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09:35 AM on 09/20/06
here's to life!
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ParisInFlames55's Avatar
wow...well i guess we could look at this in the way that maybe this is just mark and travis talking a lot of shit that they don't really need to say. i'm not going to say it's not. i will say that when two stick together, and one ventures off it makes you wonder. and if you've seen ava live you probably have heard his speeches. tom is a rockstar who's mouth extends farther than his talents. blink was a hell of a band. they changed the world with some of the simpliest songs ever written. tom may have had his reasons, but the way the situation was handled was fucked no matter how you look at it. when the silent well minded member of the band, travis, opens his mouth you know shit was not handled in a way that it shouldve been.

as for me. i'm just going to go blast apple shampoo and rock out.
09:36 AM on 09/20/06
Drew Beringer
Senior Editor - @drewberinger - Locked Groove
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Drew Beringer's Avatar
I'm really excited to hear this record.
09:37 AM on 09/20/06
kristen bell <3
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i dont reall blame mark & travis for speaking out about blink. i mean, their label made them call it an "indefinate hiatus" & tom said he wanted to spend more time with his family but started up angles & airwaves so it must have been like a slap in the face. i dont expect blink to reuinite again, which sucks.

but hopefilly +44 will be good.
09:48 AM on 09/20/06
You know Elvis had a twin brother?
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WarpSpeedChewy's Avatar
My Opinion: Perhaps not exactly 1 person is responsible for Blink's breakup. I think just Tom was getting burned out from Touring and everyone else was getting ready to do it all over again. Then I think he just wanted to spend more time with his family. Even Mark acknowledged that. I just think Blink's breakup was pretty much because of people wanting different things and the way events were handled resulted in the breakup. I don't think 1 person is to blame. It might really just alot of different things.
09:52 AM on 09/20/06
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mrzippo3's Avatar
no matter what is said.. this kind of news breaks my heart, to see Mark and Tom enemies and not the best buddies I remember watching in The Urethra Chronicles.
09:55 AM on 09/20/06
my name is jane.
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CrazeeJaney's Avatar
Damn. This is turning so damn ugly...
10:06 AM on 09/20/06
Registered User
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Oh man, I forgot about the whole tsunami benefit thing. That certainly makes these lyrics "This is where the road crashed into the ocean/It rises all around me, and now we're barely breathing/A thousand faces we'll choose to ignore" a big slap in Tom's face, and if what they say is true, one I think he deserves.
10:07 AM on 09/20/06
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mrzippo3's Avatar
Oh man, I forgot about the whole tsunami benefit thing. That certainly makes these lyrics "This is where the road crashed into the ocean/It rises all around me, and now we're barely breathing/A thousand faces we'll choose to ignore" a big slap in Tom's face, and if what they say is true, one I think he deserves.
damn.. I actually never noticed that before, that's fucked up, well done Mark
10:21 AM on 09/20/06
I make music.
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bradsonemanband's Avatar
before the break up, Tom was my favorite member of Blink. his personality and everything was such an inspiration to me. even trying to learn every Blink song on my guitar and trying to sing just like him. Tom was my idol in junior high/high school. but now, it seems like he didn't just turn on Mark and Travis, but his fans too. and everyone is trying to like Angels & Airwaves so they can get Tom back. but nah...Tom lost a big fan. and even if Blink does get back together, i dont know if i could like them as much as i did before they break up.... i dunno... rambling is cool..
10:23 AM on 09/20/06
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LTJ182's Avatar
I hope tom likes life under the bus **tumble tumble**

Heart Stops Beat could possibly be the record to knock "Panic! at the we got our carers handed to us" out
10:36 AM on 09/20/06
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IAPAI's Avatar
in all fairness, they never said ANYTHING before the AVA release.. They lot Tom speak for himself and didn't try and taint his success at all. That is the most important thing, I think. They aren't sabotaging anyone.

At this point, they're only speaking for themselves and trying to clear the air so that they can feel confident in their release.

If I were in their position and suspected that fans had a sour taste in their mouth over the break-up, I would want to make my opinion known and attempt to clear the air as well.
10:37 AM on 09/20/06
Midtown Saves.
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RiCCioLi's Avatar
Well all I can say is Tom, Mark, and Travis; Can't We All Just Get Along? As much as I hate the break up and the fact that it really isn't a hiatus, I can't hate any of them. I'm mad that Tom was being a douche, but if he didn't wanna do blink anymore he did the smart thing by dropping out. Why continue if its not in his heart? Ill admit, Tom DID go off the deep end, but look at "gangsta Travis." I don't like his new attitude these days. He sports that mohak as if he were a punk, and he's sooo not. MTV reality show, rap albums, Paris Hilton, Club appearances...that's not punk rock. Mark is the only guy who seems the same. Ill be curious to see ho sells more albums in the long run...+44 or AVA. We all know Blink will destroy all those numbers. Anyone ever watch the Urethra Chronicals 1+2? If u would have told me 7 years ago that those dudes were gunna be hating eachother I would call u crazy. They seemed like best friends for life. I wonder how their old drummer Scott feels about all of this. I wish they would have just said they were broken up for good the first time, instead of holding our hopes up.
11:20 AM on 09/20/06
True Punk Fan
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so, this is it? the end? shit, that sucks.

i used to love their EP's with live songs. those were the shizznit.
11:20 AM on 09/20/06
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All of this bullshit pisses me off. I think they were one the verge of writting some of their most classic material. "Not Now" was fucking aklsdjfklajsdklfjasd. Jeeze, fuck, you should just make studio records and not get along. Make money off us. Fuck feelings. We're all going to go soon anyways.
11:27 AM on 09/20/06
nailed your mom
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waggy's Avatar
'Oh, everything is going to be fine. Any press you do, Travis, make sure you say everything is cool!' And it turns out the same dude is part of the conspiracy of Tom quitting Blink. The only reason we were being cool and calling it an 'indefinite hiatus' is because that's what this dork at the head of our record label was telling us

can this please put an end to the people saying blink isn't broken up and that they'll be getting back together soon?

and seriously enough with the choosing of sides and bad-mouthing people you don't know. jason is the only person on this site who has ever even spoken to any members of blink (aside from a quick "hey i love your band dude" at a show) and i'd bet that even he would tell you he doesn't really "know" them that well. explain to me how this is any different than soccer moms arguing over whether brad pitt or jennifer anniston was "responsible" for their divorce.

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