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Cage - Depart From Me

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Cage - Depart From Me
Record Label: Definitive Jux
Release Date: July 7, 2009
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03:46 PM on 07/14/09
Daigle lol
don't tell me what I can't do!
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Daigle lol's Avatar
"Truth is, she just fucked me cause my bro is D. Palumbo"

That line right there got my attention and makes me want to hear this immediately haha
07:51 PM on 07/14/09
Registered User
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bitterhalo's Avatar
i really really enjoyed hell's winter, but i can't get into this one as much. some of the beats just don't sound natural and some of the guitars sound corny, hopefully it'll grow on me.
12:38 AM on 07/15/09
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superBMRuth's Avatar
i fucking love this album. it's like, Industrial Punk Hop, or something. that's how i like to describe it. nothing short of brilliant, this dude is gonna blow up.
09:33 AM on 07/15/09
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gr33ndayfr3ak's Avatar
Will be checking this out on account of Alex's art and this great review.
03:47 PM on 07/15/09
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thiseternalsnow's Avatar
Amazing album. I say 9/10... haven't stopped listening since last Tuesday.
11:28 AM on 07/16/09
the future is x-rated
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myplasticyou's Avatar
i've been a huge cage fan for a long time, but i can't get into this album. some track show promise like "I found my mind...", but other tracks like "Fat Kids.." are just embarrassing. Cage seems out of his comfort zone on this album.

the INKY ep (which was released a few weeks prior to DFM) was pretty good, but DFM is a let down so far. movies for the blind will probably always be the best
06:47 PM on 07/17/09
Rob Carey Peterson
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ManicanParty49's Avatar
Love this record. I'd heard of Hell's Winter, but never really checked it out. Then, I heard "I Never Knew You" and instantly had to preorder this record.
07:31 PM on 07/17/09
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HometownHero's Avatar
I keep seeing this cd at work and I really am interested in hearing it. Might check it out. Good review
03:10 AM on 07/18/09
I'm just beautiful me...
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DickfaceChillah's Avatar
Lots of cats who have been major Cage fans for years are saying they can't into this. Over the years, I've listened to Cage skip along into his new arenas and I think he's best fit in this one now. I've loved every album, but I can't picture this one being any different. Movies For The Blind rules, but it suffers from the effects of not aging well, of fitting purely into the category of what that sort of hip-hop was when it was released, Hell's Winter doesn't suffer this, but a lot of Hell's Winter sounds shotty, though I dig it a lot. Every note on this album sounds perfect in it's place, and the humor is on par when it needs to be. Instead of groveling in assholish self-pity like he's been doing, he takes jabs at himself and has fun with his jams. The instrumentals are just as great as the vocals/lyrics. I could listen to the instrumentals by themselves without Cage spitting over them and they'd still be wonderful. Only beat I'm not really into is "I Lost It In Haverton." I dunno how this album will age, but hopefully quite well. I hate to look back on my favorite artists' albums and find that they just don't hold up. Revisiting that sound is fun, but it's no fun to lose the impact of the song due to this.
07:35 AM on 07/18/09
Kyle Thrash
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Kyle Thrash's Avatar
Some tracks are ok but this album is kinda a miss.
08:33 AM on 07/18/09
Registered User
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TuckMeIn's Avatar
this album is pretty hit and miss. I like it but I think going from the beats that you hear on Movies for the blind and Hells Winter where he worked a lot more with El-P and Necro and the beats in my opinion were more solid then what is going on, on this album. I respect what he is doing and he said in an interview that he is trying to go from hells winter to a newer fresher kind of sound and that this album is the transition. I like that he works with F.Sean but i think a lot of the guitar work on the album is pretty intense and over powers a lot of the surrounding tracks. All and All its a fair album one i can listen to while driving around in my car when i kind of just want to have something playing. His lyrics are still very intense and you can still tell he is nowhere near being done with his career and if anything this album is going to help him finally get him more of a mainstream following which hopefully won't be a bad thing for his next album.
06:12 PM on 07/19/09
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WakingTheMisery's Avatar
I'm all about this type of hip hop but Cage is horrible.
10:39 PM on 07/20/09
Love is easier made than kept!
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icynova's Avatar
Riyl: P.o.s.
06:13 PM on 05/23/11
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ShipwreckHeart's Avatar
honestly, this album is great.

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