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Taking Back Sunday - New Again

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Taking Back Sunday - New Again
Record Label: Warner Bros.
Release Date: June 2, 2009
The first memorable moment on Taking Back Sunday’s fourth studio outing, New Again, is the first line in the lead and title track’s chorus. “I’m ready to be new again,” a line that basically encapsulates everything this band has tried so hard to do for the past few years. It’s hard though, considering this band’s rigid and uptight fanbase, or lack there of. The same fans who haven’t allowed the band any breathing room for creativity, and the same fans who can’t get over the fact that John Nolan left in 2003.

After the departure of Fred Mascherino, the band took another huge blow. He’d go on to be the second lead guitar/backup vocalist that the band has gone through. In comes Matt Fazzi, formerly of Facing New York. Musically speaking, the guitars haven’t changed much. What is missing however, is the dual switching vocals that remaining fans have grown to love. This almost feels like a deal breaker, up until the point you start listening to some of the best straight-forward rock songs that have hit the mainstream in the last couple of years.

Some of the album’s standouts are “Summer, Man” and “Swing,” both of which have just as much of a sing-a-long aspect as some of their previous efforts, with the latter having one of the most hooks on the entire album and is a definite highlight. Others such as “Catholic Knees” and “Carpathia” show are more aggressive side of the band, and will definitely go over well on stage, a place where this band has been known to come to life.

After Louder Now, I was ready as much as the next fickle Taking Back Sunday fan to jump ship. Songs like “Divine Intervention” and “Error Operator” showcased a very boring and immature writing style, and really made it hard to believe that the band still cared about making music. And aside from the lack of dual vocals, songs like “Cut Me Up Jenny” and “Lonely Lonely” are the only two songs that really falter the albums enjoyment aspect. The band tightened up all loose ends in all other aspects with New Again. Even their album’s typical ballad, “Where My Mouth Is,” is chock full of great melodies.

In all honesty, regardless of how good one reviewer believes this album is, New Again seems like it should be the band’s last effort. Even the album’s closer and single-most impressive song, “Everything Must Go,” is aptly titled. The band has put in as much effort to put out enjoyable rock albums, but to a fanbase that just wasn’t listening. It’s just a shame you were too cool to give this album a shot.


riyl: an album by taking back sunday that isn't tell all your friends
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10:14 PM on 06/17/09
Regular Member
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simensays's Avatar
Scores too high, you must be retarded
10:19 PM on 06/17/09
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WhoSaidThat?'s Avatar
Scores too high, you must be retarded
Or, you know, he honestly felt that way about the album.

Great review, Roshan. I disagree completely (only liked two songs), but stuff like this is why I'll always be a fan of unpopular opinions.
11:29 PM on 06/17/09
The Summer Ends
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The Summer Ends's Avatar
disagree completely but pretty well written

the riyl section should say "that aren't tell all your friends"

also, inb4 Noah Fawkes
11:30 PM on 06/17/09
If You Dig Up The Dead...
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Mattylikesfilms's Avatar
Great review man!!!!! Totally 100% agree!
11:37 PM on 06/17/09
If You Dig Up The Dead...
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Mattylikesfilms's Avatar
My fav. Songs are actually lonely, lonely and cut me up jenny haha. I adore this album and feel bad that everyone is too lame to give this album a chance. They're too busy sucking all time low's dick.

I could see this being their last album, but I hope for more albums with fazzi being showcased a tad bit more in both guitars and vocals.
12:23 AM on 06/18/09
City Love
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Akissforher's Avatar
god review, only like two songs on the album, "sink into me" "everything must go" the rest is just boring to me
01:36 AM on 06/18/09
AP.net's Resident Staryu
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Smeee's Avatar
Great review. Personally, I think the rating is probably a bit higher than it should be but I'm just relieved to find out that this review isn't another trashing of the album haha.
01:51 AM on 06/18/09
Registered Member
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friskycurtain's Avatar
Very very disappointing album....only 3 good songs on the whole thing
03:41 AM on 06/18/09
The desperation's gone.
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lew_1987's Avatar
Good review, at least you haven't written it as a fanboy, and therefore can look at it objectively.
04:59 AM on 06/18/09
Brand Rezake
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brandrezake's Avatar
06:16 AM on 06/18/09
just working on my soul punk opera
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therookielot's Avatar
Good review dude.
06:29 AM on 06/18/09
Feenay! Fee hee hee hee heenay!
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live.'s Avatar
Nicely written, but I can't take any review of this album that scores vocals higher than musicianship seriously.
06:38 AM on 06/18/09
Registered User
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mmitrick's Avatar
Good review, I find this album one million times better than the garbage that was Louder Now....Not the greatest, i like maybe half the songs. "Swing" is one of the best TBS songs made post-TAYF, thats just my opinion though, im looking forward to seeing the new line up on sunday in bmore!
09:16 AM on 06/18/09
Noah Fawkes
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Or, you know, he honestly felt that way about the album.

Great review, Roshan. I disagree completely (only liked two songs), but stuff like this is why I'll always be a fan of unpopular opinions.
The thing is, there's a culture of bashing unpopular opinions on this website. Actually, there's a culture of bashing anything TBS did after Where You Want To Be here.

I think this album is amazing. I honestly do. And for standing by what I think, I'm bashed. It's funny because when some influential voices enjoyed Louder Now, an album I'm not a big fan of, people were praising them here. People will just follow the wave, dude. Most of the people here don't like to think by themselves.

I love this album. I'm not a TBS fanboy. I just like to see progression on my music. Adam isn't eighteen anymore, I can't expect him to sing about heartache forever. There're more going about this album than their previous ones, and most of you are missing by following blindly a trend, and that's more retarded than kids listening brokencyde to me. There'll be people who won't enjoy this, there'll be people who won't relate to, but one thing I assure you: this is way better than a bunch of thirty years old dudes trying to make music to adolescents. It's honest music, and I appreciate that in any kind of music I'm into.

Anyway, if anyone wants to know about some things that I think are wrong about ap.net and the scene, there's a big discussion about this here:

It's a boring arguing between me and anamericangod about the scene. But I think some people will find this interesting.

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