The Early November - 06.23.06

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The Early November - 06.23.06How the hell are you guys doing?

Jeff: weve been great.. We're crazy busy with the new CD coming out but we've all been really good.

Joe: Pretty awesome. We're sitting in the Orlando airport. Our flight was delayed an hour. I love when that happens.

First and foremost, why three discs? Do you think this is too much for fans? Or will this compensate for not seeing another album for five years?

Jeff: Why not? It's going to be too much for some people definitely. There's no getting around that. But I think the people that really take the time to listen well enjoy it or atleast enjoy a song or two. were definatly not going to take that long to put out another album. We're already planning for the record after the next one. Haha.

Joe: The three discs are what was needed to adequatly acheive the original idea. It would have been very difficult to tell this the story in one disc. plus we like giving you more bang for your buck.
We're like sams club.

For those who haven't heard about the triple-disc release, can you tell us the narrative concept behind the new album?

Ace: Well it's all based around The Path CD. the path is this big story with dialog and music that tells about the life of two people. It starts with the father and son fighting, and at the end the son takes off. Through this you learn to see it only through one point of view and feel bad for this kid. As his life goes on you see him turn into his father and you start hate him for things he does. Anyway...it's about judging people too quickly. The other 2 CDs tie into it and are like soundtracks to it.

The Mother, The Mechanic, and The Path, is it your best release to date, your most prided release to date? Where do you rank this album personally?

Jeff: Definitely our best to date. I'm sure everyone feels the same way. I personally love the record but it's impossible for me to hear it like everyone else will. Everytime I hear it i pick out my little mess ups. but honestly, I would give it an 8. as corny as it may sound I listen to my own band a lot and after hearing this thing for a year straight, I still love it. If I listened to The Rooms Too Cold for a year straight I would probably kill myself. and I really like that CD.

Joe: I'm very proud of everything we do, but when I listen to this new record, I'm not only proud but also surprised that we made this. I think it's way too good for at least me to have played on. I love it. iI'd give it a 10 out of 10.

What plans do you have on creating music videos with singles?

Jeff: Ace was saying something about having all the videos tie in with the whole story which I think could be really cool. I know we talked about using the same guy who was the lead role in "Hair" to do all of our videos, but its all up in the air right now. I guess well do what we feel is best when the time comes.

Will we see any b-sides from this endeavor?

Jeff: There are so many songs that we recorded on this record that are only missing vocals. The only one that was completed was "Five Years." People will definitely be able to get their hands on that as soon at the album comes out. As far as the unfinished songs go...I would love to get them finished but I guess well see what happens. I know Ace is actually recording some new b-sides at his house right now for some exclusive stuff. We'll most likley put out a b-sides record soon. because we have alot of cool stuff that people have never heard.

Favorite song ever written? Favorite song off the new release?

Jeff: Wow. hardest question ever

Favorite song ever written:

Bill: Elliot Smith - "Rose Parade"
Jeff: Jimmy Eat World - "For Me This is Heaven"
Joe: The Beatles - "In My Life"

Favorite song off the new release:

Jeff: "Figure It Out"
Bill: "From Here to LA"
Joe: "The Rest of My Life"

Let's be honest here, what is the worst song The Early November has ever written?

Jeff: "My Sleep Pattern Changed" is gonna have to take the cake on this one. Coming in at a close 2nd, "Come Back." We recorded that song like pure shit.

Joe: "Come Back." That song doesn't make any sense.

Ace, what's the story with I Can Make a Mess now? Does it have a future?

Ace: Mess is going to be taking a break. Right now The Early November is our main focus. We definitely plan on doing some more stuff later on. Each project will probably have a different name.

I know a lot of you are married/getting married/have serious girlfriends. How do you maintain these relationships on the road?

Jeff: Honestly, for me its not that hard. I met my girlfriend when I was in highschool so I've known her for a while. She's real easy to deal with while im on tour when most girls will freak out if you do anything but play a show. iI can go hang out, party, drink some beers if I want and she'll be cool. We're not one of those couples that get pissed about that kind of stuff. The trust is there you know. but like any relationship, you really have to put your effort in to make it work.

Joe: My girlfriend is amazing. It definitely sucks being away for months at a time, but she understands that this is my life, and our band is really important to her too. I couldn't be any luckier. we talk like 3 times a day on the road.

When you think of future tours, what bands would you consider a wet dream to tour with?

Ace: Jimmy Eat World and Pearl Jam. I'm gonna go with that. Those are pretty good for me.

Bill: Wilco, Do Make Say Think, Hayden. We'll never ever be able to tour with those bands.

Joe: Jimmy Eat World, The Format, Fall Out Boy, Ben Folds, and Belle and Sebastian. I've been lucky enough to have already toured with a lot of my favorite bands.

Jeff: I'm going to break this down into sections...

Tours that would never happen - Third Eye Blind, Goo Goo Dolls, Foo Fighters, Weezer, Ben Folds

Tours that someday might be possible but probably wont happen - Jimmy Eat World, Dashboard Confessional, Angels & Airwaves

Tours that I would love to see happen - Say Anything, The Format, Anberlin, The Hush Sound, Acceptance

If Blink 182 get back together I'll throw them up on tours that will never happen. I've already toured with a lot of my favorite bands which is awesome. I'd like to get the chance to scratch all of these names off my list. even if I got a couple from the top two lists... I'd die a very happy man.

Do you guys consider yourselves to have mastered your instruments or are you constantly learning?

Jeff: I can tell you that I have come no where even close to mastering my instrument. I barely even know how to play my drums. I'm guessing that me mastering them will take some time.

