11:41 PM on 11/08/11 
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Registered User
No Avatar Selected
Florence, SC
American Girl - Tom Petty
Ball and Chain - Social D
Counting Stars - Hum
Burn your life down - Tegan and Sara
Call it off - Tegan and Sara
Miss you love - Silverchair
A small victory - Faith No More
Fade into you - Mazzy Star
That's OK - The Hush Sound
Cold, Cold Water - Mirah
Back in your head - Tegan and Sara
Sold my fortune - Sugartooth
Singing in my sleep - Semisonic

I honestly forget what else was on there but it was epic, great for relationships good or bad. I felt like it was an awesome roller coaster to listen to emotionally.
11:55 PM on 11/09/11 
User Info.
Regular Member
JustAHomeBoy's Avatar
Fayetteville, AR
Male - 22 Years Old
Did this one for my (then) girlfriend almost a few months ago before I head off to college.. I tried to fill it with stuff she'd like, as well as inside jokes between us.

Light Up the Sky - Yellowcard
(Hurricane) The Formal Weather Pattern - Something Corporate
The Thoughts That Give Me The Creeps - Hellogoodbye
Too Young - Phoenix
Last Night on Earth - Green Day
She's So High - Four Year Strong
Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) - Green Day
Caught Up In You - We the Kings
Dakota - A Rocket to the Moon
Strange Lights - Blackest Balloon
Kaleidoscope Eyes - Panic! at the Disco
Tighten Up - The Black Keys
Just Say Yes - Snow Patrol
God Only Knows - The Beach Boys
(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To - Weezer
Wonderwall - Ryan Adams
Dreamworks ((Heaven Bound)) - HalphStep Down**

** This was my own band's song that I wrote for her but never released since we split before we could.
04:02 PM on 11/14/11 
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Hell bent on self destruction
ThisIsSuchAPity's Avatar
Cleveland, OH
Male - 22 Years Old
I might yank that summer mix next year for nighttime car rides. Love it.

Enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it
06:20 PM on 11/15/11 
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Neo Cassady
Summer taunts the weak.
Neo Cassady's Avatar
Cincinnati, OH
Male - 29 Years Old
Winter double mix.


06:33 PM on 11/16/11 
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blackest black ever
boomerangslang's Avatar
Sa Sa Samoa
I just needed something new.

1. Cocteau Twins - Lazy Calm
2. Elite Gymnastics - Here, In Heaven 2
3. Burial - Night Bus
4. Capsule - Stay with You
5. Tim Hecker - I'm Transmitting Tonight
6. Pure X - Dream Over
7. Dungen - Ta det lugnt
8. Les Rallizes Dénudés - The Night Collecters
9. P.S. Eliot - Sadie
10. Bad Banana - Boys with Girlfriends
11. Guided by Voices - Game of Pricks
12. Jemina Pearl - Nashville Shores
13. Pulp - Disco 2000
14. Kimbra - Cameo Lover
15. The Vaccines - If You Wanna
16. Jim O'Rourke - Life Goes Off
03:51 PM on 11/28/11 
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When I fly solo, I fly so high!
freakster's Avatar
Chicago, IL
Female - 27 Years Old
I made a cheesy mixtape full of inside jokes for my guy. I wish I wasn't on mobile so I could post a picture of the cassette cover art because I think it's lovely.

"I'm Not Trying To Impress You But A Mixtape Usually Has 10 Songs...This One Has 20"

Side A:
I Think I'm In Love With You - Jessica Simpson
(You Drive Me) Crazy - Britney Spears
As Long As You Love Me - Backstreet Boys
Fantasy (Feat. O.D.B.) - Mariah Carey
Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You) - Christina Aguilera
Down Ass Bitch - Ja Rule
I Like It - Sammie
Never Let You Go - Third Eye Blind
All For You - Sister Hazel

Side B:
The Way You Make Me Feel - Michael Jackson
Wouldn't It Be Nice - The Beach Boys
Tearin' Up My Heart - *NSYNC
Everlong - Foo Fighters
Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go - Wham!
I'll Tumble 4 Ya - Culture Club
Head Over Feet - Alanis Morissette
Home - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
Bubbly - Colbie Caillat
Better Together - Jack Johnson
Just Like Heaven - The Cure
05:41 AM on 12/11/11 
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Playlist Junkie/Love Guru
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Male - 23 Years Old
I made one for me and my lady friend when we drove up to Canada this weekend. As follows:

1) Echo - iamdavidcook
2) Like A Million Lights - This Love
3) Starry Eyed - Ellie Goulding
4) The Things You Were - Deas Vail
5) When We First Met - Hellogoodbye
6) Waiting For This - Hanson
7) Amy - Allstar Weekend
8) Power feat Dwele - Kanye West
9) She Can - iamdavidcook
10) Just Breathe - This Love
11) Old Man............ - I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business
12) Millions of Pieces - Mansions
13) The Veil - Lars Katz
14) Cannibal Queen - Miniature Tigers
15) Dear Carolina - This Love
16) Perfect or Something - iamdavidcook
17) The Pornographers Daughter - Northstar
18) Touch 'n Go - iamdavidcook
19) Goodnight Moon - Go Radio

She commented on how well it flowed and she loved it. Was a great drive.

