Roger Miret and The Disasters - 1.11.11

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Roger Miret and The Disasters - 1.11.11When you get the opportunity to interview Agnostic Front's frontman, Roger Miret, you have to take it when you can. He also has a side project called Roger Miret and The Disasters that captures the 80's punk vibe as if CBGB's was still in existence. Read an informative interview with one of punk's legendary frontmen below. Thanks to Roger for this interview.

1. Roger, thanks for taking time out to do this for us, we greatly appreciate it. First thing, you've got Gotta Get Up Now. Can you give us some details on it?

It's by far the most cohesive and direct record we've done. Its 14 tracks that mix the best parts of New York punk and hardcore. We're a street-punk band but I'm from the NYHC scene, that's my family, so that runs deep in this record. Its really a great mix of everything I grew up listening to and still love today.

2. Since the site is for a younger generation, many might not know that you're the frontman for legendary hardcore outfit Agnostic Front. How have your experiences in that band transferred over to this?

I've basically grown up in NYHC. Everything I know is from AF and the punk scene so it's kinda like going to school and learning about life but CBGS's was my school room. You get pretty wise to shit when you do it day to day and I really just use my head. Like drinking every night aint that great when your throwing up blood the next day. You learn pretty quick the rockstar cliches are kinda just bullshit. Drugs etc. are not that cool when your friends start dying.

3. How is the dynamic different when writing for a band that is a solo project rather than collaborating as a band like AF?

It's really not too different cause I draw on the same influences. The Disasters lyrics are a lot more personal than AF though. Really like reading a diary ya know. But like AF, we just get in a garage and write. 5 guys with guitars and ideas.

4. It seems like your solo work encompasses a much more 80s punk sound, is this band a way of holding on to a sound that's not played anymore?

Yeah kinda. The style is not popular at the moment but EVERYBODY wants to say they love these band. It's crazy to me. Everything comes back around though. I'm not bothered by trends so I don't really care. I just play what I love.

5. What are your thoughts of the current view of "punk?"

I think punk and hardcore in general is still very strong. Amongst people who love the music there are some genuinely great people with great ideas. It's a shame that certain styles of music have helped kill the popularity of it though. Like I was saying though, popular or not we're all still gonna do our thing. 50 people or 500 ya know.

6. What do you feel is the biggest difference with the new album compared to your previous work?

This is a real honest punk record and I think the bands sound and style has really stepped up. I think this album is the bridge between punk and HC that we've been trying get to. It's obviously not a HC record by any means but the feeling is exactly the same. The energy and feeling of the music I grew up with is on this record. I wanted to get kids excited about music again and I hope this record does that.

7. Why did you decide to release the new record on People Like You Records?

I had some great friends at this label and they were behind me 100% with what I wanted to do. We didn't have a label or nothing when we recorded this album. I payed for everything out of my own pocket. When they heard it they freaked out and loved the new sound.

8. For people that are fans of Agnostic Front but have not heard of your solo project, what would you say to them to get them to take a listen?

If you love the honesty of AF and hardcore in general it's all here in The Disasters too. Most HC kids grew up with The Clash, Ramones and SLF etc. I'm just paying homage to my roots. If it wasn't for these bands, HC and myself wouldn't exist. I'd be working at Walmart or some shit. I'm gonna fly the flag for the sound that I love. If it ain't cool then sorry, I don't give a shit.

9. What bands (new or old) have you been listening to recently?

I love the old bands, The Clash, Ramones and The Pistols etc. I'm a big Street Dogs fan. Their new album is killer. Rancid and The Dropkicks. The Gaslight Anthem are great new band.

10. Anything else you would like to say?

Please just check us out with and open mind. Were a band that plays from the heart. I love this music and I love The Disasters. This is my way of giving respect to the bands I love. Please check us out on Facebook and Myspace etc but most importantly come to the show.
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