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Saosin - In Search of Solid Ground

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SaosinIn Search of Solid Ground
Release Date: September 8, 2009
Record Label: Virgin Records
It is not a well-kept secret that I was a bit enamored with Saosin’s debut LP. The timing of that record and the execution of it seemed damn near perfect at the time. The stars just kind of aligned for that release, and Saosin has been riding the wave ever since. And going back to listen to that self-titled gem now, I still stand by everything I said – the combination of soaring vocals, upper echelon musicianship, and flawless production made for a work deserving of its transcendence beyond the post-hardcore roots that spawned it. So here we are, three years later – has the band used its accomplishments and notoriety as a launchpad to create another killer record? Or is their sophomore effort a perfunctory exercise in simply going through the motions?

In Search of Solid Ground is, in a word, disappointing. Both on its own, and when compared to Saosin’s initial offering, their return falls short. The energy, tenacity, and overall brilliance that seemed to come so easily before now comes through in choked, wheezing clumps. And when those flourishes subside, listeners are once more left clinging to the mediocrity that plagues the majority of ISOSG.

Solid Ground starts off with a glimmer of promise, with “I Keep My Secrets Safe,” which would necessarily sound out of place on S/T. But besides Cove Reber’s shockingly adept screams in the track’s breakdown, the number is a bad omen for the rest of the volume. It follows a formula that will feel well-worn by album’s end – solid vocals, uninspired riffs, and a decent (yet largely unremarkable) chorus. “Deep Down” is sonically intriguing, but really more due to the track’s production than the song itself – an above average hook can’t absolve the tune from having no soul, and no bite. And by the time you reach “Why Can’t You See,” it is sad to say that letdowns become the norm, as the band digs itself into a rut with far too much restraint and an apparent disassociation from the art they should be pouring themselves into.

The lull lingers for a few other tired exercises until the group shows a little spark and edge with the kinetic “On My Own.” However, Saosin loses any karmic allowance with the lame mid-tempo “The Alarming Sound of a Still Small Voice” and “It’s All Over Now,” which is easily the cheesiest, worst song the band has ever penned and put to tape. One can only hope the latter was hatched from major label commercial machinations, because if not, it could be a dark harbinger of where these guys could be headed if given another chance.

It is a damn shame that Saosin followed up such a landmark debut with a blemished dud like In Search of Solid Ground. The overall work just sounds so incredibly forced and boring, it is hard to imagine it was any fun to make. And what might have been a consolation prize – the always stellar percussion of Alex Rodriguez – is pushed so far back in the mix or needlessly subdued, that A-Rod now has to be the most criminally underutilized drummer in the scene (if not all of rock). Outside of the stellar production, there aren’t really any high points that can salvage the record from its plan vanilla mire. Maybe the band is resting on its laurels and has gotten complacent, or bored, or even worse – maybe they have just lost it. I certainly hope this is not the case, but one-time fans aren’t going to forgive another pair of half-baked EPs and a live album that nobody wants before they are given proper correction for this lob. 2009 has taken Saosin from being one of the hottest bands in music to just another above-average radio-rock group. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait until 2012 for reimbursement.

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This review is a user submitted review from Steve Henderson. You can see all of Steve Henderson's submitted reviews here.
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09:42 PM on 09/02/09
all hope lies in Doom
User Info.
xapplexpiex's Avatar
Ah! This is so disappointing! The RIYL doesn't look too hot either. I love the s/t and I've been looking forward to this. Thanks for the heads-up. Nice review though, well written as always.
10:11 PM on 09/02/09
User Info.
aradiantsunrise's Avatar
Damn, pretty low score. I'm hoping this isn't as bad as it's made out to be in the review.

Edit: Which songs out of the 13 would you say are the best?
10:48 PM on 09/02/09
Knows the words to 'Bye Bye Bye'
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S9Dallasoz's Avatar
This one's been taking plenty of heat so far, I'm not finding it to be that bad myself...
The debut is definitely a step above this release though.
10:53 PM on 09/02/09
UCSD's AP.net liaison
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Iwudstilldie4u's Avatar
In an interview, Cove said he was glad he didn't have to live up to Anthony Green's legacy on this album, and that there was no pressure to write "an album full of singles," like on the S/T. He was wrong; what came out of this lack of pressure was mediocrity. He essentially let go of all that made the last album great.

