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From First To Last - Throne To The Wolves

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From First To LastThrone To The Wolves
Release Date: March 16, 2010
Record Label: Rise
This review was written by an AP.net staff member.
Not many bands have had to go through all the drama and mess that From First To Last has. Let’s see: two original members departed/were kicked out, been with not one, but two major labels, and have been sued by a former band member. After the commercial failure that was their 2008 self-titled album (and first without Sonny Moore), From First To Last found a new home at Rise Records. Their fourth album, Throne To The Wolves (clever wordplay), showcases the band just letting loose. I mean, after being through hell and back and being written off by so many fans, what do they have to lose? And with that mentality, From First To Last has delivered the best album of its career.

After the dismissal of founding member/guitarist Travis Richter, the band went to work. The biggest difference between Throne To The Wolves and their self-titled release is that guitarist Matt Good sounds a lot more comfortable being the lead man and vocalist. While his voice isn’t a thing of beauty, it possesses a lot more pizazz and confidence this time around; he has finally taken ownership of the band. It also doesn’t hurt that the band stopped trying to be 30 Seconds To Mars (see 2008’s “Worlds Away”). Instead, they amp it up to 11 and let their musicianship take the lead. Regardless of what you think of the group, you cannot deny that they shred at their respective instruments, especially drummer Derek Bloom.

Lyrically, Good writes about a scene that cannot be saved, specifically pointing it out in album opener, “Cashing Out.” It’s a rabid song featuring buzzsaw guitar work from Good and Matt Manning. Really, there isn’t a single stone left unturned when it comes to the different vibes and tempos of this album. The intense “I’ll Inoculate The World With This Virus Of My Disillusionment” features an incredible bridge, while the frantic “M.O.” flexes its muscles throughout. "You, Me, and The Significant Others" will delight fans that fell in love with the “Hospital” demo that surfaced earlier. The blazing “Chyeaa” is sure to incite the pit, while the energetic “Elvis Said Ambition Is A Dream With A V8 Engine” has Good realizing that growing up kind of sucks.

Good also puts the celebrity lifestyle on blast in the riff-heavy “Going Lohan,” and criticizes scene whores and difficulties of finding genuine gals on tour in the industrial “The He Man Woman Hatred Club.” Good’s lyrics throughout Throne are brutally honest, with the pinnacle being closing track “Now That You’re Gone,” an electronica-tinged rocker featuring a hell-bent chorus where Good bitterly proclaims, “We could buried the hatchet and started again./But you threw it all away and took your pride to the grave” (the track also proves that synth and Auto-Tune can be used for good).

Although there isn’t much on the album that we haven’t heard before, the band is musically tight, as Bloom once again proves to be one of the best drummers in the scene. There will be plenty of people who are turned off by this album simply because it has “From First To Last” on the album cover, but give it a spin; you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Because of the loose “we have nothing to lose” mindset, the quartet explore different tempos and genres; from prog-metal to electro-thrash, thus making Throne To The Wolves From First To Last’s heaviest and most ambitious offering to date.

Additional InformationTrack Listing:
1. Cashing Out
2. Chyeaa
3. Elvis Said Ambition Is A Dream With A V8 Engine
4. G.R.I.T.S.
5. Going Lohan
6. I’ll Inoculate The World With The Virus Of My Disillusionment
7. You, Me, and the Significant Others
8. The He-Man Woman Hatred Club
9. M.O.
10. The Soft War
11. Now That You’re Gone
Produced by: Matt Good

From First To Last is:
Matt Good – vocals/rhythm guitar/keys
Matt Manning – bass/vocals
Blake Steiner – lead guitar
Derek Bloom – drums

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04:06 AM on 03/23/10
henry chinaski
Regular Member
User Info.
henry chinaski's Avatar
album is amazing. i have never been a big fan of FFTL and took notice of them not until i heard "worlds away" and "tick tick tomorrow" which in my oppinion are good songs. this however is really a great record. such good guitar riffs and outstanding drumming. 'I’ll Inoculate The World With The Virus Of My Disillusionment' is a kick-ass song and i can't stop dancing to it :D. although i get your point when you criticize Good's vocals i think they fit perfectly for their sound.
05:31 AM on 03/23/10
all hope lies in Doom
User Info.
xapplexpiex's Avatar
It's good to hear this is better than their previous stuff. I might give it a shot!
06:33 AM on 03/23/10
Allez l'OL
User Info.
JuneJuly's Avatar
is he as good as Sonny?
06:40 AM on 03/23/10
User Info.
Handraa's Avatar
I was suprised by this album, but it's great.
06:41 AM on 03/23/10
Viva Sonata
yas seth rollins YAS
User Info.
Viva Sonata's Avatar
is he as good as Sonny?
no 1 is as gud as sonyy!!!!!! ;]

In all seriousness, I might give this a shot.
06:56 AM on 03/23/10
Love is easier made than kept!
User Info.
icynova's Avatar
Interesting. Will give this a go.
06:56 AM on 03/23/10
Hang your secrets
User Info.
bobcatbob18's Avatar
Their drummer is incredible. Still need to hear this album.
07:13 AM on 03/23/10
Trying to do some good.
User Info.
Meeze's Avatar
Def my fav FFTL offering to date.
07:23 AM on 03/23/10
Registered User
User Info.
oshyjay's Avatar
Wow, a good review of this on absolutepunk? Color me surprised.
I don't think I can agree with you more on the review, get over it if you hate the previous incarnations of the band and give the album a spin, you'll be surprised. And the bit about the last song? Couldn't have said it better myself; I'll admit I braced myself when I heard the auto-tune but it went with the song very well (and the fact that it's used as an arpeggiated filter instead of a "go wherever my voice goes" tuning is a breath of fresh air) in a way that didn't make me think neon shirts, skunk hair, and eyeliner.
Pleasantly surprised with this album and it's review.
07:28 AM on 03/23/10
I'll buy you a raincoat
User Info.
Yellowcard2006's Avatar
I like "Worlds Away"...

Great review! Album is pretty good.
07:41 AM on 03/23/10
Registered User
User Info.
adamdee33's Avatar
Well written review. Good album, I am definatly a fan.
07:45 AM on 03/23/10
Registered User
User Info.
Gloryneverfades's Avatar
Good review, I think I'll have to check this out.
08:03 AM on 03/23/10
xName Takenx
User Info.
xName Takenx's Avatar
is he as good as Sonny?

a decent album. I don't know that i'd go as far to as as the best of the bands career, but it's their best offering in years.
08:08 AM on 03/23/10
User Info.
MADSTA's Avatar
I wish Derek would start a new band that I actually like. His drumming is sick.

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