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War From A Harlots Mouth - MMX

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War From A Harlots Mouth - MMX
Record Label: Lifeforce
Release Date: October 29th, 2010
This German Tech/Math metal band has stepped up their game on this release MMX. I have been a fan of theirs since their split with Molotov Solution (former label mates who you should check out). When they were first starting out it seemed like their initial goal was to whip the listener into a sonic frenzy and make them mosh to the coherent heavy parts. Throughout this bands career, member changes and style variations, they have progressed a lot. This new album has a lot to say about their new style.

From the opening seconds of "Insomnia" you will learn that this album isnt the old WFAHM with a lot of filler, this album sounds like a bag full of pissed off cats shot out of a cannon (in the best of ways). The album continues to rage through the following like a bat out of hell, then the album begins to slow down with "Sleep Is The Brother of Death." It is a very down tuned, jazz laden, heavy interlude that gives the listener a chance to recharge their batteries before slamming into the rest of the album.

"The Polyglutamine Pact" sounds like if Oceano mated with War From A Harlots Mouth and had an angry sonic devil. "Cancer Man" brings it back down to a slower pace, but not a chug chug session. The album speeds on with its organized chaos until you get to "Sugarcoat". It is a slow interlude, almost a jazz tune you would hear in a 50's club. "Sugarcoat" is a nice interlude but the songs that come next aren't so ambient and pretty.

"Spineless" returns to more fusion metal music with jazzy interludes in it. The heavyiness has been cranked up and the open chords are there with force. "Recluse MMX" runs through the song and with no complaints we end off with, "InfernoIII/IV".It is the longest song on the album and it has a lot of open chord strums to end on a high note of heaviness. It is a slower pace unlike the rest of the album. The last 30 seconds of the song/album basically droned out by a held out note that is slammed once or twice and one or two effects in the background.

Overall I would have to say it is a great record and I feel that it is a BIG improvement from the other records in their discography.

Track Listing:
1. Insomnia
2. To Age and Obsolete
3. The Increased Sensation of Dullness
4. Sleep Is The Brother Of Death
5. The Polyglutamine Pact
6. Cancer Man
7. C.G.B. Spender
8. Sugarcoat
9. Spineless
10. Recluse MMX
11. Inferno III/IV

War From A Harlots Mouth is:
Nico - vocals
Simon - guitar
Daniel - guitar
Filip - bass
Paule - drums

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09:12 AM on 11/09/10
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richardliesse's Avatar
My friend liked this band last year. I hated them. That is all.
06:17 AM on 11/12/10
boner boner boner boner boner boner
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kevinAIWW's Avatar
Most biased review I have ever read.
09:15 AM on 11/12/10
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richardliesse's Avatar
Most biased review I have ever read.
"people on here are dicks"
06:23 AM on 11/15/10
boner boner boner boner boner boner
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kevinAIWW's Avatar
"people on here are dicks"

I'm just being honest. It was written with a biased ear. If you're going to write a review, don't write personal opinions in majority. Write about the music and what makes it good/bad.
08:59 AM on 11/15/10
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richardliesse's Avatar
Agreed. I just think "people on here are dicks." is pretty good.
12:15 PM on 02/18/11
Registered User
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this isnt a biased review, this simple fool doesn't know shit about metal, i could write you a better review for this cd,

and A. Insomnia does not sound like a bag of cats being shot from a cannon, its has the intensity of downbeat shuffles which in my mind are quite hard to do, then goes into an array of mixing old what you would call hardcore these days with quite an array of diminished chords. following those chords are some quite intense lyrics, back into a phat typical yet technical phat ass 8 string breakdown, using time signatures in a completely different way. back to the diminished death. this band is innovative as fuck, even when to age and obsolete goes into the jazz part i still wanna hits kids, they understand where metal should go, and you just destroyed this band by your shitty un knowledgeable history of other bands and whats happening now that sucks and your lack of theory and understanding of the instruments.

go learn how to decipher music and i'll see you in your next review dick

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