05:02 AM on 12/12/11 
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It fills you with determination.
Penguin's Avatar
Richmond, VA
Male - 23 Years Old
I have two friends who are also really good friends with each other. They go to the same school, so they see each other all the time, but I feel guilty because I'm bad at keeping in contact with them. I'm going to visit Florida over winter break and I wanted to tell them via letter with these mix CDs, but the way things worked out, I wound up just telling them. I made the actual playlists before Thanksgiving break, thus the names "Autumn Hands/Autumn Lungs." One of my friends plays cello/piano and the other plays mostly sax, so that's why I used hands/lungs, so they'd have some music in their life during finals when they probably wouldn't have as much time to play. There was supposed to be some artsy cover and whatever, but whatever. Also, each mix is supposed to have a combination of artists they know and others I think they might like, so that it's not all completely foreign to them or something they've heard countless times. I also tried to keep that autumn feel with most of the songs I picked. This probably all sounds really odd, but whatever.

Autumn Hands:

Autumn Lungs:
03:02 PM on 12/12/11 
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Playlist Junkie/Love Guru
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Male - 23 Years Old
So I made this playlist for my best friend after she broke up with her boyfriend of more than 2 years :/ She was pretty messed up after it.
I don't think she gets the deeper meaning, but she liked it :)

1- Trains by Porcupine Tree
2- War Paint by The Dangerous Summer
3- Dark Blue by Jacks Mannequin
4- Singing With The King by Go Radio
5- Always Be by Jimmy Eat World
6- Little Razorblade by The Pink Spiders
7- The Night Will Go As Follows by The Spill Canvas
8- Something Good Can Work by Two Door Cinema Club
9- Hurricane by Something Corporate
10- The Cure by Non-Prophets
11- The Girl by City and Color
12- Hammers And Strings (A Lullaby) by Jacks Mannequin

The songs follow the grieving process. Trains is the loss, war paint facing it, dark blue is coping, singing with the king acceptance and realising life is not worth the pain, then the songs move into the cheerier side. Always be is a beautiful song, I'll always be there for her, Little Razorblade is purely to cheer her up and then the spill canvas/something good can work are both about moving on and finding someone else. The Cure> The Girl are contextually the new relationship being better than her last and Hammers and strings is simply a perfect way to end it :)
03:11 PM on 12/12/11 
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Zac Djamoos
no shade in the shadow of the cross
Zac Djamoos's Avatar
Male - 17 Years Old
Staff Member
My brother knows a lot of music, but I challenged myself to make him a cd after he asked for recommendations.

1. Story For Supper (Demo)- Lydia
2. Woke Up Older- The Wonder Years
3. Welcome Back, Riders- The Swellers
4. I Can Barely Breathe- Just Surrender
5. Fed Up- AM Taxi
6. Call Me Jersey (Demo)- Van Atta High
7. Make a Sound- Autopilot Off
8. Your Sword vs My Dagger- Silverstein
9. My 9 Rides Shotgun- Brand New
10. Your Taste is My Attention- Lydia
11. 2009- The Swellers
12. Amber Changing- Rise Against
13. Came Out Swingin- The Wonder Years
14. Mistake- AM Taxi
15. It Isn't Me- Color Fred
16. My Heroine- Silverstein
17. Baby Blue- The Early November
18. New Declaration- Just Surrender
19. On My Own- Don't Look Down
20. When One Eight Becomes Two Zeros...- GlassJAw
21. Number- Pompeii
04:43 PM on 12/13/11 
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kaylasananjou's Avatar
Canton, MI
Female - 23 Years Old
Mix I made for my boyfriend when he left for U of M:

1) The Mixed Tape -- Jack's Manneqiun
2) Going Away to College -- Blink 182
3) First Day of the Rest of Your Life -- MxPx
4) Goodbye, My Love -- Vedera
5) Understanding in a Car Crash -- Thursday
6) Satellite Heart -- Anya Marina
7) Wasted Daylight -- Stars
8) Wait, Wait, Wait -- The Format
9) There For You -- Flyleaf
10) Passenger Seat -- Death Cab For Cutie
11) You Are The Moon -- The Hush Soudns
12) the Gambler -- fun.
13) Be My Escape -- Relient K
14) I Want to Know Your Plans -- Say Anything
15) Maria's Little Elbows -- Sparklehorse
16) The Scientist -- Coldplay
17) Where the Lines Overlap -- Paramore

