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All or Nothing - 12.26.09All or Nothing guitarist Richard Murphy took some time out of his Christmas vacation to answer some questions about his band, the pop punk scene in the UK, and more.

First, can you introduce yourself and tell us what you do in the band?

Hey, my name's Rich and I play lead guitar and sing a bit.

Tell us about your recent split with Chaos Days and how it came about.

We've been really close friends with Chaos Days for a couple of years and we've always really liked their songs. Personally they are my favourite pop punk band in the UK, but they've never had the justice they deserved and have been overshadowed by a lot of other bands that, in my opinion, are much less talented. So we just thought we'd get together and do a little something!

The two of you recently toured together to celebrate the album. How did that go?

The tour was good fun. The problem was that during the first week of December in the UK, not only is it cold and rainy, it's also when University kids have to hand in all of their years work. So turnouts could have been better, but it was still good to get out there and have fun with your friends rather than sitting at home, working or whatever.

Your last three releases have been splits and EPs. Do you have plans to put out a full length soon?

Yeah, definitely. This is our goal for 2010. We've written a bunch of stuff already and we're going to be demoing all through the start of the year. We feel like we can write much more solid songs now than we used to. You need to write songs that are going to stick in people's heads after just one listen and songs with enough energy to keep people excited, but the most important thing is that you like the songs you're writing. Once you start writing songs for the public and not yourselves then you're doing it for all the wrong reasons.

Will it be on All Aboard Records, or was that a one-off for the split? Do you have any other labels in mind?

We haven't got far enough with it yet to think about labels. All Aboard are great and work really hard. They're putting together a good roster no,w and I think its great to see labels like them in the UK, 'cause there's really not many about. But yeah, we have no idea about all of that stuff yet; we're just focusing on writing the best songs we can for it!

What's the pop punk scene like in Britain?

I think "busy" is a good word for it. There's so many bands around that you could associate with pop punk, and it's really like a huge competition here. I'd say that bands like us and Chaos Days aren't really as involved with all of that though. It's more bands that follow in the footsteps of You Me At 6 and want to play to screaming little 12 year old girls. We aren't really like that; only dudes seem to like our music!

You're perhaps best known in America for Distances, your split with The Wonder Years. Tell us how you got involved with that.

I'd say that definitely helped us get our name about over there. We opened a show for The Wonder Years on their first tour over here and we ended up at a house party with them after the show. They said they really enjoyed us and would like us to tour together next time they came. So then next time they came back we did it. I think like a year later we recorded the three songs which initially weren't intended to be released. But then they said how about we do this with Chris at No Sleep, and of course we were up for it and I think the finished product ended up great. Props to Chris for that 'cause he worked really hard on it, and obviously thanks to TWY boys!

Are there any plans to tour in the US?

We'd seriously love to get over there. We will try our hardest for 2010, but it depends what happens with the album. We may even record over there and do a few shows then. I guess to all the US kids: just bear with us, tell your friends about us, download our music. The more you support us the more likely it is that we can make it over.

What else in store for you in 2010?

At the moment, all we have officially planned is a two week tour in March with A Loss For Words. And then we'll be trying to get this album recorded/released and touring as much as we can. Maybe go back to Russia, do Europe, China, Japan, and the US of course. Though if all of that happened I'd eat my own hat.

What did you get for Christmas this year?

Well I got a holiday. I'm actually writing this to you now while I'm sitting in Portugal. It's been nice to get away from the freezing cold and snow at home, but at the same time it's very strange spending Christmas in the sun.

Did you make any New Year's resolutions?

My New Year's resolution is to try and be healthier. I have a terrible diet, I drink way too much, I never exercise. I need to start making a few changes, though in all honesty I'll probably just get worse. Fuck it; I'm only 21!

Do you have any closing remakes?

Roll on 2010, it's time to conquer the world!

Thanks for your time. I hope to see you on this side of the pond soon.

Thank you, sir! It's been a pleasure.
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01:57 PM on 12/28/09
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truthbetoldxx's Avatar
Sounds like an awesome dude. Do hope they get out over here as well.
03:47 PM on 12/28/09
Regular Member
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PlanetDahmz's Avatar
Such a good band.

and lol @ "only dudes seem to like our music!"
04:43 PM on 12/28/09
Baskiceball Champion
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dustyfloors's Avatar
Great band. Seems like a dude I'd like to sit down & have a drink with.
04:51 PM on 12/28/09
more heart
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more heart's Avatar
Easily my favorite UK pop punk band and maybe even my favorite band from the UK in general,
05:46 PM on 12/28/09
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forget_december's Avatar
The Distances split is one of my favorite releases of '09. Hope they make their way to the US soon!
06:24 PM on 12/28/09
Saved The Day
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hectorial85's Avatar
Hmm, seems like a champ. I might have to check this band out.
08:35 PM on 12/28/09
I make music.
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bradsonemanband's Avatar
pretty rad band
10:42 PM on 12/28/09
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Soupy's Avatar
04:29 AM on 12/29/09
All Aboard
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
Cheers for putting this up! The split should be on iTunes in the next two weeks, our distributor screwed up and lost the art for it D:
03:11 PM on 12/29/09
Grace and Peace
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inthemidst's Avatar
Thanks for the interview! Great band; I also hope to see them here in the US soon, and definitely would like to see how their full-length turns out.
02:32 AM on 12/31/09
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MattBrasch's Avatar
Love you Rich and of course Tim, Nick, and Tom. I still think you should have name "I Hate Being the Dip Guy" "I'm Fucking Everything." I hope you remember that quote....
08:48 PM on 01/02/10
Dre Okorley
The Inexplicable
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No Avatar Selected
Great, great band.
11:02 AM on 01/14/10
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
wow thanks.. i'm really not such a dude in real life.. i'm not sure how that impression came about but i'll take it!

p.s love you mattbrasch and soupdawg

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