Nights Like These - 10.10.06

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Nights Like These - 10.10.06Before we get started could you please give us your name and position in the band Nights Like These?

- Billy, vocals.

You guys just released your Victory Records debut, The Faithless, not to long ago. How has the reaction been to the record thus far?

- It's definitely been good. We've been touring non-stop in support of mostly opening slots so the crowd doesn't usually expect much. We wind up making most people very happy and hopefully leaving impressed. The name of the b and is also off putting so people come not really knowing what to expect. I enjoy the reactions. It's been awesome.

I have to admit that I have been a little out of the loop with some of the new up and coming metal bands that are starting to make a break on the scene. When I got my copy of The Faithless and turned it on, I found a lot of hope. This record is everything I look for in metal and hardcore music. What is your opinion on the current state of newer metal bands?

- Honestly, it has it's good and bad points. There is a lot of creativity and a few genuinely great heavy bands coming out but there are also just the fun of the mill metal bands. But I think that is in every style of music. Bands grow and change so I don't usually run to critque any band. I have my own taste and likes. That's why I play in a band. To create music I want to hear. I have my favorites definitely right now amoungst the new crowd but I'm sure everyone would say something different. To me, every band is throwing something to the table. As long as there is heart, you can't diss that.

If you could line up any tour, who would you tour with and why?

- Converge, one of my favorites and most influential. Also maybe Black Sabbath back in the day. They got crazy. Love that Paegan shit. Mastodon has always been one of our favorites. They look like they have a blast. Bands that rule and have fun are the best. Who would disagree with that? I think Coldplay would be badass, or Sigur Ross. That wouldn't fit but I don't care. Isis, yeah.

How long have you guys been playing music together, at one point did you decide you were going to do this for the rest of your lives?

- Our drummer and I started this band about four years ago? I think that's right. We added our current bassist right after. We've had our share of guitarists, but I think once Derren joined and we got serious with writing we realized we could do this. Maybe not the rest of our lives but definitely until we aren't able. This is a dream. We are just kids, trying to be responsible and make a career out of the impossible. It's up and down. But at the end of the day, you do something and experience things most don't.

Will you guys be releasing the tracks you recorded with Kurt Ballou?

- No, we consider that the CD that got us signed. It's the same songs on The Faithless minus two and recorded differently. They are floating around online, so whatever.

What are some of your favorite bands?

- Right now, a lot of Torche, Mogwai, Tragedy, Saosin, Deftones... My mainstays are Converge, Poison The Well and Sigur Ros.

What is your opinion of Ryan Adams?

- I'm at my friend Daniels house right now watching the Ryan Adams live in Jamiaca DVD, he looks weird. (WWW.DEEPENDPHOTOGRAPHY.COM)

What was the change like from Smith 7 to Victory Records?

- Smith 7 is a non profit organization. My roomate runs it. They help out local Memphis area bands and a few national bands with money to put out a record and merch. Nothing big, just helping get bands going that need it. It rules. Check out their site -- smithseven.com. Victory is more then we could have wished for. It's been amazing and we are so priviledged to be apart of their extensive family and history.

What is your favorite pat about being from Memphis?

- Memphis, high in crime! I love it, the culture, the people, the atmosphere. Three 6 Mafia. Hypnotize Minds. The Blues. The History. It's home.

Who does the art work for you guys? You have some intense stuff, it's awesome.

- Man, random folks. My roomate Drew did the album art, and random friends and artists design our merch. We are picky about art when we have the time. It's our pet-peeve.

What did you think of my review for the album? Be honest, I am curious.

- It was very flattering and one of the best we have had. It's nice to be recognized so we appreciate that.

What is your favorite band on Victory Records?

- Darkest Hour.

Where do you guys draw your influences from? You have a killer sound, I am really digging it.

- Life, emotions. Just every day stuff. We want to write music that is so heavy yet the melody, just moves you. People that get it usually understand. There is no set influence, just life.

If Every Time I Die did a headlining tour, I could see you guys on that bill. Although you both have a different sound, you still have that southern metal twang. Have you guys ever tried to discuss touring with them?

- Never have, but I'm sure it would be cool.

How does Billy keep his vocals sounding so nice?

- Me? Haha, I don't smoke or drink. No drugs. Lot's of water and sweet tea! It comes from the gut. That's how you get the best scream.

What is the craziest thing that has ever happend to you while you were playing?

- I had a bass broken in half over my head in the middle of a song. We finished the set. I thought if I went to sleep I would be dead. Intense.

What city has the most insane kids? Where do you draw the best?

- We do well at random spots. But we also do pretty well at winning over crowds. It's pertty awesome. Memphis has insane kids.

Have you guys been over seas yet? Do you plan to if you haven't yet?

- Not yet, but we want to!

Alright, well I just wanted to wish you guys good luck with everything. Thanks for doing the interview and do you have anything else you'd like to say to the readers over at AbsolutePunk.net?

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11:30 AM on 10/10/06
Registered User
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ATDIdakota's Avatar
thanks for asking my question!
12:22 PM on 10/10/06
under lock and key
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FASSWcore's Avatar
awesome pat, he's a nice dude. makes me proud to come from tennessee.
01:29 PM on 10/10/06
Sleep underground tonight...
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Romancebled's Avatar
i just saw these guys live about a month ago, and they were definitely intense. nice interview.
07:19 PM on 10/11/06
Lee McGee
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Lee McGee's Avatar
I see Billy all the time. His girlfriend goes to school with me.
02:49 PM on 10/17/06
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haha damnnn dude. You trying to flatter them to death? hahah just kidding. but seriously.

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