First Assault - 03.15.10

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First Assault - 03.15.10The following is a mini interview of generic questions that we posed to all bands that wanted to answer:

First Assault


1. How did you get your band name?
We spent a long time trying out different names until one day First Assault, was mentioned by Tom Moon. It seemed to stick so we kept it. I wish there was more to this story but thats about it!

2. How did this band get started?
Tom Moore stumbled across Tom Moon at the beginning of University, whilst very drunk. We got talking about bands we liked and came to common decision. Blink 182 rules! We then found out that we both played guitar and wrote our own songs. So we began meeting up and jamming for hours in Tom's small cramped University bedroom. We then decided that we wanted to start a band so we advertised for a bassist and I asked a drummer who I knew from University called Emma Anderson to join. Emma liked the sound of the band and we found a strange looking tall Big Foot Greek guy responding to our bassist advert. Since then all four of us have been playing music together!

3. What bands are you influenced by?
We are influenced by a lot of punk bands, alternative bands and metal bands but then we do like listening to more drum bass groups as well. I would say it would be fair that we all like Jimmy Eat World, Blink 182, System of a Down, early Foofighters, Nirvana, Fightstar, Alkaline Trio, RadioHead, Beatles, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Holy Fuck, Sun O and The Ramones. There are hundreds of more groups that we listen to!

4. If you could tour with any bands, past or present, who would it be and why?
I would love to tour with Jimmy Eat World because I think their live shows are amazing, and honest. A past band that I would love to tour with would be The Ramones because they were absolutely amazing!

5. If you were a furry, what animal would you be? Why that animal?
O.k I am going for animal that is not real that only exists in Studio Ghibli films. I am not sure if this is o.k but I would like to be a "Totoro" because he finds it hard to wake up in the morning!

6. Why should people listen to your band?
People should listen to our band because if you don't the other Tom in the band will cry but seriously we put a lot of work into writing our songs. We want people to be moved by our music and feel that small escape from reality for a bit. Furthermore the other Tom in the band will cry if no one listens to it!

7. If you were chosen to be in Guitar Hero/Rock Band, what song would you want in the game? How hard do you think it would be to five-star on expert?
I would love to hear our song "Lets Go Home" on Guitar Hero/Rock Band. I think it would take a lot of commitment and practice to be able to achieve a five star on expert! Who am I kidding the song is not difficult to play.

8. If you won a Grammy, who would you thank?
If I won a Grammy I would thank? ummmmmmm. Oh I know. I would thank the milkman because without him I would not be able to have milk on my cereal and without cereal I can not write new songs. THANK YOU MR MILKMAN!

9. If you could change something about the music industry, what would it be?
If I could change the music industry I would make it so that no one would ever have to again listen to 11 year old boys singing about love. I tell you now that no 11 year old boy cares about love or even girls in that matter. They are much more interested in how they can buy the next X box or Playstation game!

10. Memorable tour experience?
Waking up next to a drunk bearded man!

11. What does AP.net mean to you?
A.P.net means to me the chance to hear new music that is honest!

12. What is your favorite song to play?
After ten years I still secretly put on "Whats my age again" by Blink 182.

13. What is your vacation spot of choice?
Cornwall in England. Gorgeous coast line, Cornish ice cream and proper Cornish pasties

14. What music reminds you of your childhood?
The Beatles, R.E.M, Manic Street Preachers, Beach Boys and Beethoven!

15. If you could have any super power, what would it be? Why?
I would have the power to fly. Imagine the freedom and the places you could go if you could! Amazing!

16. Do you feel that your band has "made it"?
No I do not feel we have made it but I feel that we have something very special to offer that could possibly lead to making it. I just want to write music that makes people life's that bit more special!

17. What is something that most fans don't know about you?
I suffer from the condition of not being able to keep my mouth closed. I think people might call it tourettes but my friends call it being a moron!

18. What's your favorite holiday?
My favourite type of holiday is anywhere new, which gives me a new outlook on life. Such as visiting Castles. Yes I know I a bit sad!

19. What do you like to do in your spare time?
I like to read fantasy novels, drink tea, go for walks in the woods, watch football, rock climb and terrify my Cat!

20. What kind of hidden talents do you have?
I can whistle the English national anthem and I can write backwards! Beat that David Blaine
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