Joe: I've been playing guitar for 10 years now, but I'm at a 3rd year level probably. not ever taking lessons or anything really hurt me with playing. But also, I feel I've kind of developed my own style out of not knowing how to play. I'm learning slowly.

What releases on Drive-Thru/Rushmore are you excited for?

Jeff: As of right now, Hellogoodbye is the only record thats scheduled for release. I've heard a couple songs off their new CD. I like it a whole lot better than the EP. Hellogoodbye fans are gonna be psyched. From what I've heard so far, it's going to be awesome.

Joe: Hellogoodbye, House of Fools, and a new Steel Train.

With all the rumors and negative comments concerning Drive-Thru, are you happy to be on DTR?

Jeff: Our band and DTR have a very different relationship than most bands and their labels. We've shared some of our best times and some of our worst times with them. We've had it out with each other on several occasions. We've been through huge fights where we both just cut eachother off. In any relationship your going to have your ups and downs. We've managed to get through all of that and still be friends. It's so hard mixing friendship with buisness. your bound to get into fights, but in all honesty...we love them and our relationship right now couldn't be any better. They're a great label that really love what they do. iI think we're all very happy with where we're at right now.

Joe: Like Jeff said we've had our ups and downs, but we know that they're genuine good people who love us and I know they feel the same way about us. I consider them very close friends. They've worked their asses off for us and I couldn't be happier with our relationship with them now.

What is your opinion on the ongoing debate of downloading music? Do you want fans downloading The Early November this summer?

Jeff: All I have to say is that if you download something and your into it...pick it up. and if you dont pick it up, go to a show or something. As long as you do your part to keep these bands going I'm
cool with it...and if you want to download our triple disc.. gooood luck. enjoy waiting forever.

Joe: Download all the records you want. go nuts. but if you like that record and care about the band making another record, please support them by buying it eventually and/or going to shows.

How did the writing process take form with a concept album? Was the concept easier/harder because its semi-autobiographical?

Jeff: The music and melodies were all there...Ace was basically writing lyrics the day before he would do vocals so everything would make sense.

Ace: For me the concept was much harder because all three cds had to fit together and make sense without being too cheesy. I think that was the hardest thing that had to be done.

Why add another guitarist?

Jeff: Well Bill has been our guitar tech for years. He listens to way different music than we do. Seriously, this kid can listen to shitty trumpet solos for hours and be pumped on it. He's really good at guitar and really adds a different flavor to the band. I dont know...one day Ace came up to me and was like...do you think it'd be cool if Bill joins the band? I was like.. alright. thats kind of how it happened. It's like a cinderella story.

Do you see yourselves topping this album with a follow-up? I mean, 4-disc albums are unheard of in the scene. Haha.

Jeff: I think were gonna take it easy and go make regular CDs again. Haha. We want to do a mid 90's rock record, a pop punk record, and a garage rock record. I'm dead serious.

Joe: Jeff forgot about our r&b/soul record.

If you could give one piece of advice to your fans about life, what would you say to them?

Jeff: I was going to try and get real deep with this one but I'll just shorten it up. Do what you want to do now. Don't overthink your decisions and take chances. You don't always have to go with the safe bet. Life is more enjoyable that way.

Joe: Try not too be so bummed. For a while it was real cool to be sad and depressed but I don't like that idea. Let's all lighten up, get a pizza, put on a good record, and watch a funny movie. Let's practice being 'okay'.
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06:12 PM on 06/23/06
i spit hot fire
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HazeLitRise's Avatar
great band, great guys.
06:19 PM on 06/23/06
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
Wow, a b-sides album and they've already planned two albums ahead?
They must work like crazy.
Can't wait for the album, and I can't wait for the Five Years b-side, hopefully it's not iTunes.
Seeing them every chance I get, they are just so great.
06:24 PM on 06/23/06
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No Avatar Selected
Amazing...can't wait for this. Cool dudes making great music.
06:24 PM on 06/23/06
U look hot enuff to cook a pizza on
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Badgers08's Avatar
i wish i could hang out with them every single day
06:34 PM on 06/23/06
User Info.
matt_rawlings's Avatar
Schweet stuff there
06:44 PM on 06/23/06
is not Oversized...
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OveriseFan's Avatar
07:04 PM on 06/23/06
Blake Solomon
every outcome's such a comedown
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Blake Solomon's Avatar
Joe: Try not too be so bummed. For a while it was real cool to be sad and depressed but I don't like that idea. Let's all lighten up, get a pizza, put on a good record, and watch a funny movie. Let's practice being 'okay'.

^well put, im getting more excited for this release, i really like "the room's too cold" so Im interested to see what they do with this.
07:08 PM on 06/23/06
Registered User
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i fucking love these guys
07:18 PM on 06/23/06
Not my chair, not my problem.
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ky19's Avatar
Originally Posted by dfb1220
i fucking love these guys

no dan, i love them. lay off.
07:23 PM on 06/23/06
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gonz's Avatar
the response to the downloading music issue just shows how great these guys are.

trumpet solos = the shit btw
07:27 PM on 06/23/06
I'm a rebel
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aCe_'s Avatar
Good stuff.
07:31 PM on 06/23/06
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alexwohl29_90's Avatar
amazing...these guys...are amazing.
07:43 PM on 06/23/06
I am the Man
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dpmurph's Avatar
Good stuff right thurr.
07:46 PM on 06/23/06
Nick Lopez
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Great interview, Gabe. I'm so excited for this triple disc.

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