The Classic Crime - 12.04.06

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The Classic Crime - 12.04.06How’s your relationship with Tooth And Nail?

It's really good. They've been wonderful to us from the get go. It basically comes down to our management. They have a really good relationship with Tooth And Nail. It helps us because they're really professional, and present things to the label in a professional way. We love everybody there. Everybody works hard for us and they're always really kind and awesome when we come by and stuff. So it's awesome.

Were Tooth And Nail receptive to what you wanted to do with Albatross?

Yeah, actually I thought they would be a lot more hands on. When we were in the studio I didn't really hear anything from our label at all. Our A&R came by once in pre-production and listened to our demos and just really liked it. That's basically all we heard. The label had no idea what we were doing in the studio until the producer sent them the first song we did. It's cool we were able to do what we wanted without any influencing. They were very supportive of artistic expression I supposed you can call it that.

What influences you mostly?

Books. I tend to write more about what goes on inside someone’s head or their heart as opposed to what goes on in someone’s day. I think its more internal kind of thoughts that inspire lyrics. A lot of those come from Books. And music, music always inspires.

How long were you guys a band before you got signed?

The Classic Crime was a band for a year and a half before we got signed. We were in a band before that, but this band was about together for a year and a half.

How did you guys meet?

Basically Justin And Skip (drummer and guitarist) moved over from Wenatchee and went to school in
Seattle, well, Northern Seattle. They met our bass player there and they just started jamming and wrote about 12 songs. Then they started to try out singers and they put an ad in the paper, and I answered that ad. And I guess they were cool because they didn't try out any more singers after that. Robbie, the other guitarist who's kind of a newer addition, he's been here for like a year and a half. He was just always around. I think he actually tried out for the vocalist spot and he was really good at guitar so it made sense. We all hung out in the same house for a long time and that's basically where we formed and wrote most of our stuff. We played our first shows, and practices for our friends and it kind of just went from there.

What’s your personal favorite song(s) on the record?

Personally I like We All Look Elsewhere. I think that would probably be my favorite content wise/lyric wise. Everybody in the band has a different idea of what their favorite song is. So I cant speak for them.

Were you surprised to outsell other Tooth And Nail bands in the first week with your debut record?

Yeah, I guess. We didn't know what to expect and the label was really happy so as long as they're happy we're happy. We didn't really think about record
sales, or what we're supposed to sell or anything like that, it just turned out to be a really good thing. We had an opportunity to go on two bigger tours before our record came out. We were really lucky to have do that and to help build the hype, I think a lot of the kids who bought the record the first week were kids from those tours, and saw us on those tours. So we were blessed to have a good start.

How long did it take to write Albatross?

One of the songs on the record is like four years old. Who Needs Air is the oldest track on that record. Another song called Blisters And Coffee is really old. Basically those are the best songs we've written over a 3-year period in our band. We recorded them in a demo/ep and we decided not to release that, and just re-record our songs for the record. Some of them are fairly old, so I guess it took us about 3 years to write it, if you look at the time line of things. All in all the writing process for us is pretty quick. We come up with an idea and it sparks something. It's kind of like a snowball heading downhill pretty quick. Then lyrics are usually the last thing to go in, depending. I'm getting to intricate here. Some songs start with lyrics, some don't. But the point is it took us a long time to write this record.

Is there any meaning behind Albatross?

When I was in the studio it was on like a wild life refuge. It was on the beach of Chesapeake Bay in Virginia. So there was a lot of wild life and nature
and I found myself kind of intrigued by a lot of it. I just went about watching nature shows and stuff like that. I did nothing for 3 weeks in the studio because all I do is sing, and I'm just there for moral support until it's my turn. So I did a lot of this investigating nature that I haven't done before. I discovered the Albatross is an incredible bird that embodies everything we hoped our band would accomplish, if you look statistically at the magnificence of the bird. How long it could live, how big it is and how far it could fly. All the metaphors were just something we hoped the record would do. As far as from a philosophical standpoint, the record, when we looked at it as a whole, was more of a hopeful record. It brings up issues of doubt and just depression. Every song seems like it comes out with a more hopeful message. The bird embodies that whole Sailors poem about how the Sailor kills an Albatross and it's bad luck and he has to wear it around his neck. There's a lot of stigma that goes along with the bird, and I don't know there's a lot to learn and it fascinated me. I thought it would be a good name for our first record.

Is there a chance we might see any material next year?

Yeah, hopefully. We got a lot of new stuff written. We probably wont be back in the studio for another
year to record our second record. We do have some stuff recorded. I don't know if it’s going to be released any time soon. We do have stuff written and
we're ready to go if we're given that opportunity to make more music. We're a band who loves the studio. Hopefully we can get back there as soon as possible.

Did you come up with the concept for the video of The Fight?

Yeah, my idea was a little bit better; I think, then what actually came out for that video. We don't know if that's going to be the video for the song. We're
talking about re-shooting it. The concept, I actually have written down a little story line for it. It didn't really turn out how we wanted it to, but it was
good enough to be all right, that's kind of cool. It was stemming from an idea we had.

What's the next single going to be?

The songs been on the Internet for a long time, but we're going to try it in the Alternative market. The Fight, I think that might be the next one we're going for.

Any plans to re-shoot the video for it?

We're probably going to re-shoot sometime in the New Year, maybe a better video for the song. It's so hard to get on TV these days. Hopefully we can get something that's undeniably good quality.

Future tour plans?

We have nothing in stone quite yet for the New Year. I know we were trying to get back out in February. But we have nothing booked yet after this one, hopefully something big?
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05:15 PM on 12/04/06
Sleep underground tonight...
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Romancebled's Avatar
good interview. i love this band.
07:24 PM on 12/04/06
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Chico's Avatar
Great interview. Good job.
09:05 AM on 12/05/06
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interesting....hmmmm...[though many of the questions were about the business aspect]..it was interesting to hear how albatross came from 'rhyme of the ancient mariner'...
06:43 PM on 12/05/06
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Kionabreeze's Avatar
Loved the interview! Love the band! Love the Music! Can't wait for more! These guys have some real talent and it's a tough industry. It's great that they're on Fuse now and are getting more air time with some of their music on ESPN during the college basketball games. I wish them all the best.
07:53 PM on 02/24/07
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irishpunk14's Avatar
sweet interview.

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