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You Me At Six - 05.01.10Our current scene seems to be too swamped with wannabe hardcore kids decked out in neon to really make way for any foreign bands. With the likes of Bring Me The Horizon and Enter Shikari, You Me At Six are trying to become a staple in both the American scene and the UK scene. Time will only tell what's in store for these young British lads, but all signs seem to be pointing in the right direction for them.


In a period where music is so oversaturated and easily attainable, what is it like in this scene trying to make the crossover from the UK
to America?

It is a tough time for any band to even get noticed these days I would say, so many bands trying to make it in the same genre. You have to work so hard to get noticed and you have to keep following all your work up with something else so people are recognizing you as a band, then hopefully the buzz will start to transfer to America and you can follow it up by touring there.

What do you think is the biggest difference is between the UK music scene and the USA, and which do you prefer?

The biggest difference is that I do believe a lot more of the American bands get more noticed than the UK bands, but that’s because there is so much more coming out of America than the UK, but there is good music coming out of the UK but it needs to be noticed more. I'm really happy of what we have achieved and were we came from so I would say I prefer the UK scene.

What has been your best/worst tour experience thus far? (In either UK or USA)

Worst tour experience was when Josh (vocals) caught laryngitis on the AP tour and we had to cancel out of 5 or 6 shows, we have never had to cancel shows before so this was a major bummer for us.

How did getting to #5 in the UK charts Feel?

Incredible, we didn't expect to get a top 5 album at all. Our label said to us they were aiming for this but we were all like whatever we
aren’t fuzzed if we do or don't, but when we found out we were all so stoked on how well it had achieved and all the hard work we put into this CD really paid off.

What made you choose "Liquid Confidence" as a single?

Just because it's coming up to the summer, I think people need to hear these kind of songs before the seasons move and it gets people in the right mood for summer time, I think it's also a great follow up to our previous single "Underdog" what was catchy rock pop, I think this song falls down that same market.

What would you say was the biggest difference in recording Hold Me Down compared to Take Off Your Colours?

Well we had a lot more time in the studio this time what helped us out, we could spend time on making the sounds more natural, making sure that parts of songs flowed well with each other, and the best thing was that we recorded it at the same place as the TOYC in Outhouse Studios in Reading UK, working with the same people who knew what our goal was and knew how we wanted the CD to sound was definitely an added bonus. We added little things into the sounds like percussion what made the sound feel full and hit home when you listen to it, where when we did TOYC we had 2 weeks in the studio and it was a very rushed CD.

Is there a status update on Hold Me Down's physical release in the U.S.?

Yeah there will be a bundle release of the CD just before we hit Warped tour, so check that out date should be up soon!

What are your thoughts on being a band that is now to the point where they are influencing the sound of other bands? examples: Futures, Kids in Glass Houses.

It's weird because I think all the UK acts vibe of each other and there music I wouldn't say its really influencing, we've known both of those bands for a while now and we all love what everyone does I think we all just drive ourselves to write the best music possible, even if it is in the same genre, there are lots of bands like us who have inspired us to write music such as The Starting Line, New Found Glory, etc what does influence us!

Your admiration for Brand New has been well documented even paying homage to their lyrics in one of your songs, Brand New also deserted the pop-punk direction in album 3, can you see your band doing the same thing, and taking a more experimental direction?

Yeah like Brand New is one of the bands favorite bands, I think we need to do something big and different for the next CD, I don't want to stay the same musically because it would get boring for our fans to hear recycled songs just put onto another CD, they deserve something a bit different and exciting to listen to, even if it does loose some of the bands original feeling but if the fans like it and still has a connection that's what matters.

If you could tour with anyone in music right now, who would it be?

I would love to tour with Death Cab For Cutie, they are an awesome band, write great songs and are great live, saw them a few years ago and they blew me away.

Do you have any other tour plans lined up after The Warped Tour?

We are trying to plan tours in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, America and the UK again all before the end of the year so keep eyes peeled for another tour hopefully in the states in the fall time.

What can we expect from You Me At Six in the future?

A new CD but when it comes out will be a different case, lots of touring and having a good time wherever we are, we are enjoying what we have right now because it doesn't happen to any band from the UK so we are just happy to be doing what we really love doing and want to build up and progress on it!

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12:58 PM on 05/01/10
paint the fuck in grey
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ammar's Avatar
good interview. i live in UK and never even knew they went to no.5. crazy!
06:56 PM on 05/01/10
You keep company with wolves.
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andthetruthwill's Avatar
The United States physical bundle he mentions would be this I'm guessing :

- USA: Check This Out -
We've got a bit of a case of a s.e.r.i.o.u.s.l.y awesome deal for you.

"Hold Me Down" will be released in the USA on CD on 22nd June. And you can pre-order it AND a Hold Me Down t-shirt for $21.98 now here: http://www.merchdirect.com/promos/youmeatsix/. Or if you just want the CD on its own you can order it via that link too.

The band are coming your way soon for an extensive list of Vans Warped Tour dates. Get tickets now here.

See you soon.


12:55 PM on 05/02/10
Registered User
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Chrisj182's Avatar
good interview. i live in UK and never even knew they went to no.5. crazy!
Same, it's good that people bought Hold Me Down, I think it's a big improvement on TOYC.
01:06 PM on 05/02/10
Selena Gomez #1 fanboy
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Chiodosbros13's Avatar
Awesome interview
this is definitely one of my favorite bands right now
and they asked my question
01:52 PM on 05/02/10
Regular Member
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summerinb's Avatar
awesome! definitely can't wait to see them again at warped
02:17 PM on 05/02/10
No al calcio moderno
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Numero10's Avatar
I'm almost gay for YMAS
02:18 PM on 05/02/10
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altmusicforev7's Avatar
solid band.
03:41 PM on 05/02/10
Let's start a riot.
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themusiclife's Avatar
Great interview! I love this band and am so excited to see them again at Warped. They're a talented bunch of dudes and have a great live show.
03:50 PM on 05/02/10
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No Avatar Selected
Good band. Good interview. 'Nuff said.
04:05 PM on 05/02/10
bert macklin, FBI
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SuchAPerson22's Avatar
That was a good interview. I really like this band.
04:11 PM on 05/02/10
Registered User
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sonicfury's Avatar
Josh Franceschi, the lead singer is a dick. True story.
04:29 PM on 05/02/10
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No Avatar Selected
You Me At Six <3
05:34 PM on 05/02/10
Cody Nelson
FightHaver (Fast Drive)
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Cody Nelson's Avatar
Josh Franceschi, the lead singer is a dick. True story.
05:40 PM on 05/02/10
Registered Member
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cuzimlefthanded's Avatar
I like the fact that they intend on progressing to a different sound on their next albums.

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