Heavy Heavy Low Low - 09.12.06

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Heavy Heavy Low Low - 09.12.06When and how did Heavy Heavy Low Low start?

Chris, Danny, and Andrew all grew up together. They started the band with some others who are gone now, and here we are today.

The band recently signed to Nick Storch's New Weathermen records, which is a branch of Ferret. How did you guys end up with the label?

We hopped on a show semi local to us in Redding, Ca. with the band The Fall of Troy, we played with them and got to talking, it was both bands first times seeing eachother and we were all pretty stoked on it. Time went on, as they got bigger, they talked us up and we got to the beautiful Nick Storchs ears and he loved it, one thing led to another and here we are

Now your debut for the label drops on September 19th, and was recorded with Casey Bates. What can you tell us about it?

We had a really good time recording with casey and the dude who helped out, tom. it was really weird/awesome being in such a "real" studio compared to what we grew up recording in, the whole process and all that stuff is really cool. As for the cd, we're very proud with the way it came out and we're excited for everyone to hear it.

Is there any meaning behind Everything's Watched, Everyone's Watching?

Yes. around the time the cd came out there was a lot of stupid rumors that developed from people watching our every move and making mountains out of mole hills, just kind of a reminder to us that we can't always go crazy and have as much fun as we'd like to joking around and such.

Can you explain how the writing process goes for the band?

The writing process goes differently from time to time, sometimes we'll have something written lyrically and base the music around it like a soundtrack to a story. then other times, someone comes up with a riff or a drum line and we just build on that.

A lot of a people asking why there is a bunch of re-recorded tracks from your previous full length and EP on the new disc. Why is that?

When we toured previous to the recording of the cd, a lot of kids asked us to play the ones we rerecorded, so we put em on there, cause we thought people would wanna hear em. also, the previous releases of the songs were never released to where everyone could obtain them

Did you guy's feel any pressure at all writing this disc knowing that this record is getting some good hype around it?

We felt a little pressure, just cause we want people to like it, but we're happy with it, so i guess that's all we can do

The disc hasn't leaked surfaced on the internet, yet. Do you guys care if it surfaces now since it's pretty close to the release date?

Well, i'm really happy that it hasn't leaked yet and i would be even happier if it didn't leak before atleast the 16th, cause not much bands can keep it locked up that long, better not leak it jon.. ; )

The band started off with Matt as the vocalist. If you care to answer this, why did he leave?

Matt was at a really challenging time in his life with his job, his family, debt, girlfriend, and all that life stuff at the time period he left the band, so i guess it all just got to him, we actually never got a real explaination for it

A while back there was a huge rumor going around about a party that happened with The Fall Of Troy and some girl. What really happened and would you like to clear things up?

I posted a bulletin on good ol' myspace not too long ago about that, so i guess you could refer to that.. but a bunch of stuff came up missing at a house that we (hhll, the fall of troy, and the blackout pact) were all staying at and we got pin pointed with most the blame, bunch of lame bullshit.

Does it get to you when you read all of the shit said about the band on the internet?

It doesn't really get to me when people call us shitty or anything like that, i could give a shit less what people think, to an extent. what does get on my nerves is hearing all this shit that people blow way out of proportion, shit they heard on some internet thread or out of their idiot drama filled friends mouths about let's see.. drugs, abusing woman, rape, animal rights, blah blah blah.. because we really ARE NOT that bad.. but when an amish person sees us doing something as harmless as smoking a joint and drinking a can of beer, he's gonna tell his friends he saw us shooting heroin and stabbing homeless priests with meth pipes, ya know? and when people say we're assholes, they've obviously never spoken to us, and they should speak to us, we're the nicest motherfuckers ever, until you do something for us to be assholes about..

Now that that's out of the way, does the band have any tours in the works other than the upcoming stint with Ed Gein?

I don't know if we have anything lined up as of yet after this tour, there are a bunch of bands we would like to tour with though..

