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Exclusive: Illuminate Me Track By Track

Posted by - 09:09 AM on 07/17/14
Tampa, FL thrash/punk act Illuminate Me released their debut album, I Have Become a Corpse, on Tuesday via Tragic Hero Records. Vocalist Christopher Murray has provided us with a track-by-track explanation, which you can read in the replies. If you haven't heard the album - which features guest spots from Garret Rapp (The Color Morale), Landon Tewers (The Plot In You) and Jerry Roush (Glass Cloud) - you can stream it in the replies as well.
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09:10 AM on 07/17/14
Alex DiVincenzo
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1. Voodoo Blues

This was one of the first songs we wrote for the album, we wanted a more jammy kind of song. I even tried putting some singing in there where I thought it might fit, we like how it turned out. I was in a really dark place while writing most of the lyrics for this album, and this song was definitely just starting to scratch the surface on things that started to piss me off or drive me insane daily.

We honestly didn't think we'd get signed off of this album, if we did I think I would have taken the time to maybe not swear as much in this song, but whatever we still dig it and hopefully more people will as well. A lot of the lyrics for this song were pretty impulsive, and what I mean by that is I literally just said what was on my mind when I recorded the vocals.

A line I enjoyed the most from the song is "If everyone is a fucking slut, then who the fuck are you" it's just a big call out to people who try to put themselves on this high pedastal and judge everyone around them. A lot of this song also has to do with heartache, and putting a ton of effort into a relationship to come out of it with nothing except shitty memories.

2. The Porcelain God

I wrote the lyrics for this song to kind of cope with a lot of emotions and anger I was feeling, with the situations I was handed at this point in my life. I wanted a song that pretty much screamed back in my face and told me the stress, anxiety, and pain I was putting myself through wasn't worth it anymore. It was a great coping mechanism, hopefully we can start playing this live.

A line I love from this song is "you never loved me, only an idea of me"

They love their idea of you, but not for who you actually are. It's pretty much saying that it's easy for anyone to pretend to care about you, when they have this pre-determined idea of who you are, or what you are. But when they get to know you, all of that can easily fall apart.

3. No Sunshine In The Sunshine State

This song is honestly just about not enjoying the place you live. For me, I guess it's Florida. I was originally born in Chicago, IL and I moved here when I was about 13-14 years old. I'm glad I did, I obviously wouldn't be in this band if I didn't. But I just felt like I never belonged here, DON'T get me wrong of coarse, the music scene here absolutely kicks ass, and I'm very grateful for all the friends and bands I've met while living here. But I think I'm not the only one who feels this way about Florida, a lot of us just want to get out, so I wrote a song about it.

4. Ouija Board Taught Me Everything I Know

Ouija Board to me was about financial struggles and how it can affect the people you care about.

I think the ending line sums it all up: "At the end of the day I'll be judged by the amount I have in my wallet. I'm no one's fucking lover unless I have a good budget."

It's how deep down, even if we don't always like to admit it- we're all really goddamn shallow, and sometimes can care about money before each other. I understand there's a line you can't cross, obviously you can't pay for someone that's a mooch forever, or just cater to somebodys every whim, I don't advocate not getting a job and doing your damn part, but what I'm mostly pointing out are people who would drop someone they "care about" just to be with someone who's getting a bigger paycheck. That's disgusting to me.

5. Lick Your Own Wounds

When I wrote these lyrics it was around the time I really didn't talk to many people. I would write down anything I was feeling and shut myself out from the world and any of my friends or family. I think this song is really about that feeling you get when you isolate yourself and how it can become a good thing or a bad thing. For me, being around people that genuinely cared about me really helped me get out of that hole I was in for a long time. I'm definitely getting better everyday and am very thankful for it.

6. Funeral Friends

Like I said before, I was in a pretty dark place when writing the lyrics for this album. Not really the whole "I'm psycho and I'm gonna kill you!!" psycho, more depressed I guess hahaha. This song really expressed my irrational obsession with death and the ending of the world. I was really addicted to conspiracy theories, I still am to be honest. I would look through the internet (as if there was any real evidence on the internet) everyday to see if the world was gonna end anytime soon or if there were any hints of it ending, and if I found anything that seemed like it was leading to an "apocalyptic-like event" I would get pretty excited. I'm not as obsessed anymore I'd like to think.

7. Apples to Whoranges

This song is definitely about a relationship. Being in one for so long can really fuck up your perspective on almost everything, and it can definitely change you for either the better or worse after you come out of it. I decided to let it effect me positively than negatively.

A line in the song that describes just that is: "You never really gave me a true reason to bleed, so I don't give a fuck if you abandon me"

In other words, you were never right for me to begin with, so I won't let this affect me negatively. It'll only make me stronger.

8. West Side Artgoon Craigslist Killa

Don't judge a book by it's cover, is what we definitely tried getting across here. My friend James I was living with at the time asked if he could play a part in the album, so we let him help with any lyrical ideas he might of had for this song

One of the lines I love is "You've been telling people that you dodged a bullet, but you're confused. For I am a gun, bullets take one shot- I've been killing people since day one" Basically it says don't pretend to know everything about me, you don't know what I'm capable of.

9. Circa Dia

Another song about heartache, I guess it was on my mind a lot during the writing process of this album. I think this was definitely about how I got left because I was in a band, which I thought was hilarious. This song is basically me questioning if I should ever bother trying to be with anyone or just focus on what I'm good at, being in a band.

10. I Have Become A Corpse

I Have Become A Corpse holds the overall theme of the album within the lyrics. I basically wanted to say that you should never be scared to follow your dreams and become what you want in your life. If you don't follow your heart, and you end up "playing it safe" because everyone has scared you into doing so, then you're only doing yourself an injustice. You're sucking all the life and passion out of you. You are a corpse.
01:50 PM on 07/17/14
And the full moon seems to know me.
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This is a solid album.
02:01 PM on 07/17/14
Mikey Switz
Florence & Normandie
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Cool to see the homies on here!
04:45 PM on 07/17/14
jrock is my nickname
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it is weird this punk/trash but they have metalcore features
06:56 PM on 07/17/14
Registered User
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Tragic hero is the next rise
10:51 PM on 07/17/14
Papa Bless
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These guys are awesome and i love hanging out with them. They play tomorrow in Sunrise,FL im looking forward to the show and it's great homies are getting the exposure they deserve!

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