The Hush Sound - 06.15.06

Interviewed by
The Hush Sound - 06.15.06This interview was conducted through email on Tuesday, June 13th 2006

Can you please introduce yourself and tell us what you do in The Hush Sound?

Greta Salpeter—Keys/lead vocals
Bob Morris—Guitar/lead vocals
Chris Faller—Bass/backup vocals
Darren Wilson—Drums/backup vocals

Your new album “Like Vines” just came out. How does it feel to finally see all this hard work pay off?

Bob: Good!

Greta: Holding the final product of months worth of writing, arranging, practicing, and perfecting is one of the most satisfying things ever.

The album is definitely more mature sounding from the last record. What was some of the inspiration for that?

Since we recorded “So Sudden” (our first record) a year ago, we started listening to a ton of new music and taking music lessons to learn more about our instruments.

The artwork on the album is amazing. Was their any concept behind it?

Greta: The concept behind the artwork was to incorporate imagery from the lyrics into a landscape which juxtaposed light and dark images. Our album has some very light, summer songs, and some darker, haunting songs, and the artwork hints at those themes.

What was it like working with Patrick as a producer?

Darren: Working with Patrick was great. He is so talented in all types of music –Fall Out Boy is just one facet of his musical talent. He provided a fresh ear and a new perspective on songs that we had been playing for months.

Greta: He worked mainly on vocal coaching. He is clever, down to earth, and was always very positive in the studio. Plus, he generously treated us to Thai food.

Who are some of your all time big musical inspirations?

Chris: Gentle Giant, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Yes, The Zombies.
Darren: The Flaming Lips, Earl Talbot (my drum teacher),
Bob: Sufjan Stevens.
Greta: Elliott Smith, Paul McCartney, Fiona Apple, Jeff Buckley, Chopin

On that note, what was some of the albums and music you listened to while writing and recording “Like Vines”?

Collectively, we listened to The Beatles, Fiona Apple, Ben Kweller, Elvis Costello, Ben Folds, The Zombies, Marvin Gaye, Jeff Buckley, and much more.

I got a chance to see you guys when you came through Omaha/Council Bluffs a while back and was blown away. What was it like playing small venues then going to playing in front of sold out arenas?

Greta: It was very strange to play sold out arenas…especially on our first full tour. Though it was exciting to know how many new people were hearing our music, playing at an arena is much less personal than playing smaller club shows.

Bob: The best part of performing is being able to connect with a crowd and meet the fans after, which was a bit more difficult in an arena.

What is your favorite thing about playing live?

Darren: Seeing people enjoying themselves at the show and feeling a sense of accomplishment after playing.

Chris: Seeing the hippies groovin’ at the back of the show.

How did you guys go about getting signed?

Greta: Ironically, we started this band purely for fun without ever specifically aiming to be signed. However, Ryan Ross from Panic! At The Disco came across our Purevolume.com page the day that we streamed “So Sudden” in its entirety and asked Pete Wentz to give us a listen.

Is it weird to be signed and touring all the time when only a few years ago you were just hanging out and writing music?

Chris: It is strange because touring used to seem like the unobtainable thing that only certain bands could do.

Darren: It is weird to be part of something that I’ve been on the outside of for so long.

Bob: Not really.

Greta: It is strange to have a complete lack of routine or steady environment but it is exciting to be visiting all of these different cities and countries.

Greta, I heard that you just finished high school not to long ago. Did your classmates treat you different for being signed to a record label and going out on tours all the time?

I didn’t feel like people treated me that differently. I was fortunate enough to attend a high school where the students were extremely down to earth and supportive of creative endeavors. Everyone knew that I was the same person when I came back after the Fall Out Boy tour…had I returned to school with a ridiculous attitude, I would have hoped that someone would have smacked me around a bit.

How did the concept for your video "crawling towards the sun" come about?

Bob: I have always wanted to see a video where the crowd hates the band and boos them off the stage. We expanded that idea to create the video and added to the plot by coming back as The Hush-stashes.

What are some things you take out on tour with you to remind yourselves of home?

Bob, Darren, and Chris in unison: Nothing.

Greta: Not much actually. A few polaroids. That’s why we have high cell phone bills.

How many hush sound members does it take to change a tire?

Greta: We had a flat tire on the trailer yesterday in Tempe, Arizona, and in the 110 degree heat, it took 4 members of The Hush Sound, 1 merch person, 1 tour manager, and 3 friends to change the tire. We are pathetic in the heat.

However, in the milder weather of the Midwest, it takes only one member of The Hush Sound to change a tire.

Is Greta single?

Nope. She is happily taken.

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08:58 AM on 06/15/06
boredom thy name is me
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rrfb92's Avatar
these guys(and girl) are so down to earth and their new cd is amazing. Sweet Tangerine is amazing and i can't wait till they are in my area.
09:17 AM on 06/15/06
Registered User
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CauseAScene's Avatar
haha "Is Greta single?"
09:38 AM on 06/15/06
Fat is Fashionable
User Info.
FatJordan's Avatar
Good interview...but if anyone was wondering, the No Use For A Name video for "Dumb Reminders" sounds like it has the same concept as The Hush Sound video.

Good stuff.
09:39 AM on 06/15/06
Registered User
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butt_code's Avatar
haha nice interview
11:17 AM on 06/15/06
User Info.
gonz's Avatar
Originally Posted by rrfb92
these guys(and girl) are so down to earth and their new cd is amazing. Sweet Tangerine is amazing and i can't wait till they are in my area.

yeah i love that song
11:38 AM on 06/15/06
Right Away, Great Captain
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lalalie_'s Avatar
Originally Posted by FatJordan
Good interview...but if anyone was wondering, the No Use For A Name video for "Dumb Reminders" sounds like it has the same concept as The Hush Sound video.

Good stuff.

i love that video!
it's hilarious!!
(the 'dumb reminders' one)
11:49 AM on 06/15/06
Registered Member
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FOBPrettyNPunk's Avatar
Nice interview!
01:16 PM on 06/15/06
black&blue or gold?
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ishotthepilot's Avatar
awww. haha "we are pathetic in the heat"

short but good interview
01:16 PM on 06/15/06
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
i'm really not crazy about this band but it was a good interview
01:39 PM on 06/15/06
Pass the Bud
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preppyak's Avatar
Originally Posted by CauseAScene
haha "Is Greta single?"
haha, exactly.

Good interview
01:44 PM on 06/15/06
Man Without Wax / Rory
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rmenteer14's Avatar
greta is a fox.
03:48 PM on 06/16/06
TJ Wells
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TJ Wells's Avatar
Greta is dating Harrison Taylor, the bass player for Wax On Radio, if anyone's curious.
06:57 AM on 06/22/06
You Are The Moon
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ThirdTimeAround's Avatar
I love The Hush Sound. "Crawling Towards The Sun" is an awesome song and video.
10:23 AM on 06/25/06
You Are The Moon
User Info.
ThirdTimeAround's Avatar
So Sudden is golden.

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