Mix I made for a friend of mine that's going through a really rough patch:
1) Cheated Hearts -- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
2) You're Right -- Take The Crown
3) Bridges -- Let It Happen
4) Losing Sleep -- Valencia
5) Miracle -- Paramore
6) Clean Slate -- The Swellers
7) I've Got a Dark Alley... -- Fall Out Boy
8) A Praise Chorus -- Jimmy Eat world
9) The Sound of Settling -- Death Cab For Cutie
10) We Did it When We Were Young -- The Gaslight Anthem
11) At Least I'm Not As Sad (As I Used to Be) -- fun.
12) Swim -- Jack's Mannequin
13) October -- Broken Bells
14) Son of a Widow -- mewithoutYou
15) Biomusicology (Ted Leo cover) -- Koji
16) King of Anything -- Sara Bareilles
17) The Church Channel -- Say Anything
18) The Con -- Tegan and Sara
19) For You, and Your Denial -- Yellocard
20) 2009 -- The Swellers
12:59 PM on 12/18/11 
User Info.
AFNjeff's Avatar
Macon, GA
Male - 22 Years Old
Just made this one for my girlfriend as a Christmas gift :)

Dakota- A Rocket to the Moon
Just the Way You Are- Pierce the Veil
Guts- All Time Low
Goodnight Moon- Go Radio
If I'm James Dean, You're Audrey Hepburn- Sleeping with Sirens
Into Your Arms- The Maine
One Man Drinking Games- Mayday Parade
What a Catch, Donnie- Fall Out Boy
I'm Like a Lawyer...- Fall Out Boy
When the Day Met the Night- Panic! At the Disco
Oh Well, Oh Well- Mayday Parade
Always- Panic! At the Disco
Vanilla Twilight- Owl City
Secret Valentine- We the Kings
I Must Be Dreaming- The Maine
Growing Up- The Maine
If It Means a Lot to You- ADTR
She's Got Style- Never Shout Never
Lucky Street- Go Radio
What You Do to Me- We the Kings
09:58 PM on 12/18/11 
User Info.
waiting for the season
OldManRiverWalk's Avatar
Austin, Texas
Male - 21 Years Old
I just tried to make a mixtape recently with a girl in mind, who I know is into chiller music. I also did it for a few of my friends as well. I've recently revised it.

Again I Go Unnoticed- Dashboard Confessional
Moshi Moshi (Acoustic)- Brand New
The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows (acoustic)- Brand New
Cute Without the 'e' (acoustic)- Taking Back Sunday
Crybaby- Man Overboard
Great Romances of the 20th Century (acoustic)- Taking Back Sunday
The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most- Dashboard Confessional
Logan Circle: A New Hope- The Wonder Years
Lightness- Death Cab For Cutie
I Saw Behemoth and It Ruled (acoustic)- Man Overboard
Screaming Infidelities- Dashboard Confessional
Love Hurts (acoustic)- Incubus
Hear You Me- Jimmy Eat World
Passenger Seat- Death Cab For Cutie
Soco Amaretto Lime- Brand New
All of My Everythings- The Promise Ring
Play Crack The Sky- Brand New
11:14 AM on 12/19/11 
User Info.
one two three fo fiffffffffffffffff
betweenvega's Avatar
Male - 24 Years Old
Browsing, I only see hypothetical mix tapes in this forum so, in this thread, post mix tapes you've given or received.

This year, me and my girlfriend broke up. I'm transferring to another university and didn't feel like it would work out and, since she's endlessly into mix tapes, i made one to say goodbye. The tracklist to my mixtape went as follows:

1. Cassino - Lolita
2. Finding Windemere - Another Summer Night
3. Jack's Mannequin - Rescued
4. Dave Melillo - For the Sake of Remembering
5. New Found Glory - 47
6. Semisonic - Closing Time
7. Northstar - Two Zero Two
8. Lydia - This is Twice Now
9. Blink 182 - First Date
10. Further Seems Forever - On Legendary
11. Lost Prophets - Goodnight Tonight
12. Radiohead - There There
13. New Found Glory - Don't You Forget About Me
14. Green Day - Good Riddance (unique, right?)
15. Number One Fan - There Went the World
16. Firescape - Sleeping
17. The Receiving End of Sirens - The Afterglow
I think I'd commit suicide if my ex gave me this...
03:48 PM on 12/19/11 
User Info.
Zac Djamoos
no shade in the shadow of the cross
Zac Djamoos's Avatar
Male - 17 Years Old
Staff Member
I made a CD for my soon-to-be sister-in-law for Christmas. No Christmas songs though.

1. The Dangerous Summer- Home
2. Thursday- Telegraph Avenue Kiss
3. Finch- 3 Simple Words
4. The Wonder Years- Melrose Diner
5. Spitalfield- 5 Days and Counting
6. Brand New- The Quiet Things That No-One Ever Knows
7. Name Taken- Cover Up
8. Thursday- Jet Black New Year
9. Saosin- It's Far Better to Learn
10. The Graduate- Justified
11. GlassJAw- Pretty Lush
12. Finch- New Beginnings
13. Lydia- Hospital
14. The Dangerous Summer- Symmetry
15. Cartel- Luckie St. (Chroma)
16. A Day to Remember- Another Song About the Weekend (Acoustic)
17. Spitalfield- Better Than Knowing Where You Are
18. Name Taken- We Give Up Sometimes
19. The Dangerous Summer- This is War
20. Lydia- This is Twice Now
21. Thursday- Tomorrow I'll Be You

Yeah, I listen to crap.

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