Scarlet - 02.09.06

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Scarlet - 02.09.06You guy's are about to release a new album entitled, This Was Always Meant To Fall Apart. Whats the meaning behind the albums title?

It's about the shaky past that Scarlet has had. With break up's, trailers, merch etc..We've had some dramatic tours. Like the last tour we did with The Agony Scene, our bass player at the time had a stroke and that was just horrible. It's just a tribute to the shaky past Scarlet has had to go through.

Out of all of the albums made, which was the band's favorite to create and how do you think you guys as a band have grown musically?

We're more tight knit. Every song on this album was recorded one at a time. Like we'd set up the drums, guitars and what not and record one song. Then do it all over again to record another.It's the most interesting Scarlet album I think the band has put out.

Now you guys are about to head out with Fight Paris/Esoteric. Are you stoked to get back on the road?

Oh forsure. Each show grows ya know. We're just glad that people are willing to lend their ears to hear Scarlet perform. Really stoked.

Are there any other tours in the works at the moment for after said tour?

Yeah, actually there is talks of a Ferret tour. It will include Zao, Scarlet, Remembering Never, The Banner and Madball. Everything is still in the works.

Are any of you guys included in any other projects? I know you are/were in FIAD.

No not really. We all just do Scarlet. Though the bass player playing with us is from Society's Finest.

Would you guys ever play a festival tour like Sounds of the Underground or Ozzfest?

Oh yeah. We would love to. We haven't talked about it though but we're all down for something like that.

Was the idea to put the album through Ferret again locked in right from the start?

Hahah. Well it took a little bit of convincing. I mean Scarlet was on a two year hiatus so any label would be sketchy. But we talked to Carl Ferret and he came through and is backing us 100%

After your trailer got stolen, you guys lost everything, and it just kinda looked like Scarlet was clearly over. How did Scarlet evolve from that point, where it looked impossible to continue, to being back in action?

After that happened, the older members quit right there. Andreas, Randy and Brian decided to continue on. They found me and were almost solidified. We're still in need of a bass player though. We're out now just trying to make some money so we can give Scarlet the support it needs.

How have things changed since you've joined the band?

For me personally, since I can't speak for the band, It's very different. Scarlet has always leant big hand to me in doing music for the rest of my life. As far as the music goes, there's a new change that can be recognized. Like how there's clean vocals as oppose to there only being rough stuff before. I dunno.

What events took place in finding you as the new vocalist. Was it the rest of the band members idea to find a vocalist that was already locked in a band?

Well Andreas recorded my old band FIAD. I have known him for like 3 years and he just out of the blue called me and asked if I would try out. I was stoked. I showed up and recorded demo. Just playing around and stuff. It went awesome. They were stoked. Having clean vocals as oppose to the rough also brought in a new mix.

Will you guys have a website up in the future?

We actually just left the Ferret offices today and there should be one up really soon. I think scarletrock.com was taken. So was scarlet.com.. We just needed to find a domain.

Have you and Ferret talked about filming a video and if so , which song have you chosen?

We have. We're going to be doing one right when we get off tour around the 25th of February. We have a concept lined up for the song "The Seperation Of..".

2005 just ended and I was wondering what albums made it to the top of your list?

Sigur Ros' album Takk. I listen to that daily, religiously! Umm, Broken Social Scene's album is really good. We're not the type of band to be listening to the stuff that sounds like us. We're the guys rolling up playing Bowling For Soup or Relient K.

Since Andreas is a producer. What dooes he look for in bands before taking them on in the studio?

(He quickly finds Andreas)

He basiaclly looks for people who can actually play, doesnt just want to build a band out of the studio.

Alright, that about wraps it up. thanks for taking the time do this with me and for the Absolutepunk.net readers. Want to give a shout out or tell people why they should pick up the new album?

Just do it! nah im kidding. We're just excited to bring a new version of us out and on cd so hopefully you guys like it. Thanks for doing the interview man.
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03:50 PM on 02/09/06
under lock and key
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FASSWcore's Avatar
good interview...seems like a really nice, down to earth guy
04:18 PM on 02/09/06
Registered User
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TMA Ben's Avatar
Amazing vocalist. Singing, screaming. He can do it all extremely well.
07:57 PM on 02/09/06
A long time ago..
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chokeychicken's Avatar
a good buddy of mine. brandon is amazing, and while i hate to see FIAD go, he strangely fits into scarlet so well. rva represent.
10:37 AM on 02/11/06
Registered Member
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Joanna187's Avatar
I'm glad to see them still pushing on. I look foward to the improved sound.

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