Can you describe what it's like to be at a Heavy Heavy Low Low show for anyone who hasn't been able to catch the band live?

I, myself, cannot explain that. but i always wanted to see a band like us.

Do you guys plan on filming a video in the near future? if so, what song would serve as the single?

We will be shooting a video for something on this cd, but details will come later.

There was some talk about you guys doing a split with Arsonists Get All The Girls, why didn't that work out?

We planned on doing that before we knew we were getting signed and all that stuff, we ended up using the 2 songs for this cd instead.

Does Andrew plan on doing more with his side-project, Our Battles Were Epic?

This is his last year in high school, so while we're gone on tour during school i'm sure he'll do some more concerning that

Does anyone else in the band do anything other than HHLL?

nope, we just live heavy haha

ASLVN stands for Adult Situations, Language, Violence and Nudity right?

I saw that someone guessed that in a reply to your post for asking me questions, that's great, yes it does stand for the telivision codes

Who do you look up to as an artist, or which bands do you draw influence from?

I listen to pretty much everything, i never really think about how much they influence me until i'm asked a question like this.. But i'm really into the new stills cd, and the new Park cd right now, and i love glassjaw.. american nightmare.. i dunno, fuck

What's the craziest thing to happen to the band while on tour? haha

We have a really good time on tour, but it never sounds as fun when you type it out.. so you should go read some of those silly stories off of one of those neat message boards ha

Alright, well that's about it. Thanks again for taking the time to fill this out for us here at AP.net. If you have any recommendations or shout outs, feel free to drop them now.

shout out to AP, ferret, new weathermen, agency group, marijuana, whiskey, and all the kids that listen to us also, i'd like to reccomend that people start living life based on their experiences and they're opinions rather than living off of word of mouth, get off the internet and go skateboarding or something, love
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11:12 AM on 09/12/06
High Risk 401k? Fuck that.
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FstFtsVsFences's Avatar
San Jose represent, haha.

And he likes the new Stills cd.......good. More people should
11:29 AM on 09/12/06
smoke weed errrday
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hXc_pwnage's Avatar
Seems like a really cool guy, and he gave a shout out to marijuana.
03:16 PM on 09/12/06
Kyle Thrash
User Info.
Kyle Thrash's Avatar
wow i didnt know the bass player was still in highschool, im in highschool and i cant even imagine getting signed. this was a good interview.
03:51 PM on 09/12/06
Sleep underground tonight...
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Romancebled's Avatar
great interview. i'm glad several of my questions appeared on there.
03:55 PM on 09/12/06
Registered User
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were_all_dicked's Avatar
robbie is a wetback...from taft, haha

chec it and add ir =)
04:27 PM on 09/12/06
Mike Welsh
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No Avatar Selected
only 4 comments for this and theres over 20 for MCR?
04:59 PM on 09/12/06
Registered Abuser
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Name_Taken's Avatar
i wished he explained all of the lineup changes, but other than that it was a good short interview.
09:17 PM on 09/12/06
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TheBaroness's Avatar
man, they're so young. kids these days, fuck I feel old. looking forward to the new disc.
07:49 PM on 09/13/06
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leary0315's Avatar
I jsut got teh album and believe me its fucking amazing. Seriously. THis and Fear Before both leaked, and i cant decide whats better, but im leaning towards HHLL, its just that fucking good.
12:23 AM on 09/14/06
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No Avatar Selected
Good interview. Sounds like a pretty rad bunch of dudes.
oh they are for sure.
09:49 AM on 09/14/06
Caleb Cattivera
Cupid of Absolutepunk
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Caleb Cattivera's Avatar
they're liars, they stole that shit and they know it. fuck this band.
10:20 AM on 09/14/06
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
i saw this band live and they were pretty damn good. im looking forward to the album release. keep working hard!
12:57 PM on 09/14/06
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
they're liars, they stole that shit and they know it. fuck this band.
you're looooooooooove the internet
11:03 AM on 09/22/06
through being cool
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screamoutmyname's Avatar
nice interview

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