and metalcore bands for awhile, so I've been listening to a lot of that. I really like anything groovy, anything hype, whether it be a band like Volumes or Villains. I also like hardcore bands like Turnstile and Trapped Under Ice. On the electronic side, same thing - I like Noisia...anything hype. I don't tend to like anything mainstream, whether it be rock stuff or electronic stuff.

I think what some people don't realize is that you're pulling double duty on this tour, as you're doing your DJ set over at the Beatport stage, but you're also doing a set with Issues over at the Journeys stage. Were you a bit apprehensive about doing a double set when it was offered to you?

I had to think about it for a second, but honestly, it's a cool opportunity to be able to play my music by myself, you know? Ultimately, I thought to myself "If I don't do it, I'm just being lazy". I gotta get it done if I want to start getting my music out there.

How has the set been received so far?

Surprisingly good. On Warped Tour electronic music is hard to perform, because people are here to mosh. I mean, when I came [as a fan], I wasn't here to see any electronic music. But I'm playing it, and kids actually like it and are coming to the set, so it's cool.

What can people say when they come out to your set?

Lots of scratching and a lot of turntable tricks. I'm not going to play any typical trap/dubstep type of music, it's all going to be my own thing. Take it for what it is, chill out, whatever. But yeah, you're going to see a lot of turntablism.

When performing live, what equipment do you really swear by? Turntables, headphones, etc.?

Yeah man, I always use Technics 1200's, nothing else. The mixer I have right now is a Rane Sixty-Two, they hooked it up with a really good deal, it's the best mixer in the world, there's nothing better - it's got Serato built into it, so it's easy to play my music and use my vinyl how I've been using it since I starting DJ'ing. No controllers for me, only real vinyl. As far as headphones go, I also use Technics DJ headphones.

You recently remixed Bring Me The Horizon's "Can You Feel My Heart", which is sitting at 77,000 plays on your Soundcloud page. How did that remix come together?

Basically we toured with them a couple months ago, and I've always liked that song, and seeing it live I realized just how epic of a song it is and how much I really liked it. I approached Jordan Fish, the keyboardist in Bring Me about doing a remix, and I didn't know they had a contest, but they only released a couple stems. But he was really into the idea, and he gave me all the stems - drums, everything. I remixed it in two weeks while on the tour, I showed the band and they loved it, then they premiered it for their one year anniversary [of the record], which was awesome. It's by far the most plays I've had on any of my stuff.

What other artists are you doing remixes for?

I'm doing an I See Stars remix right now, just finished up a Palisades remix, a remix for The Devil Wears Prada, and one for The Ready Set.

Do you have any idea of when those will be out?

I don't, since they're all submitted and it's up to the bands to decide when they want to put them out. But as far as I know, they all like them.

You just recently started a saturday series on your Soundcloud called "Scouterdays". The track "Fighting The Sickness" was the first track in the series. Can you talk about that?

Yeah! I basically needed to get these songs out. I'm not doing an album currently, I just want to put out some singles, get people listening and jamming to some stuff. My manager had the idea to do Scouterdays, and I release them periodically. I don't do it weekly, it's more like bi-monthly, because I want to spread em' out a little bit. The next one should not be this Saturday, but next Saturday.

It's hard being on Warped and having internet connectivity, you know?

Yeah, it's hard to get wi-fi. But I'm going to be sure and get it done so people can hear it.

On the Issues album, you may or may not hear samples from DJ Jazzy Jeff on the track "Old Dena". Again, may or may not. If you were to spend one day with him, how would you spend it?

Dude, I would literally just ask him questions. I would love to kick it in his studio, watch him do what he does, ask him how he got his start. I'd love to scratch and mix with him.

Is there anyone you'd love to sit down and learn from as well?

Oh man, the list goes on and on...a lot of producers. I would love to sit down with Kill The Noise - I actually met him once, but didn't have any time to sit down or anything. I'd also like to sit down with Noisia. As far as DJ's go, I'd like to sit down with DJ Craze and DJ Q-Bert. I'd just love to soak up all the information that I can.

Anything else you'd like to say or mention before we wrap up?

Just be on the lookout for more music from me, and more music from Tyler Carter, I did a lot of stuff for him recently. I also did a lot of stuff for Fronz from Attila.
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04:55 PM on 07/14/14
all luck and pop-punk.
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dylanandtea's Avatar
Love Scout. You should add a link to twitter and soundcloud.

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