I also feel like the vocals and production deserve lower scores. Sorry Saosin; I'll still be a fan, though
11:48 PM on 09/02/09
henry chinaski
Regular Member
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henry chinaski's Avatar
got the album in the mail today 'cause it already comes out tomorrow here in germany. i agree with steve that it's not as creative as the self-titled release plus one could miss some of the damn catchy drum passages Rodriguez played on the first record in some occasions. there are definitely more radio rock songs on it, if you want to call them like that. still i think it's a solid record. in my opinion 75% or so. i guess they'll come back with a more mature third album :)
11:56 PM on 09/02/09
Cool. Cool, cool, cool.
User Info.
Jamos4184's Avatar
Hey Steve, was this self-produced or did they have a producer? Can't believe any producer, or the band themselves, would suppress A-Rod's beastly abilities (even Howard Benson didn't do that).
12:40 AM on 09/03/09
promesas son sombras
User Info.
EchoPark's Avatar
Steve your critique of this album is fair and balanced but I don't agree with it.

I think this album is equally as good as their S/T release.
04:08 AM on 09/03/09
Steve Henderson
User Info.
Steve Henderson's Avatar
Hey Steve, was this self-produced or did they have a producer? Can't believe any producer, or the band themselves, would suppress A-Rod's beastly abilities (even Howard Benson didn't do that).
I think they self-produced some tracks. I know they had a bunch of different producers work on different songs, but I am not positive which ones did which.
04:09 AM on 09/03/09
Registered User
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cereal4life's Avatar
“It’s All Over Now,” which is easily the cheesiest, worst song the band has ever penned and put to tape.

Can you please explain, Steve? Is it just a cheeseball ballad or something?

From the songs I've heard already, I'm not that excited for this release. Especially after reading this review, I feel that a let-down is almost inevitable for me. It really is a shame because I was hoping for big things! I guess we shall see. Nice review, Steve.
04:28 AM on 09/03/09
Registered User
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navidson's Avatar
Its no surprise to me that Saosin have gone down this route - The S/T album was evidence that most of the spark from 'Translating the Name' had disappeared. The drums on that EP were absolutely phenomenal, brilliantly produced and technically excellent - The only song on the album that had even a glimpse of the old drum style was 'Sleepers' (and even that was an anodyne version of what came before)

I know that most people focused on the change of vocalists as the biggest single difference between the two incarnations of Saosin, but personally, its been the death of the drums which has made the biggest impact.
05:20 AM on 09/03/09
Sleep underground tonight...
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Romancebled's Avatar
This is the most disappointing album that I've heard all year. "It's All Over Now" and "What Were We Made For" literally made me cringe.
05:30 AM on 09/03/09
Charles De Mar
Coffee and pie, oh my?
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Charles De Mar's Avatar
The first album was a disappointment compared to TTN, but it was still, at least, a solid enough release.

This one is just embarrassing. Every song is completely uninteresting.
05:36 AM on 09/03/09
Zeus to a Kronos
User Info.
Burn_Burn_Burn's Avatar
Do you still stand by your 95% rating for their first album?

Out of all the highly scored staff reviews that one baffles me the most
"And going back to listen to that self-titled gem now, I still stand by everything I said" is what Steve said in the review.
05:44 AM on 09/03/09
Yea, you were right about me
User Info.
trappedintime's Avatar
Fuck man. This album was supposed to remind me of how much I loved Saosin. There's nothing more that I wanted other than having them have another successful album. But this is just terrible. None of the songs at all bring out any excitement.

The overall work just sounds so incredibly forced and boring, it is hard to imagine it was any fun to make.

This was how you sum up this record. I'm sorry Saosin, but this is just not good. Most disappointing album of the year.

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