MayOrWest - 12.16.09

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MayOrWest - 12.16.09The following is a mini interview of generic questions that we posed to all bands that wanted to answer:

(Hoboken, NJ)

Myspace: www.myspace.com/mayorwestmusic
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/MayOrWest/47038242833
Twitter: http://twitter.com/MayOrWestMusic

1. How did you get your band name?

In our humble beginnings back in 2006, the name was leveraged from the show “Family Guy”, which matched our early stage motif of playing covers and (ahem) attempting to write original music. As we grew and became more serious as a band, we thought of changing it but found that it had staying power. So to avoid any legal debacles, we churned it out into “May Or West” but collapsed all 3 words into 1 tight word (MayOrWest).

2. How did this band get started?
Well, the idea of getting this band together came about a la Eric, Pete and Adam circa ’04. Practices would be comprised of 2 guitars / Adam’s vox squealing out random covers in Pete’s apartment bedroom. Fast forward to early 2006, Pete, Adam, Eric and then bassist Dylan got together with Jimmy who they knew from school, and was bandless at the time, to form the original MayOrWest. Pretty exciting story, huh LOL. We’re sure there are more details but lets continue on J.

3. What bands are you influenced by?
The list is endless, really. We all are inspired by a spectrum of sounds and various bands but collectively, the most notable four that assisted in shaping this band to date are Bayside, Thursday, Thrice and The Receiving End Of Sirens.

4. If you could tour with any bands, past or present, who would it be and why?
Oh boy, we can spend days on this question. To spare y’all we’ll make things interesting and say us. We’d love to turn back the clock and go on tour with MoW as an outsider to see what we were like on the road, how we played live, etc. And then compare that to us in the now (again, viewing from the outside, in).

5. If you were a furry, what animal would you be? Why that animal?
Bears are sweet, but a pseudo “Yogi The Bear”. Because he’s an idiot. LOL

6. Why should people listen to your band?
Why should people listen to any band? Because we believe that they find something about it that moves them. Something tangible. Our music is for our fans as much as it is for us and we want people to be moved just as much as we are.

7. If you were chosen to be in Guitar Hero/Rock Band, what song would you want in the game? How hard do you think it would be to five-star on expert?

After the Guitar Hero gaming committee takes one look at how miserably bad we are at Guitar Hero, they will likely decline our roster spot, maybe even lobby for us to break up immediately LOL.

8. If you won a Grammy, who would you thank?
Hopefully we’ll be on tour during the ceremony, because we can “bet the farm” that if Pete gets a hold of the mic during our acceptance speech he won’t shut up and we’ll be removed from premises indefinitely LOL

9. If you could change something about the music industry, what would it be?
Someone sign us and we’ll let you know ;)

10. Memorable tour experience?
Well, every tour we go on is memorable for sure. A suitable appendix to this question is, “A memorable debacle tour experience?” Top of the list would be our old pathetic tour van catching on fire…with us and our gear in it!! Ahhh, good times.

11. What does AP.net mean to you?
It’s a genuine outlet for the “scene” on a macro level. It encompasses all things rock for signed and unsigned bands. For example, things like this questionnaire say to us that, “Hey, we’re AP.net and we have this pseudo open door policy for signed and unsigned bands to be heard.”

12. What is your favorite song to play?
Hmmm, tough one. That’s like the age-old question of, “you’re stuck on a desert island and…”. Collectively, “Cambridge” is top of mind, because of its overall energy and relentlessness. But hey, we’re a live band that writes and lives to play for an audience. So, lets play cliché and say that we love to play all our jams unconditionally J

13. What is your vacation spot of choice?

Totally depends on mood. Being from the greater Northern NJ area and living through the change of seasons, either a beach or ski mountain takes the cake.

14. What music reminds you of your childhood?

The majority of us got into the punk rock scene pretty early on. Jimmy, because of his older sibling, was introduced to metal at a really really early age, maybe too early on, LOL. So there you have it. OH and Alanis Morissette records…which…ummm…(ahem)…ask Adam about.

15. If you could have any super power, what would it be? Why?

Invincibility would be ill-matic for a barrage of reasons, but having friggin’ lasers shooting out of your finger tips would be darn sweet too LOL.

16. Do you feel that your band has "made it"?

You know, we get asked this question often and our direct immediate response is always yes. Which of course still and will remain unchanged as we we’re/are four snot-nosed kids from Northern NJ, that didn’t know much about what it REALLY takes to be in a band in our early stages, to writing music we never thought we were internally capable of writing, playing stages we never thought we’d be capable of playing and working with bands, promoters and producers who we’d never thought would give two jacks to give a (explicit) about us. However, at the same time we are idealists and know that we want it, with ‘it” being that next level. That next shot at something even greater then how we feel now. Not for the fame and to hell with the big-time money but to again, “move and inspire” the masses much like how we were moved growing up as little punk fiends and metal heads and are STILL moved to this day by listening to / watching our favorite iconic bands whom inspire us.

17. What is something that most fans don't know about you?

Adam used to be a Pro Wrestler.

18. What's your favorite holiday?
Dude, Christmas!! Or, excuse us…the Holidays!! Although, Jimmy loves (LOVES!) Halloween

19. What do you like to do in your spare time?

Ohh you know, kick back with a leather bound novel by the fireplace. LOL no, we do love to read, as well as play / watch sports, straight up hang out with buds / family (despite how utterly insane they may be), slap Pete around a little. Typical stuff.

20. What kind of hidden talents do you have?

See question #17
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Enjoy the theme of the band name, not a fan of the music.

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