Mercy Mercedes - 11.05.09

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Will be hitting the road with The Dangerous Summer, Single File and Between The Trees. Are you guys fans of these bands?

yes we are! I actually love BTT. When we first heard about doing this tour I was stoked to be going out with BTT. I actually assumed we were were supporting them on the tour and we got the itinerary and I realized we were co headlining with TDS. I was like what??? Just weird to me I guess because I was listening to that band when Mercy first started. All the bands on the tour are great respectable bands though and we are all really excited about it.

I have heard rumors for the last year you guys have been sneaking in and out of studios recording new material for a new release? Whats the status on this? Why has it taken this long to release any new material?

We want a new album out more than anyone. Trust us. This past year has had some of the highest of highs for the band and also the lowest of lows. We did go to tree sound to do some work as well as several other studios getting new material worked on and demos recorded. We realized going into the recording of our record that TMG was not the home we wanted for our first full length. Some have agreed with us on that and some say bite the bullet, you signed with them, deal with it. We as a band didn't want to just settle on a label we weren't confident in to put a record out that will mean so much to our career and the future of our band. We want a good home. And that's no pun against TMG. There are good people at that label. It's just not our home.

Label Situation? Guys were initially on Militia Group and now whats going on?

We are currently in the process of working out things with our label situation. The process is finally winding down and this whole fiasco is almost over with. We have new songs that we have been fine tuning and are ready to go record this record. I can say it is looking like there will be an early 2010 release date for the full length.

Has the ups and downs of dealing with the label altered your thoughts on the music industry?

Most definitely. I can honestly say I miss the days of just writing songs and playing shows. There was a point in time when I thought that was all there was to being in a band. haha. This past year or two we have all learned that this business is just as political and cut throat as anything. Being ready to record and put out a full length for almost a year, but not being able to because of a "label situation" can really test you sometimes. It could easily take the wind out of your sails. But I'm so proud of this band for not letting that happen. We have kept doing what we could while not being able to release a new record. Stayed on the road and toured so we could keep in touch with the fans without going stagnant. Sometimes we just all have to remind ourselves that we are here to write songs and play shows and leave the business garbage to the waste side. ha

I noticed a little change in your guys image in the last year. Have you guys ditched the neon trend? How would you like fans to view you band? Do you guys like being grouped or compared to certain bands?

Yes we did ditch the neon trend. Mercy had just started when that was picking up and we were still in the early stages of this band. In the music business you learn a lot as you go. You see what the bands who are ahead of you in the business are doing and you try to use it as a template. Almost like a mentor. I'm not saying you should copy what bands say or try to sound like them. But you inevitably pick up some things from more progressed bands to be more "professional". Well with bad judgment and lack of knowledge on the business at the time, we went with the neon craze. Andddd so did everyone. So after a couple tours we all agreed we did not want to be niched in that group of bands at all. It is a fad and will be out very soon. So for that reason we had to quit dressing like that. If you are viewed as a fad then how can your band have any longevity?? Fads go in and out just like your band will if you become a part of one. We realize we play catchy pop music and there are no encrypted messages from the messiah if you play our record backwards. Thats not who we are though. We are a fun band and we genuinely love the music we make and we have a blast playing the songs on tour while the crowd is singing and having a good time. Thats really what I'm in this for ya know?

You have done some pretty stellar tours in the past the Bamboozle Road Show, Six Flags dates, Warped Tour. Any memorable memories?

This year has been an amazing year for us and touring. Def the highlight of the year has been the tours that we have been able to be a part of. Id have to say my most memorable moment was this year at hoodwinked in Anaheim. We covered the late great Midtown for our segment of the show. Low and behold one of the members, Rob Hitt, was there. So I'm sitting backstage about to go on to play to one of the biggest crowds I had ever played to thus far in my career and I find out the drummer of the band we are covering is there. Considering I'm the drummer and I was going to be playing his parts made me slightly nervous. I mean, I look up to him and that band so much!! ha. So we play the show and after wards I talk to Rob and he actually tells me about a drum part I did in the song "just rock n' roll" that he liked better than the original. Then told me he if Midtown were to play another show again, he was going to play it that way. I was completely flattered and felt like a 15 year old fan girl. haha. I hope he doesn't read this. I might blush. ha

Talking about memorable tour experiences? How involved were guys in the police event on the past bamboozle road show. I know it has been sometime ago? Did it really change your outlook on touring and how some cities view touring bands?

We were pretty involved I guess. Its our white van in all the youtube vids. I remember reading on this site what people were saying and laughing at how much the story got twisted up and the pages of comments went on. People who weren't even there thinking they wrote an eye witness report to the whole incident. haha. Basically that night escalated into something it should have never been. It did not change my outlook on touring really. I still love to tour as much as I ever did. I can't say I am too fond of the Philly police department. Or at least the south street bikers. But I still love that city just the same as before that ever happen. Heck I even rooted for them in the world series. ha.

The cover song. How did you guys go about picking the Sean Kingston song?

We actually let the fans choose that cover song. We had a poll on myspace, facebook, and twitter and asked the fans what song they wanted us to cover. Once the results were in we looked at some of the top choices of songs and picked that one. We thought it would be fun and I personally think we did a decent job with it.

Plans for 2010? Have anything special you can leak to the AP.net audience?

New record and new tours.

What music are you guys listening to know. Any recommendations?

The new Say Anything, Third Eye Blind, Jay Z, Zack Brown Band, Counting Crows, Eve 6. We listen to music all the time in the van but those are a few of the top choices at the moment.

If you guys could sell your live show in 1 - 2 sentences to entice kids to come out to this November tour? What would you say?

Our live show is like darrel waltrip in a fist fight. ya gotta love it!! so come hang out
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02:24 PM on 11/08/09
more heart
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more heart's Avatar
Love these guys so much. Glad to see they've ditched the neon trend.
02:24 PM on 11/08/09
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No Avatar Selected
interesting interview
04:19 PM on 11/08/09
do you feel.
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teh_erica's Avatar
Good band. I'm ready for a full length.
05:34 PM on 11/08/09
Steve Henderson
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Steve Henderson's Avatar
Damn, the wait for the LP is killing me. I dig these guys.
05:35 PM on 11/08/09
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birtcho's Avatar
way too long between the ep and full length!
11:55 PM on 11/08/09
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hiya's Avatar
good interview, i was wondering what was going on with their label situation. great band, good guys.
01:09 AM on 11/09/09
You keep company with wolves.
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andthetruthwill's Avatar
New record. Waiting patiently. I like that he told us what's going on and what's holding it up. Very smart of them to flee the Militia Group.
09:19 AM on 11/09/09
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timbale's Avatar
Prepare for Sunday's light show...

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