Four Letter Lie - 9.28.06

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Four Letter Lie - 9.28.06Could you please give us your name and and positon in the band Four Letter Lie?

- Kevin Patrick Skaff. Guitar and Vocals

You guys recently signed with Victory Records, how has everything been going so far?

- Victory has been amazing to us. We have visited the office a few times and every time we do we just have a blast talking with everyone who works there. It's not just a business...it's a family.

User Submitted Question : Why was the album delayed so long?

- The album was originally suppose to come out August 22nd. We finished the album June 30th. That was kind of a fast turn around to promote and there was another Victory band whos album had been finished for a while so they switched our release dates. No big deal. Both bands were glad of the change.

It seems like you guys are one of the hardest working bands out there with a huge following, I remember that quite well because I think you had everyone on your Myspace send me a e-mail. How have you guys been able to keep such a strong fan base?

- Thanks man. Haha sorry about the spamming. We just really put everything we have into this band, from our music to our promotion. We like to think that we're not alone on this trip, we want our fans to experience everything with us. We like to do things with our fans like asking them to help us pass out fliers for shows or hang up posters. We all go out together in a big group and do it and it keeps us connected with our local fan base. On tour we always hang out after shows until the last person has left, then find the party everyone goes to so we can really get to know people personally. It's what we love to do and it's our passion, playing music and meeting new people.

I think one of you guys are related someone in Dead To Fall correct? I know they are a little heavier, but have you guys ever discussed touring together?

- Ya our guitar player Connor is Logan's little brother. We have discussed touring together. Those guys are our best friends, and when both the bands are at home from touring we all just pretty much hang out everyday listening to Jeff Buckley and playing Guitar Hero haha. But it is very possible that you will see a Dead To Fall/Four Letter Lie tour soon.

If you could tour with any band out there, who would they be and why?

- Every Time I Die. I've been a huge fan forever and I want to party with them.

What are your thoughts on your new record, how would you describe the sound?

- I love the new record. It all clicked recording this record. It's a heavy/rock sounding record. Tommy Lee said it best though "you can't be heavy all the time. if you are you're a fake." So there are a couple tracks that are really pop and softer. But don't let that fool you and say "you guys are going soft"....just listen to the rest of the record.

This is a very cliche question, but I am always curious... where did you guys get your band name from?

- It is reference to a Fordirelifesake song. Brainstorming as any young band does. One of the FDLS members was tour managing TREOS so when TREOS came to Minneapolis we all hung out. I told him about our name and the influence his band had and he said he was flattered.

User Submitted Question : How hard is it not having a booking agent or managment? Why have you guys not tried to sign with anyone yet?

- We are trying. Just takes a little time. We're taking care of everything pretty well though right now. We are starting to get a bunch of tours lined up and hopefully offers start rolling in.

What do you guys think of the band Karate High School that you are touring with?

- ARCADE ROCK!! I like them because they are doing something different. I think it is going to make for a good show/tour to watch and be a part of.

Have you guys discussed about doing Warped Tour at all next year?

- We played a week of warped two summers ago and it was one of the hardest/best experiences we've had. We are always down to play warped tour and would love to be on the whole thing. So of course we have discussed..and the verdict is "yes lets do it."

I know you are just about to start a brand new tour, but do you have any others in the works for the future?

- We are touring with Glory Of This and A Heartwell Ending starting in early November. (No. were not touring with the Early November..but that would be cool). And there have been more in talks.

What is your favorite band on Victory Records?

- Hmmm. That's hard because they are all very good bands and great people. Personally I like The Sleeping (Doug appears on our record on the track 'Cowboys and Indians'). They are the best dudes to hang with and their new album is sooo good. And obviously Dead to Fall.

Did you guys have a lot of attention from the labels? What made you all decide on Victory?

- Victory was our top priority. We couldn't really see ourselves on another label. All the band that have been on Victory and all of Victory's promo skills and everything about them makes me really happy that we get to work with such a great label and great staff everyday.

User Submitted Question : What is your favorite local band to play with and why?

- With Dead Hands Rising. One of the most underrated metal bands in America. Their live show is intense! There are so many other bands that are great too but my list would be huge!

What is your favorite city to play and why?

- MINNEAPOLIS!! haha. Chicago and its suburbs are amazing to play as well. Kids there are incredible! I just love being in Chicago, it's one of my favorite city's, and when we play there I always love eating at Flash Taco and Swank Frank's haha.

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to do this interview, do you have anything else you would like to say to the readers of AbsolutePunk.net?

- My dog has been whining the whole time I did this. That's dedication to AP! So I have to let her outside now to do her business :) Also pick up our album "Let Your Body Take Over" comming out October 31st!!! Love you all.
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04:16 PM on 10/01/06
Caleb Cattivera
Cupid of Absolutepunk
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Caleb Cattivera's Avatar
damn good interview pat.
04:17 PM on 10/01/06
Pat Marquez
User Info.
Pat Marquez's Avatar
damn good interview pat.
Tenk u Caleb.
04:21 PM on 10/01/06
I want to beLIEve
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IAmAmazing's Avatar
i think i might listen to these guys now...
04:25 PM on 10/01/06
Pat Marquez
User Info.
Pat Marquez's Avatar
i think i might listen to these guys now...
Honestly, I think you should. For some reason I am really attached to the tracks that I have heard. It really has a neat sound to it. It may not be anything groundbreaking, bu I really dig it. Plus, they all like some really good music as well, haha.
05:07 PM on 10/01/06
on the edge of summer
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No Avatar Selected
05:08 PM on 10/01/06
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ascitiesburn101's Avatar
I'm digging the new sound. Ive known about this band since I was 12 and just getting into good music. Back then I was into cookie cutter screamo like their old songs, but their new stuff has really matured IMO...
05:52 PM on 10/01/06
Serial Kisser
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cubz84's Avatar
4LL are a fine band. A fine, fine band. I'd probably let them have their way with my grandmother if they asked.... wait. what?
06:35 PM on 10/01/06
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
Nagan loves balls
03:59 PM on 10/02/06
Registered User
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were_all_dicked's Avatar
that was crazy that he mentioned with dead hands rising...I know you asked about members were related to someone from dead to fall, but I wish the dude would have talked about another member from FLL having a brother than played in the best band ever, nehemiah
06:44 PM on 10/02/06
memento mori
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
i'm digging the new stuff, much to my surprise.
05:28 PM on 10/03/06
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
that was crazy that he mentioned with dead hands rising...I know you asked about members were related to someone from dead to fall, but I wish the dude would have talked about another member from FLL having a brother than played in the best band ever, nehemiah

the lead vocalists brother was one of the vocalists in nehemiah, and many of the members from nehemiah are in dead to fall, 3 i believe
10:54 PM on 10/03/06
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PrimoEmo's Avatar
Yes Yes..Nehemiah is prob. the best band to come out of MN. The Kings Collapse is an EPIC song.
01:17 AM on 11/19/06
Registered User
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08:56 PM on 08/18/07
Always a student of life.
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woominlee2's Avatar
Oh god! I miss Nehemiah! And with Dead Hands Rising rocks!

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