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We Are the In Crowd - Guaranteed to Disagree

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We Are the In Crowd - Guaranteed to Disagree
Record Label: Hopeless Records
Release Date: June 8, 2010
This review was written by an AP.net staff member.
Lately I have found that my patience for sugary pop rock music is at an all time low. Whenever I hear a new band playing power chords over electric drums and using voice editors with no shame, I quite literally have to restrain my anger. These are the bands who get signed to big record labels while the best bands that I adore are trying ten times harder without seeing one-tenth of the profit. We Are the In Crowd's latest offering, Guaranteed to Disagree, is pop rock in its purest form. Heavy on the synth, light on the guitar, electric drums all around, and dual male/female vocals. But for some reason, this EP has taken me off of my high horse of hating on pop rock and brought me back down to Earth. Now that I'm back with the humans, I've been playing out Guaranteed to Disagree endlessly, as it is a perfect execution of candy-coated, cavity-inducing pop rock that is produced excellently.

From the outside, We Are the In Crowd seem like just the band I would dislike. They have a pretty terrible name, the cover of this EP is a conglomeration of too many colors, and they have a song called "For the Win". But despite my extremely unfair and negative attitude going into my first listen, I was singing along by the end of the first song. Featuring the lead vocals of Tay Jardine, who sounds more like Hayley Williams than every Yelyah wanna-be in the history of Brazilian fangirls, and the back-up vocals of Jordan Eckes, whose haircut could land him a lead role in a Forever the Sickest Kids music video, We Are the In Crowd really manage to nail down the male/female trade-offs. Essentially what Guaranteed to Disagree comes across as is a (better) version of All Time Low's Nothing Personal featuring Hayley Williams on lead vocals with Alex Gaskarth helping out every once in a while. Opener "Carry Me Home" shows exactly what the band is all about, with massive hooks, a chorus that sticks to your tongue like cotton candy, and above average execution of dual vocals. The guitars are simple and the lyrics are terrible at times, but I couldn't care less. "Carry Me Home" is one of the catchiest songs to come out in 2010.

"Never Be What You Want" is the poppiest song on an extremely poppy record, beginning with some autotuned vocals from Eckes. However, the autotune could be worse, and even though this song reminds me at the beginning of "Walls", the worst song on Nothing Personal, Jardine makes it worth sitting through in the choruses. Also enjoyable are the guest vocals of Will Pugh from Cartel. If you doubt the Hayley comparisons, just listen to the first eleven seconds of "Both Sides of the Story", which is probably the weakest song on this offering. The chorus still shines, but the lyrics are really bothersome in this track, featuring the gem "You don't take me serious / Boy, you make me furious / You left me hanging around / With all your whack friends". Anyway, you shouldn't be listening to this EP looking for inspiration or anything, so just try to get past the lyricism.

Following the weakest song on Guaranteed to Disagree is the strongest song and first single, "Lights Out". It manages to top the chorus of "Carry Me Home" and got stuck in my head the most after my first listen and made me want to hear more. The bridge is also really strong here, as the band shout out to their hometown of Poughkeepsie, New York and show off the only instance of gang vocals on the EP. "We Need A Break" is a pure dance-pop single that, in a world that was fascinated by "Fireflies", should get plenty of attention if Hopeless Records can put it out there. As the EP winds down, "For the Win" defies its terrible title by delivering yet another sing-along chorus while "Calendar Pages" showcases a powerful hook. The final song is a relief because it isn't a catastrophically ill-advised acoustic number that tries to show the band's "versatility" or a gross attempt at a ballad that is only paralleled in its lack of appeal by people who listen to Cash Cash. We Are the In Crowd know what they're good at, and do just that and nothing more for all seven songs on this EP.

After hearing Guaranteed to Disagree, the group's debut for Hopeless Records, and knowing what Hopeless did for All Time Low, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if Guaranteed to Disagree goes down as We Are the In Crowd's stepping stone to the mainstream. There are at least two extremely marketable singles on this EP, and they already have the look and feel of the next mainstream media darlings. Playing on Warped Tour the entire summer should help the band add more fans, as their fusion of All Time Low and Paramore will have no problem attracting listeners. Guaranteed to Disagree is We Are the In Crowd's way of proving to us that they can do the summertime pop rock just as well as anyone else.

Recommended If You LikeA better, more appropriately produced version of All Time Low's Nothing Personal featuring Hayley Williams on vocals, pop rock
Download These First"Carry Me Home", "Lights Out"
Bare Essentials1. Carry Me Home
2. Never Be What You Want
3. Both Sides of the Story
4. Lights Out
5. We Need A Break
6. For the Win
7. Calendar Pages
Produced By: Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount, Run Time: 22 minutes
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10:30 PM on 06/04/10
Thomas Nassiff
retired staff member
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Thomas Nassiff's Avatar
This band is going to explode in like .005 seconds.
10:34 PM on 06/04/10
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aradiantsunrise's Avatar
Your review is way better than mine. Well written man. I don't think Tay sounds much like Hayley though.
11:23 PM on 06/04/10
Registered User
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lilRIPsta's Avatar
this band is terrible. meaning, yes they will get huge
11:26 PM on 06/04/10
User Info.
HometownHero's Avatar
Band will not explode
12:20 AM on 06/05/10
User Info.
mikeOKBRK's Avatar
I love these d00ds
12:24 AM on 06/05/10
I like music
User Info.
FTTbass's Avatar
Absolutely LOVE this EP! This band will get huge quick
12:26 AM on 06/05/10
Prince of Denmark
User Info.
Hamlet's Avatar
Love the dual vocal harmonies.
12:48 AM on 06/05/10
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
Woah. Walls is not the worst song on Nothing Personal.
12:52 AM on 06/05/10
Nothing personal
User Info.
jraguilera's Avatar
Soo poppy. Love the vocals on this EP. Vocals make everything on this album 10x better than they actually are ahah.
02:56 AM on 06/05/10
Registered User
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Chrisj182's Avatar
I really like this EP, they should explode soon.
03:53 AM on 06/05/10
Nintendo FC: 0962 9717 4432
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stereokiller's Avatar
Stars explode, not bands.

I digged NP better.
03:55 AM on 06/05/10
User Info.
ryan_hm's Avatar
It's good, but the male vocals irritate the hell outta me.
06:08 AM on 06/05/10
The '59 Sound
User Info.
njsuccessstory's Avatar
Stars explode, not bands.

I digged NP better.
Same. I enjoy NP a lot more. Don't get me wrong. I like this EP but it hasn't stuck like NP did for me. Regardless, this EP will make this band huge.
06:10 AM on 06/05/10
Dying Decade
Dying Decade Clothing
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Dying Decade's Avatar
While the sugar pop thing is bound to come down as fast as the GK neon - I sure as hell hope these guys catch the trend. They are awesome people and a really good band - 845 all the way.

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