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Transition Breaks Up

Posted by - 09:53 PM on 10/09/06
Transition has decided to call it quits; a statement from the band can be found below. Expect new projects from various members to surface shortly.
StatementIt takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power. - Alan Cohen

This great quote reflects the amazing transformations that have taken place in our lives in the past couple months. This past July things crumbled to our feet in a truly poetic way. It was a beautiful mistake. We had not given anything up, but the uncontrollable things around us, our management, our booking, our tours, had all seemed to fall to pieces. The humbling experience changed all of us. Some of us spiritually, but for others it was just an undeniable lesson but brought us all to our knees.

Weve spent the last couple months thinking through about 3 million scenarios and outcomes to this new challenge, while persistently trying to answer the question, What next? The changes weve experienced and the inspiration weve received is truly amazing. Just within a couple of weeks weve all unanimously decided to completely break-off and pursue our own personal journeys. For us its not a disconsolate realization.

On the contrary, we are all enthusiastic to follow our own dreams individually. The Wednesday meeting was peaceful and fun. It was friends being friends and accepting the intimidating change. We all have exciting new plans that we will keep you posted on through our websites that will remain operating. Some of us have new music projects while others have other goals in mind. Regardless, weve all decided to share these Transition websites to promote and share our new accomplishments.

We do plan on having one last show in Pittsburgh, PA to say good-bye. We will be supporting our pittsburgh-punk mentors, Punchline. It will be on October 28th at Mr. Smalls Theater. Tickets will be going fast so please buy in advance at Music Today! We also will continue to sell our records in stores and also will be opening a new web store on Zambooie.com very soon! Transition is a legacy that has existed since the middle-school talent shows of 1998. It will never die. My father wrote an awesome tribute from his view on things just hours after he heard the news of the break-up. This was humbling and I feel like I should share it with you.


"There was so much that was good about Transition. The boys, the songs, the music, the harmonies, and the undeniable energy in their electrifying performances. This was a band that created music that moved you from one place to somewhere happier.

We all knew they were destined for greatness. We all had a favorite spot in the world that Transition created for us. We all so wanted to share that with others.

Transition started as a dream in the hearts of a few young boys, and graduated as a national contender in the music industry. From basement rehearsals to jam packed venues across the country. From 4-track demos to masters coming from Capitol Records. From Biringer Music to the Warner Music Group. From promo-photos developed at the drug store to full page magazine layouts. In July of 2006, even Google recognized their presence as the 9th search result that would appear based on a search of transition.
They have taken a journey of which most only dream. They have lived the lives of touring musicians and experienced the demand of autograph seekers.
They reached for the brass ring, and they got it.

Even the day after this tale commenced to close, the airwaves of the nationwide digital satellite network Sirius continued to play Excusable on Revolution - the Christian Rock channel. A fitting tribute to the achievement of all that were involved.

The talent that dwells within the heart of Transition will never perish. The light that emits through the music will always be there to shine. As one door closes, another opens. The future is not meant for us to see, but through faith, we can attain what
God wants us to be."

We just want to thank everyone that has helped us in the past and hope that you all will support us and continue to visit us here and follow us through our separate voyages!

Were going to miss it dearly, but as Henri Bergson said,

To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.

This is just the beginning.
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09:58 PM on 10/09/06
Rohan Kohli
True Punk Fan
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Rohan Kohli's Avatar
I'm gonna miss them

Their new projects should be sweet though
10:00 PM on 10/09/06
Registered User
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earlynovemberX's Avatar
10:01 PM on 10/09/06
Regular Member
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whatsername104's Avatar
this makes me sad.
10:02 PM on 10/09/06
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Greg's Avatar
i am so sad
10:06 PM on 10/09/06
Registered User
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Skadude's Avatar
wow race the sun and transition in the same day...all my bands r splitting geez

worst in recent times was def lucky boys confusion ahhh
10:07 PM on 10/09/06
so here i am, are you ready?
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headclub's Avatar
shit, i was going to see them at a local show on the 20th... :( my friends band was gonna open it
10:09 PM on 10/09/06
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Greg's Avatar
shit, i was going to see them at a local show on the 20th... :( my friends band was gonna open it
how? they have had no tour dates since august. maybe even before that.
10:10 PM on 10/09/06
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updownleftright's Avatar
thats like four in a week. weird..

transistion was good.
10:11 PM on 10/09/06
Caleb Cattivera
Cupid of Absolutepunk
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Caleb Cattivera's Avatar
damn it! i love these guys.
10:11 PM on 10/09/06
so here i am, are you ready?
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headclub's Avatar
how? they have had no tour dates since august. maybe even before that.

it was a small club. maybe 200tops venue. it was set in stone a while back and i guess they never contacted the venue about them not playing because some of the people are still thinking they are playing..
10:11 PM on 10/09/06
Registered User
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Awww. I really liked them. This week just keeps getting worse and worse
10:19 PM on 10/09/06
I was born a wise man
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smoke4thecaper's Avatar
What the fuck, dude...all these bands keep breaking up. What is it, a trend this week?

I was just thinking about picking their latest album up, too. Weird, but sort of symbolic. Guess I should now.
10:50 PM on 10/09/06
Registered User
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heavyheart_x3's Avatar

srsly? that sucks. a lot.


i was just wondering when these guys would tour again and i'd get to see them again :[
10:58 PM on 10/09/06
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jawkneephighv's Avatar
i already know one of the projects. i can't wait. =]

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