Chiddy Bang - 06.17.10

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Chiddy Bang - 06.17.10It hasn't even been a year since Chiddy Bang hit the internet and blew up, but the duo of Chiddy and Xaphoon don't seem to be slowing dwn any time soon. Two mixtapes under their belt, an EP that was released earlier this year and a full length on the way in August seem to be all the right steps for Chiddy Bang. It's only a matter of time before they are known as a household name, so if you haven't jumped the gun, it's about time.


I know you both attended Drexel University, but how did the two of you actually come together?

Chiddy: Well you know, we had a mutual friend he was my next-door neighbor and he was in the music industry program and I was trying to get into the studio, he basically referred me to Noah. We did a Weezer sample and then a cover of Tom Waits “Ice Cream Man” and some Radiohead shit and from then on it has just been crazy!

Do you feel like being younger you have a better idea of what people are into, or what music is on the edge? For example: Passion Pit, MGMT, Grizzly Bear, etc

Noah: We aren’t trying to appeal to anyone in particular, we are just chopping lots of samples and Chiddy picks his favorite ones and raps them.

What was it like going from broke college students just throwing together a mixtape, to signing to EMI?

Chiddy: Its been a crazy life because six months ago we were playing in basements and now we are going to the UK and playing in Wales, performing in Germany, performing in Scotland and getting recognized in Scotland. It's been a crazy lifestyle and it's amazing, but we are going to keep pushing forward and the album is going to come out and I hope more people can connect with it.

Do you ever miss school or feel like you would want to go back anytime soon?

Chiddy: Sometimes I miss the comradery I had with friends and shit like that and I miss going into the old Drexel studio and lurking there but right now things are on the up and up and we just went gold in Australia so we are feeling real good right now.

What was different in recording the Opposite of Adults EP compared to the mixtapes?

Chiddy: Opposite of Adults EP was music that we composed from the time we were in college to now. Opposite of Adults EP, Truth, Pro’s Freestyle was music that we really had in our vault, but there is a difference between recording stuff for the mixtape and the album because the album was more instrumentation. We got him playing congas and guitars and keys, so the album is dope we got a couple of cool features so it's gonna be really exciting.

How was the UK tour with Hockey and how did the fans respond to having a hip-hop group at the show? Granted you guy's really mix it up, but how were the usual reactions?

Chiddy: It was amazing with what Hockey did. We did Manchester with them, London with them and Glasgow.

Noah: There was a lot of love. Hockey really dabbled with a lot of cool electronic stuff. In terms of modern music we can really open for anyone because we have like the live drums and the DJ set and the electronic stuff and the rap stuff. Even if the crowd is not feeling us once we do the freestyle where they get to pick the topics, they love it because they made the song!

I also read that Xaphoon (Noah) plays live drums during your sets, do you feel that this brings more energy to the set compared to your average MC/DJ duo?

Noah: I’m like a punk rock drummer. I’m like Questlove with a little bit less talent and a lot more energy drinks (laughs)!

For someone who hasn't seen Chiddy Bang before, what else can they expect when they come out to a show?

Chiddy: They can expect "peach," pop, afro b club, hip hop and electronic sounds, we try to bring them into our world.

Noah: We just made "peach" up the other day because they were asking us what food we would be, and I tried to make it a saying (laughs). They can expect a fun time, we just get a little drunk and loose with the audience and we start talking to the kids. The freestyle is great too, we just try to keep it like where we started which was playing in basements. We bring other musicians up there and DJs to stir it up!

If you guys were in a movie, who would play you?

Noah: Brendan Frasier and Will Smith

You guys have Lollapalooza in, Leeds and Reading festivals coming up in August. How excited are you for those shows?

Chiddy: Stoked because we haven’t played huge festivals like that yet. We are about to do Glastonbury, Ready to leeds, and Wireless. The UK in general shows us a lot of love so being out there in front of thousands of people will be a really big adrenaline rush for sure. We did south by South by Southwest in Austin but Lollapalooza is gonna be our like second US festival so we are gonna go hard, go hard in the paint!

Are there any other tour plans lined up after festival season? Any idea who you might be on the road with?

Chiddy: The festivals you know Wiresless, Ready to Leeds, Lalapalooza. We been on the road with Kid Cudi, Wale, Three 6 Mafia and done some electronic shows like Pretty Lights so its all gonna be amazing.

Speaking of August, your debut full length is set to drop on August 24th is there a title for it yet?

Noah: There is a title but we can’t tell you what it is, but we can give you the theme. It's basically like the "pros and the cons" and the "ups and the downs" of getting to where we have gotten, our story and our life and how we live it.

Is there anything else in the next 6 months that we should be aware of?

Chiddy: Be aware of the album, be aware of us getting on the road we have some dates booked in Australia. We are going out in September to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. We are going to Norway and doing some gigs there. We have the west coast tour and it starts the ninth in Seattle, its with XV, the Pack and 2AM. Then we are gonna come back and do the east coast tour.

Is there anything else you would like to share with the readers of Absolute Punk?

Noah: Stay in tune with the movement that we got. We got dope rhymes and beats. We are jet setting to take this movement around the world, so get in tune with it!
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01:38 PM on 06/17/10
Jay Nainav
Regular Member
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This is so damn peach. Nice one Keagan.
02:21 PM on 06/17/10
Trying to do some good.
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Meeze's Avatar
who knew Drexel U could produce a rad hip-hop group?! Temple U has a stranglehold on that shit!
03:56 PM on 06/17/10
Regular Member
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ayerock's Avatar
Ready to Leeds lol
07:35 PM on 06/17/10
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andrewmgalvan's Avatar
yeeeeh , bout to see them in an a few hours.
09:08 PM on 06/17/10
Keagan Ilvonen
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Keagan Ilvonen's Avatar
yeeeeh , bout to see them in an a few hours.
How was it?
10:02 PM on 06/17/10
Steve Holt is a bastard.
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shawnPLAGUES's Avatar
Can't believe I missed these guys the other night. Urgh.
11:10 PM on 06/17/10
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Auals's Avatar
I'm not normally into this type of music, but the new style that seems to be forming (keeping in mind i'm completely unschooled in the genre, so it's new to me) that people like Kid Cudi, Chiddy Bang and B.o.B. are bringing out is seriously good stuff. It's definitely getting me interested.

A few friends are going to their Brisbane gig (it's a festival) so I may end up tagging along. (Dandy Warhols are playing too)
09:28 AM on 06/18/10
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Zeran's Avatar
12:56 PM on 06/18/10
Fight Fair
Regular Member
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Fight Fair's Avatar
good interview!
09:39 PM on 06/18/10
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andrewmgalvan's Avatar
fuckin insane, seriously one of the best nights in my life, Xaphoon brought me up on stage, gave me a tambourine and let me be Chiddy's hype man for "All Things Go". i still can't believe that happened, (not in a star struck kinda way), just in a i can't believe that just went down, haha.
09:42 PM on 06/18/10
Keagan Ilvonen
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Keagan Ilvonen's Avatar
fuckin insane, seriously one of the best nights in my life, Xaphoon brought me up on stage, gave me a tambourine and let me be Chiddy's hype man for "All Things Go". i still can't believe that happened, (not in a star struck kinda way), just in a i can't believe that just went down, haha.
That's awesome! They are such legit dudes, I love it.

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